can an s-video cable be used to carry hd video

can an s-video cable be used to carry hd videoVideo Cable Types – Bright House Networks Support
HDMI carries both the video and audio signal, eliminating the need for separate audio cables. For example, you might use this setup to connect the HDMI port on an HD converter to a DVI port on an HDTV. Separate audio cables are required with this type of connection.

What is an S Cable? (with picture)
An S cable is also known as a separate video or S video cable. This type of cable is used to carry video data for standard definition monitors. S cables are used for image reception at 480i or 576 resolution.

TV Cables Explained | eHow UK | Component video cables
S-video cable. An S-video cable can be used with components that have an S-video output. The cable carries the video signal only and requires separate cables for audio.

Curious, Rca cable able to carry video at full hdtv resolution? | Forum
The set top box which I have connects to the Tv using RCA cables. Do you have a HD monitor? If so, why are you not using the DVI/HDMI input? HDTV can be carried over DVI/HDMI and component video.

Can a VGA cable carry a HD video signal? | Yahoo Answers
The difference is component video use YPbPr instead of RGB. DVI and HDMI are digital video signals, which are also capable of carrying HD video signals. Since they are digital they can carry the signal longer distance without picking up interference.

The Types of Cable Connectors | eHow
Cable connectors are audio and visual connectors used to carry audio and/or video signals. Also called DE-15 and HD15 connectors, VGA connectors feature three rows of five pins each, with two screws on each end to hold the connector into the unit.

Can component cables carry 1080p?? | Forum
…was that, see i was aware of for some time now that component cables could only carry HD up to 1080i(including 720p of course) but i wasnt aware it could carry If you use BNC connectors then no problem. I dont know of any component video devices that use BNC, maybe the professional stuff.

Video Cables – How do I know which cables to use? | HowStuffWorks
DVI (digital video interface) cables were designed specifically for use with HDTVs and other high-definition video components. Lastly, we'll look at three kinds of cable that carry both audio and video signals. 1. 2.

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NOTE: Composite and S-VIDEO Cables can only be used for SD (480i) pictures. VIZIO HIGH-DEFINITION CERTIFIED CABLES Our VIZIO Certified HD cables carry the same standards of excellence as all our VIZIO products.

PDF Common A/V Connectors and The Signals They Carry
Also carries HD-SDI, SD-SDI. Typically used for microphone cables. Triax Triaxial connection meaning the cable that feeds it has three paths. It carries a component signal as well as communications and return video.

Audio/Video Cables and Connectors Explained –
The most common type of connector used for both Standard-quality video and HD video, it uses three coaxial RCA cables and plugs color-coded red, green and blue (the three cables may be wrapped together for convenience) to carry analog Standard- or High-Definition video between a set-top…

Component video – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Component video is a video signal that has been split into two or more component channels. In popular use, it refers to a type of component analog video (CAV) information that is transmitted or stored as three separate signals.

How do I setup my NVIDIA based graphics card to work with my HDTV?
If you have a graphics card with internal NVIDIA HD audio codec, simply plug the HDMI audio cable from your graphics card to your HDTV and it will carry both video and audio. 3) For information on connecting an HDTV using component video cables, consult the NVIDIA Control Panel Users Guide…

Video Capture issue Only mono audio on s-video – composite adapter
The cable you need would carry S-Video and audio. Pinnacle would probably sell you the correct cable. There are a few HD capture devices that can be used with PVR software, because they have plugins that make it appear the device has a BDA digital tuner and the H.264 transport stream they…

What is a VGA Cable? (with picture)
A VGA cable is a lead used for transmitting video signals, and it is most commonly used to link computers with monitors. In most cases, the term "VGA" refers to the type of cable used to carry the display signals, regardless of the actual graphics system being used.

Digital Landing | Better Picture With HDTV Cables
The HDMI connector can carry both sound and video signals. One advantage to using a component video cable is that the connectors will be color coded, making it easier to get For example, the copy protection features in some blue-laser DVD players — Blu-ray and HD DVD — may only transmit the…

Choosing Audio and Video Cables
If you're using poor-quality cables, like the ones that come in the box with most audio/video gear But if you're connecting a high-def cable box to your HDTV, then you'll want to go with an HD-capable cable, like HDMI. HDMI cables are able to carry high-def digital video signals up to 1080p.

PCWorld's Audio/Video Cable Guide | TechHive
In addition to carrying pristine HD video at 1080p and beyond, HDMI can supply surround-sound audio, including Dolby Digital and DTS. It's occasionally used for digital audio, in which one cable carries a full surround-sound signal.

Signal Types and Connector Types — Blue Jeans Cable
Composite Video is a single signal which carries both the chrominance (color) and luminance Why, then, does an s-video cable usually look like just one cable rather than a pair of cables? "Component Video" is an unfortunate sort of name, in that other formats have used this name over…

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It can carry standard and computer video at HD resolutions 100 feet or more when a quality cable is used. S-video (Y/C) is about the lowest form of direct analog video available. It carries video on two 75-ohm cables and ends typically in a single s-video 4-pin conenctor.

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Component video cables can support up to 1080i but is typically used for 720p and 480p standard and HD video but not true hi definition. S-Video carries only 480p and does not carry audio though has higher signal quality than composite video cables but below component video.

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HDMI supports standard, enhanced, or high-definition video, plus multi-channel digital audio on a single cable. Type B has 29 pins, allowing it to carry an expanded video channel for use with high-resolution displays.

Cable Guide | S-Video (mini-DIN)
It is an all digital audio and video cable used for High-Definition TVs and HD equipment. The only difference between these two cables is that HDMI carries audio and video and has a different connector.

S-video Cables, cords, and how their still used today.
S-video cables have the advantage of being reliable, inexpensive, and still commonly used to connect older tube style televisions and laptops. On the downside, S-Video cables can't transmit HD signals, and they don't carry audio.

Visual Guide to Audio/Video Connectors and Cables
Speaker Cable, Standard. SVHS-video (S-video) Cable. These cables are used to carry audio/video signals with virtually no signal loss. Digital Audio Cables Digital Coax Cables.

Video resolution questions – TechSpot Forums
I currently use the S-video configuration to replay the video on an HD TV. I know I am not set up for high def, but I am disappointed with the video quality of the replay. I know S-video cannot carry HD. The signal I'm recording is not HD, its just a cable TV connection.

Standard Video Device Connector – Free Knowledge Base- The DUCK…
It uses a 15-pin connector to carry packets of video information in a different format than that coming from other sources such as DVD players or It supports cable lengths up to 328 feet. The cable can pass HD and 3-D video signals, as well as data through an integrated 100MBit Ethernet connection.

PPT – What is cable? PowerPoint Presentation – ID:6782964
A single coaxial cable carries both video and audio signals. Audio/Video Cables. HDMI cables are an updated version of DVI. HDMI cables were also designed for use with HD components, but their connector is much slimmer, like a large USB cable.

Analog and Digital Video Connector Guide | C2G | HD15
The two most common uses for BNC connectors are in a 3-BNC (RGB) component video and 5-BNC (RGBHV) component video cable. On most HD15 male connectors, there is one pin (pin 9) missing in the middle row. The 9th pin is omitted because it is not used to carry any part of a computer video…

A Guide To All (Or Most) Computer Video Audio And Data Cables
S-video cable carries analog video signals, in resolutions of 480i-576i, without audio (audio is usually connected using RCA cables). Can you please say if the standard USB cable can carry High Definition signasl? For example, can one connect a HD camcorder to the laptop via the USB way and…

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