can a car battery go bad if not used

can a car battery go bad if not usedSigns of a Bad Car Battery | Car Battery | Pep Boys
Indeed, it is one of the worst feelings in the world. Once the car is started, the alternator keeps the car battery going by replacing the power used to start the engine and run your vehicle's electronic accessories.

parts – What damage does a car suffer if not regularly used?
Sometimes I use the car on daily basis, but there are months when I don't use it at all, and it sits parked outside for 5+ weeks, with the battery disconnected. The above things can go bad, additionally your wheels can get jammed if not used for months and if near coastal area then your can can be prone to…

Why Does My Car Battery Keep Dying | Why Car Batteries Go Bad
One of the main reasons car batteries go bad is because "flooded lead acid batteries", most commonly used in automobiles, no longer are the best design for the newer car on the road.

How to Respond When Your Car's Battery Light Goes On
Additionally, one of the biggest battery drains is starting your car. By not having to start the engine after shutting it off, you're not using any additional power that might be running low. The light could be an indicator of a battery going bad or a faulty sensor.

Warning Signs of a Car Battery Dying | eHow
The battery is charged by the alternator while the car is running, storing up the electrical charge necessary to start up the car hours or even days after it was last used. How to Tell if a Car Battery is Dead; The Symptoms of a Car Battery Going Bad; Symptoms of a Dying Car…

Can car battery chargers go bad
Why do car batteries go bad? Car batteries contain cells. The cells are attached to each other to create the battery. WARNING! Some batteries may explode if not used properly.

Common Car Battery Issues That Cause Starting Problems | AxleAddict
Car batteries are probably the most volatile component in the car, and it doesn't take much for them to go bad. As long as the car is being run fairly often the battery can be continuously recharged and ready for use. But if the car isn't being run often, the battery will slowly drain over time and soon won't…

How Can a Car Not Start If The Lights And Radio Work?
Although the scale is entirely different, think about the AA or AAA batteries that you use in devices like, for instance, a flashlight, a remote control car, and For instance, a bad clutch pedal position sensor in a manual transmission vehicle will prevent the engine from turning over while allowing the electronics…
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Beware: The best and worst replacement car batteries…
The greatest inconsistency comes from DieHard, which makes both the best and worst performers in two of six common sizes. For instance, a DieHard Advanced Gold battery now tops the top-terminal Group 65 category used in many large vehicles, with no evidence of the small case cracks seen in…

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Figure 3: Capacity fluctuations. Capacities of 91 car batteries…
Because the battery is from a car that I bought used, I do not know if it ever went low on water. I am intrigued by Rainer's air bubble solution to stratification. Can I accomplish the same thing by using a bicycle pump and a piece of plastic tubing to stir up the acid in the bad cells?

Battery Light | Forum
Bad Alternator = car might start from battery and will run until battery is dead. Lights will be dim and the more accesories you run the faster it will die. Used in this way, a car battery can last a number of years.

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Test and Replace Your Car Battery Like The Pros
What Goes Wrong? A car battery is designed as a chemical reactor which uses lead plates to generate voltage. A battery goes bad when the chemical reaction inside the battery starts to become weak.

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Battery charger wiring diagram – Buggies Gone Wild Golf Cart Forum.
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Using a car battery with an APC UPS – AnandTech Forums
The battery on it is bad. Got the UPS used, was basically being thrown out, or I could keep it, so figured why not. Would it be safe to hook up a car battery to it? Any special type of car battery I should use? A car battery is cheaper and will probably provide more juice.

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How long will a car battery run this stuff? | Forum
A car battery probably wouldn't last the season being used this way. One bad battery will kill the other. The car isolator directs charging to the batteries individually as they need it, and you can not discharge the car systems battery…
Can a car ride The Wall of Death?

Jump Start A Car How To & Free Online Auto Repair Tips & Guide
If the battery is older than 3 years or so, it could be bad. If you must use jumper cables then here I will show the right way to do it. The reasons the battery went bad can be many, so after jumping a vehicle you should seek professional help.

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