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can someone lease a used carCan Someone Take Over Someone Elses Car Lease? | eHow
Learn about how to transfer a lease to someone else and which factors you should consider before doing so. Otherwise, you can try your area's used car classifieds, whether it be newspaper or Internet advertisements.

5 Ways to Get Someone to Take Over Your Car Payments
If someone is using your car and making payments to you, you essentially become a creditor so if the person stops making payments to you, you will have to repossess the car. This can be difficult and complicated. You will still need to make the payments on the lease regardless…

Can You Lease a Used Car? – Consumer Reports
Used-car leasing is a small segment of the used-car market, but with modest payments and the ability to lease "certified" used cars, some people find leasing a used car When a private party wants to get out of a lease early, he or she might look for someone willing to take over the lease payments.

Lease Takeover – Pros & Cons of Taking Over Lease Payments
If you're in the market for a car, you may be weighing your options between buying and leasing a new or used car. Depending on your circumstances, you may also want to consider assuming someone else's car lease.

How to Lease a Used Car – by
There is still one good way to lease used cars, and get good bargains – through a lease takeover, or lease assumption. It's not a new lease; it's taking over an existing lease of someone else's now-used but almost-new car lease. Here's how it works.

Is it possible to lease a used car? | HowStuffWorks
That means that someone who leases a used car might end up spending money out-of-pocket on maintenance and repairs [source: Consumer Reports]. Basically, leasing a used car could mean spending money at the dealership to repair a car that ultimately belongs to the dealer.
Used Car special.

How can you get someone off your lease
Can someone lease a car and someone else make the payments? In Used Car Buying. Does Florida have a cooling off period for leased cars? NO. That law does not apply to automobiles in any state.

Lease Buyout | About Car Leasing | Innovative Funding Services
At Innovative Funding Services (IFS), we specialize in auto lease purchases, but we find our customers are best able to make decisions about their leased cars when they actually understand more about car leasing.

Find the Best Used Cars for Sale | Used Car Search
Need a Used Car? Few other used car dealerships could say that they've sold over 100,000 used cars, but Off Lease Only can! You will see why once you browse thousands of used cars for sale from the comfort of your computer.
Assists consumers with terminating early and acquiring vehicles through assumption transfers.

Can Someone Take Over Payments on a Financed… – Budgeting Money
Sub-Leasing a Vehicle. Because auto contracts are very personalized, a third party cannot simply take over the loan contract in your stead. Financing Used Cars. Which Is More Important: Life Insurance or Disability Income Insurance? Can Someone Take Over Payments on a Financed Vehicle?

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Used Economy Cars For Sale | American Car Exporters.

BUYER'S GUIDE: New, Used, or Leased Car? | BestRide
BUYER'S GUIDE: Should You Buy a New, Used, or Leased Car? Reasons to Buy Used. Those on a budget will find a used car much easier to afford than new. That dreaded new car depreciation happened when someone else owned the car so you don't pay that price when it comes time to sell…

LeaseBusters – Canada's #1 Lease Takeover Pioneers
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How To Lease A Brand New Car With No Money Down In The USA
Can someone else drive my leased car? Yes we can, but it is often limited to a spouse or family member. Click here to see my extensive report on assuming a car lease. Is it possible to lease a used car?

When Is Leasing a Car Better Than Buying?
If you just want a quick calculation on which makes the most financial sense, use a leasing calculator: The buy or lease calculator on Dinkytown includes factors such as annual depreciation, loan and lease fees, and interest you could earn on the money you save upfront by leasing.

Everything to Know About Car Leasing and Financing an Automobile
There are some people who would rather receive the benefits from an auto loan, while others may prefer the rewards from a leasing agreement. However, either method can be used to help you get the best new or used automobile at an affordable cost.

Used Cars in Singapore
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Canadian Black Book Value | Car Value Calculator Canada
Well Canadian Black Book has been a trusted source for used car values for over 50 years. Canadian Black Book has been providing used car prices for wholesales and residual values for dealerships across Canada and has been a staple in the industry.

Comparing Car Costs: Buy New, Buy Used or Lease? |
Since most people lease for three years, we compared two lease cycles to one buying cycle for new and used cars. One other big financial advantage to leasing is that it can offer an attractive tax deduction for someone using the car for business.

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rent your car today | Budget
Please enter a return date. use an offer code. Select Vehicle Type. All Vehicles. Reserve in one click (use my account data). continue.

Estimate Payments – Official Honda Web Site | 2012 Accord Lease
Credit History: None, Bad, Good. What type of credit experiences can someone with no credit history expect to have? Can I lease a Honda Certified Used Car? Yes. Leases are available through American Honda Finance Corporation.

Here Are Four Reasons Why Leasing Is A Horrible Idea For Car Lovers
Leasing a car, on the other hand, is essentially renting, as you're very literally paying for the privilege of using someone else's car. For those that don't want to pay a five figure depreciation bill with nothing to show for it, check out these awesome used car values

swap a lease
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Used Cars | Auction Direct USA
Come in today and see firsthand how Auction Direct USA is revolutionizing the used car industry; and, experience just how we make purchasing a used vehicle as stress free as possible!

Has anybody used Lease – Automotive -Sports cars…
Just wondering if anyone has used to get in on a lease on a vehicle. Supposedly you can takeover someone's lease, so you avoid the downpayment and you have a shorter term. Lease a Used Car, Automotive, 9 replies.

Used Car Leasing |
Used car leasing: How does used car leasing work? Generally speaking, leasing a used car means undertaking the same process as leasing a new car. You contact the dealer, or broker and negotiate a price.

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