can i return a used car after i buy it

can i return a used car after i buy itCan I Return a Car After Buying it? | The Classroom | Synonym
Can I Return a Car After Buying it? Take some time to think about your options before signing your vehicle paperwork. However, this applies only to used cars. New Jersey also allows you to return vehicles for 24 hours, but this applies only to vehicles that are leased.

Can you return a car? | Most Used Cars are Sold "As Is"
Many car buyers have "buyer's remorse" and wrongly believe they can return a USED car for several days after the purchase. There is no law requiring them to accept a return, but they have created an exchange option. If within 7 days of buying your car you aren't totally happy with it, just bring it back…

Can I Return a New Car?
This is good to know. I am in the process of buying a car because its cheaper to buy new than search for used car parts in BC but I figured if I didn't like the car I could return it. Reply Reply with quote Quote.

Can You Return the Car You Just Bought?
Can You Return the Car You Just Bought? Under Some Circumstances, a Dealer Might Take a Car Back. In situations where there is a clear problem with a new or newly purchased used car, the dealer will probably fix it under warranty.

How to Return a Used Car to the Dealer | eHow
Returning a use card to the dealer isn't as simple as showing your receipt and asking for your money back, like products you buy at a discount store. While the dealership has the right to charge a restocking fee, it can do so only after it subtracts the cost of the return option insurance.

Buying A Used Car – Cars | | Can I return a used car?
Can I return a used car? This might feel even more the case if you discover a defect in the car after you have bought it. Still, there is no need to get a lawyer just yet.
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Buying a used car – Citizens Advice
Problems with a used car. Return faulty goods. If there's a problem with your used car after you buy it, you have legal rights.

Buying a Used Car: Your Rights
Buying an Extended Warranty on a Used Car. When a Price is Reduced After Your Deposit is Paid. The dealer sold the car with 3 months 3-rd party warranty but the warranty dose not cover the flywheel Can i return the car and get my money back or what else can i due?

PDF Your shopping rights | I only found out it was faulty after I used it.
months after I bought it. You can return an item if it doesn't do what the salesperson told you it would. I bought a watch, which the salesperson said I could use when diving – but when I wore it in the sea, it filled up with water.

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How to Buy a Used Car With Bad Credit: 7 Steps
However, there are ways to buy used cars, even if your credit is not good. Follow these steps for how to buy a used car with bad credit. Wait 6 months after cleaning up your credit reports to buy used cars on credit.

Can I Return My Car to the Dealership? – ReadyForZero Blog
Can I Return My Car to the Dealership? Have you ever been excited to buy a brand new car only to find out that the added taxes, insurance and other fees bumped you well over the "sticker price"? You can generally get a great deal on a nice used car that won't have a huge price tag attached to it.

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Can I Buy a Car After Filing Chapter 7? |
Can I buy car after filing Ch. 7 bankruptcy? By Justin Harelik • You can set up a used car purchase to occur within days of receiving the notification that your case is closed and your debts are gone.

Can I Buy a Car After Bankruptcy? –
Buying a Car After Bankruptcy With Cash. Timing: When Should I Get a New Car? Whether you are using cash or plan to get a car loan, you should wait until after you have received your bankruptcy discharge, or after your bankruptcy case has been dismissed.

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What to Inspect / Clean / Change After Buying a Used Car Without…
I can't disagree with mikes's answer, but I'd like to suggest an even stronger view: assuming that this is a car you'd like to keep for a while, treat it as if no service has ever been done. The age and mileage will then dictate what you need to check out.

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Always check the CARFAX before you buy a used car.

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The second-hand car I bought has a problem, what are my rights?
Returning a second-hand car. But the car dealer can make a deduction from the refund after the first 30 days for 'fair use'. Second-hand car bought at auction. When you buy a used car at auction you have very limited legal rights.

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Should You Buy a Used Rental Car? | U.S. News & World Report
I bought a used Prius from Hertz in November of 2014. A 2013 with 36K miles. I got a great price and it was comforting to know I had a full week to return the car no questions asked and they'd buy it back.

Buying a Used Car in a Private Sale – Protect Yourself
How do I buy a used vehicle in a private sale? Do I just write them a check and they hand me the keys? If you drive it off the lot and experience immediate regret, most dealerships will take the car back if you return it within a day or two.

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