can you get a 72 month loan on a used car

can you get a 72 month loan on a used car72-Month Auto Loans: Advantages, Disadvantages and How to Get…
Getting a 72-month auto loan has both its benefits, as well as its downfalls. On one hand, you can get lower monthly payments. The following information can be used in order to help you decide if a 72-month term is right for you.

Getting a 72 Month Used Car Loan Without Getting Burned –
New or used car buyers often fall into the trap of falling in love with one particular car. If it is too expensive for a more traditional three- to five-year loan, which would be 36 to 60 months, buyers will consider a longer 72-month used car loan to get that car.

Used Car Loans Information & Resources –
More Articles in Used Car Loans. 5 Car Loan Tips for the Credit-Impaired Can you get a private party auto loan with bad credit? Used Auto Loan Rates: Tracking the Trends Score a Low Interest Used Car Loan with Bad Credit Getting a 72 Month Used Car Loan Without Getting Burned Bank Used…

5 Reasons to Say No to 72- and 84-Month Auto Loans – NerdWallet
CarHub's Toprak says the only time to take a long loan is when you can get it at a very low APR. For example, Toyota offers 72-month loans on some models at 0.9%. Compare car loan providers. How to buy a used car.

The Financial Pros and Cons of 72-Month or 84-Month Car Loans
Here are the financial pros and cons of taking on a 72-month car loan or an 84-month car note. Pro: Getting lower monthly payments. Additionally, buy a used car (even if it's only a year or two old) instead of a brand new car.

72 Month Car Loans Bad Credit – Best New and Used Auto Loan…
72 Month Auto Loan Bad Credit: Getting the best deal at Carloan2 at lowest rates for new and used cars for 72 months. Basic Eligibility Requirements For Getting 72 Month Auto Loans. To get instantly approved for a 72 month car loan online, borrowers must make sure that they meet the…

What Are Loan Terms for Used Cars?
A longer loan duration, such as six years, may sound appealing at first because of the lower monthly payments, but it is almost never a good idea for a used car. Because of a used car's quick depreciation, a 72-month loan could leave you with an…

Should You Take A 72 Month Auto Loan?
On the 72 month loan you are going to pay an extra $466 in interest, but you will have an extra $70 bucks in your pocket each month. But what if you can get no interest for 72 months?. Starting MSRP of a Fiesta ST is about $21,000 (The calculator would not let me use 0%, but I could do 0.01…

How to Finance a Used Car: 8 Steps (with Pictures)
Can I get and finance a used car when I already have a loan on the car I want to trade in? They are notorious for their predatory sales tactics, and they seldom report client payments to the credit bureaus, which means you could spend 24-72 months paying off your vehicle as agreed, only to gain no…

Is 72 month auto loan a bad idea? | Yahoo Answers
We are getting ready to buy a new minivan and would love to keep our payment at what we pay for our current car..if we do a 60 month loan, our payment will go up about 100 bucks… For instance (and using simple math)- let's say you do a 72 month loan for $20k- at 2 years, your car is only worth $5k…

Auto loan calculator –
Use this car payment calculator to estimate monthly payments on your next new or used auto loan. Rates are accurate and available as of the date seen for Bankrate customers. Identify yourself as a Bankrate consumer to get the rate.

Whats wrong with 72 month car loans??? – myFICO® Forums
They make monthly payments lower, but whats the down side of things? Considering the low limit of your loan, you might not be able to get a 72 month used car loan for $12-13k.

Auto & Recreational Loans | Verve | Sample monthly payments
Test-drive our new 6-year/72-month loan and watch how we can help the monthly payment fit into your monthly budget. Financing options that fit like a glove. Should you lease or buy? Buy new or used? Should you take the manufacturer's rebate or get the 0% financing?

How Long Should My Car Loan Be? on
If you have a 72-month loan and get the itch to buy a new car around the average six-year mark, you wouldn't have enjoyed any time without payments, which diminishes the point of car buying in the first place. You also could consider buying a used car. Interest rates are a bit higher for used cars, but…

How to Get a Deal on a Used Car and Not Get Taken | The Fiscal Times
Related: Why Used Cars Are Getting Less Dependable. 2. Figure out how much the car will cost you. Visit your local credit union to get a quote on the car's cost. Even if it's got a lower rate, a 72-month loan is going to cost a lot more than a 36-month loan.

Getting a Car Loan? | Average Loan Now 66 Months
Getting a car loan? A longer one could be riskier. If the loss occurs in the 48th month using our Camry example, your insurer might give you as much as $14,700. That's enough to more than cover the nearly $10,500 you'd still owe on the 72-month loan; but that would leave you only about $4,200 for a…

Reality Check: How Much Car Can You Afford – Trees Full of Money
1) AVOID 60 Month, 72 Month and 84 Month Auto Loans: Never get more than a 48 month term on your car loan. If you can get a 0% interest loan on a new car (0% loans are not available for used car with the exception of some certified pre-owned models) for the same price you would have paid in…

Used Car Loan Rates from Nationwide
Up to 72 months. FAQs. Do I have to purchase a used car through an authorized dealer in order to get financing? No, you can buy your vehicle from a dealership or a private party when you get a used car loan from Nationwide Bank.

Auto Loan Rates – New, Used, & Loan Refinancing | Capital One
New or used car loan rates, and auto refinance interest rates. Research and apply online, use an online calculator. Here, you can view car loan rates at 36 month, 48 or 60 month, and 66 or 72 month terms.

Things I Would Never Do: The 97 Month Car Loan – Frugal Rules
So we're getting a loan for a used car and it will be paid off within two years. Wow! I'm 30 and at 23 financed my very first (lightly used) car over 72 months. at the time a "good" rate was 5%! I never thought anything of it…

PDF Drive Away with a Great Deal | With up to 72-Month Financing Term.
Our used auto loans start as low as 1.99% APR* with 72 month financing. • If you aren't planning to buy the car with cash, consider financing options beyond the dealership. You can get a great rate on an auto loan through TFCU.

Is a 72-Month Used Car Loan a Good Idea? – Financial Web
Broadly speaking, a 72-month used car loan is very risky. This stems from the fact that a used car's value will depreciate at an accelerated pace. How to Get a Good APR on a Car Loan.

Used Car Loans: Are Long Term Loans the Way… | GOBankingRates
There's no doubt that a 72-month (6 years) or 84-month (7 years) loan would help stretch out those payments, but essentially Run Through a Vehicle Checklist. If you're considering a long-term used car loan, there are some items you want to make sure you can check off a "Don't Get Burned" list.

Car Payment Calculator | U.S. News & World Report
Loan Term: 24 months 36 months 48 months 60 months 72 months. How to Buy a Used Car. Get the best price on a new car.

Long Term Car Loans – 72 Month Car Loan – 7 Year Auto Loan
Loan Term: 72 Months 60 Months 48 Months 36 Months 24 Months 12 Months. Your Monthly Payment: $248.18. View Free Offers. September 09, 2016. How to Get a Car Loan. July 27, 2016. Part 3: Getting the Best Available New or Used Car Loans.

Auto Finance Center and Tools – NADAguides | Monthly Payment
Monthly Payment: Down Payment: Interest Rate: Loan Term: 12 months 24 months 36 months 48 months 60 months 72 months 84 months. Are you going to trade in your car or truck, and use your trade in's value to help get your next vehicle?
This month my due date falls on a Sunday.

Are you buying too much car for your budget? | Clark Howard
Forget about those 60 month and 72 month loans that people love to do. Where should you get your auto loan? One word: Credit unions. You probably won't see rates like that at a bank. On used cars, financing also starts at 2.39%.

How Many Years Can You Finance a Used Vehicle? | Synonym
What Auto Loans Can I Get Without a Co-signer? This remains the standard maximum at conventional banks and lenders for both new and used vehicles, where loan terms vary from 12 months to 72 months.

Car Loans – Southland | Used – Payment Terms1
Car Loans. Looking to purchase a new or used vehicle that fits your budget? Plus, for a limited time, you can get 0.25% APR* off of your approved auto loan rate when you purchase a vehicle with Autoland. Rate quoted as of 7-1-16 and is for a 72-month term or less.

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