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KILLEEN, TEXAS — I drove 30 miles to Killeen, Texas in order to buy a CD player for my car. I spoke with an employee who was wearing the name tag 'Mike' even though that was not his name. That should have told me what kind of a business this place is.

MRW I buy a CD of my favorite album… – Album on Imgur
Yeah, I have to buy CD's for my car still, and yeah, should've checked it first.

Car Cd Player Error | Forum – Club Myce
When I put any CD into my Car CD player, it tries to read the CD, then the display says "ERR" and spits the CD back out. Alright I will probably buy a new one, but my cd player is about the size of 2 cd players on top of each other because it has the eq sliders on it.

[Bargain] Goodmans In-Car iPOD Ready CD… – HotUKDeals
This is a CD player for my car or I have to buy extras????? Sorry for being so stupid only I thought they cost much more than this???? Reply. StaceyAKelly. exactly what??? This is a CD player for my car or I have to buy extras?????

Buy Cheap Car Touch Screen Lcd CD/DVD Players with Radio… – DX
Ownice Quad-Core Android 4.4 Car DVD Player for VW Golf Polo Bora CC Jetta Passat Tiguan Caddy. Form Color: Black Model: DGS7991 Quantity: 1Piece Material: ABS Style: Special In-Dash Function: Built-in speaker , GPS , Radio , iPod playing

2: Buy a Cassette Adapter – 5 Best Options for Playing a CD…
When CD players like the Sony Discman D-50 first hit the scene, manufacturers quickly designed adapters for cassette players that would enable you to play your CDs (on a portable CD player, of course) through the cassette slot.

How to Transform a CD-ROM Drive into a Car CD Player
To be used as CD player, the CD-ROM drive doesn't need to be connected to the computer. You will also have to buy a heat dissipator for the 7805 (sold at the same store). The car battery is a 12 V one, but the CD-ROM drive needs two voltages to work: 12 V and 5 V. The 7805 circuit is able to convert a…

Car CD Players Head Toward Extinction
You can still get one, but it goes in the center armrest or glove compartment. Chevrolet's 7-inch MyLink touch-screen in the 2014 Sonic eliminates the CD player altogether. And in the 2014 Kia Soul and 2013 Chevrolet Spark, you can't buy a CD player in any trim.

How to Install a CD Player in your Car | eHow
Buy a CD player that is compatible with the already existing slot in your car. There are adapter kits for some models, but these can add to the expense you're trying to avoid by installing the unit yourself.

How can I convert mp3 to a format that will play on my car stereo CD?
Technology Explained. Buying Guides. Smart Home. The cd will burn in which format ? Mp3 or Wav? as i need to convert my mp3 files to WAV to enable listening in my car player as it does not support MP3 format…thks to clarify.

cd rw – Can a car cd player read CD-RW? – Super User
I bought a CD-RW to burn down some podcasts to listen to while I'm driving. The car stereo doesn't want to read this CD. For the question is it true that no car CD player car read cd-rw, I will bet a pound that there is at least one that can.

How to find a skipless CD player… | Ask MetaFilter
Look for a CD player that says it will play MP3 CDs (there are many). Every Sony CD player I've ever owned has done that, which is why I don't buy Sony CD players anymore. posted by kindall at 10:14 AM on September 14, 2004.

Auto CD Player, Replacement Car CD Player – Buy Auto Parts
135 USD. To some of us the most important part of the car is the CD Player. We couldn't handle listening to just the radio, or even worse…. SILENCE! A car CD player is basically the same as a normal CD radio that you have in your home.

How to burn a music cd for my car cd-player – Quora
I bought a copyrighted music CD. I wish to listen to it in my car but my car has no CD player. I grab the music from the CD and upload it on m… How do I convert YouTube songs to a CD-R to play in my car CD player?

How to write or burn a CD (CD-R) that includes… – Scott Hanselman
This is extra awesome because a CD holds 80 minutes. I bought the MP3s legally, and then burned them. When I went into the car to test the CD, I saw only DISC —, TRACK —, ARTIST CD player in my car.

Burned CD-R won't play in car CD player…
Burned CD-R would play on home CD/DVD players but my car CD player just spits back out. I had the same problem when burning with windows media player because I was too cheap to buy Nero for $99.00.

How to Fix a Car CD Player
Many people assume that a CD player is a complicated electronic device, but that couldn't be further from the truth. If you see any major scratches, that means that the lens assembly may require replacement, and you'd be better off buying an entirely new CD player. Customer Reviews: Maxell CD-340 CD Lens Cleaner…
Anyways…it fixed my car CD player trouble and saved me a lot of money that the dealership would've charged me to service the darn thing. Why does the lens have to be cleaned? I can't answer that since I've never seen one. In the cassette era, I bought a clumsy plug-in electrical wand with a metal…

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burn music but doesn't play in my car stereo – Forums – CNET
I find buying CDs to be more friendly to me making a compilation CD of what I want. Many newer cd players will play mp3s, but not the older ones. You would have have to convert the MP3 file to a 44.1kc wavefile then burn it to a CD.

MP3 Player Store
MP3 CD Player Store.
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need my cd player – Best Buy Support
seriously anything with a headphone jack will play through that aux! if you have an old cd player you can plug one end of the aux cord to the cd player and the other end to the car aux port, and viola done! there are other options for adding in a 6 disc cd changer, no best buy will carry them, but you.

tape vs cd – AudioBanter | Forum
> alright im debating whether to get a tape headunit or cd headunit for my > car > > if i get a cd player, ill have to get a cd burner and cd's > if i get a tape player, i can hook up my mp3 player and itll be > cheaper > > since i plan on buying subs n **** after i buy my headunit i was >. wondering if it matters…

CD Players –
Shop for CD Players in Portable Audio. Buy products such as Jensen CD-490 Portable Stereo CD Player with AM/FM Stereo at Walmart and save.
Buying a 2nd hand car?

5 Ways to Remove a Stuck CD from a Car CD Player – wikiHow
Dash-mounted CD players in cars present unique problems when CDs become stuck – because they're installed into the car itself, you can only manipulate, poke, and otherwise handle them from one angle, unless you're willing to remove and disassemble the player itself.

CD won't play in my car | Forum
I then exported to Windows media player and recorded to cd as audio disk, wav format. Can anyone give me a clue as to why they won't play? Could it be that particular player? Any cd that is store bought plays fine.

CD players make quiet exit from cars
Order a Cadillac with the CUE infotainment system and the CD is banished to the center armrest or glove compartment. In the 2014 Kia Soul and 2013 Chevrolet Spark, you can't buy a CD player in any trim.

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