do i need to buy a sound card for my pc

do i need to buy a sound card for my pcDo i need a sound-card in my PC if i plan to connect the PC to Home…
Need help connecting PC to HOME THEATER – Forum. Will I need another subwoofer? i would not buy a soundcard at all if you plan on using a receiver. i would use hdmi or dvi to output your sound on the same cable from your video card to the receiver. the only way i would suggest optical out to a…

Do I still need a sound card in my PC? – The Tech Report
This viewer question on our last podcast seemed innocent enough: do I still need a sound card, or is motherboard audio now good enough? Skyrim Special Edition asks for little PC horsepower. 28. Gen-Z Consortium prepares for the future of storage and memory.

do I need ASIO compliant sound card to output 5.1?
The only speaker configuration option seems to be stereo, is this because despite having the sockets my PC doesn't have the right software to be able to do the job properly? If so do I need to buy a sound card and if so would a cheap one like this do the trick.

Should You Buy a Sound Card? An Enthusiast's Perspective – TechSpot
I bought extension cords for both of them so I didn't have to reach behind my computer every time I needed to unplug wires and so on. Should my PC have a sound card? That's still debatable.

Sound Cards: Do They Really Enhance PC Gaming?
So, Should A PC Gamer Buy A Sound Card? If audio quality in games is your sole concern the answer is a definitive no. Gamers still need audio card however. I also consider myself to buy one later. You cannot beat the sense of perfection, and some gamers think their playing only perfect when they buy…

What is a Sound Card? (with pictures)
I needed the jack to connect my PC (no HDMI) to my LCD TV, so I needed to replace the motherboard or buy a new PC. The latter is less costly. Then my "PC expert" saved the day, and suggested a sound card (I didn't know they had input/output jacks) and I took his advice.

All About Sound Cards for Digital DJing – Digital DJ Tips
Do I still need a sound card? That depends on your controller. I'm planning to buy an external controller. So, will buying Numark Mixtrack (without the soundcard) be better for me rather than Numark Mixtrack Pro (which has the built-in soundcard).

Do I really need to buy a new sound ca | Forum
Modems do not need to be connected internally to the sound card In conclusion I do not think you need a new soundcard but I may have misunderstood your post. Now I could hear what my friends say from the speaker of the PC but my friends could not hear what I said.

tinyhub: Do I need an amplifier for my pc speakers?
But mainly, you should buy the ones that fit your taste – sound (read reviews and hear them in the store), dimensions and look. So, you have a couple of speakers, a pc and a nice sound card and you need an great compact amplifier.

Get Better Sound from Your PC with a Dedicated Soundcard – VisiHow
But today, a sound card is not often something that's even considered when buying, building or upgrading a PC. If that does not work, you will need to find the manufacturer of your motherboard (if you, your acquaintance, or a store built the computer) or computer (if you bought it from Dell…

Should You Buy a Sound Card for Your PC? | Know Your Own Needs
Which begs the question – should anyone really consider buying a sound card for a PC? DIY Project: If you want to turn your PC into a Hi-Fi Audio Platform, then this is all you need to read. Are They The Same?

Buying a Quality Sound Card for Higher Quality Sound: A Complete…
In this guide we look at the need for a quality sound card when building a gaming PC. This article describes the different facets of PC sound cards and what should be considered when looking to buy one.

Building a new PC, should I buy a sound card? – PC – Giant Bomb
I'm building a new gaming pc. Should I buy a sound card or better yet how much of an sound improvement is there with a sound card? @iDarktread said: @137: Erm, actually, I've owned my Astro A40s and MixAmp for almost a year, and I've realized that I do, in fact, need a sound card to…

How do I determine what type of sound card I have?
If the information you need is not printed on the card, you may use a FCC identification number to search its specifications. Installing a computer PC computer sound card. Computer sound card buying tips.

GT 610 Sound not working. Help needed! – GeForce Forums
Visually everything looks fine, but I don't appear to be able to get any sound from my speakers which plug into the speaker jack on my PC. Do I need to buy new speakers that plug into a HDMI port on the graphics card? or is there a way I can get my existing speakers to work through the PC jack as…

How To Connect 5.1 Speakers To Your Computer
i just bought myself a sound card for my pc and it make the quality of you system so much better that without the card, i never thought it would make such a big difference. You need to have internal 5.1 channel card for desktop. Always buy same company sound card and speakers.

Building a PC: Are Integrated Graphics, Sound, and Network Hardware…
Not every CPU has integrated graphics, so be sure to double-check if you want to buy a CPU with integrated graphics. You're probably better off investing in better speakers or headphones instead of a discrete sound card if you want to build a PC.

The "Do I need a sound card?" question – Audio – Desktops
I didnt buy a sound card on advice that onboard audio was good enough. I am sure for a lot of people it is fine. are some examples of situations you may/may not need a soundcard: – If your motherboard was made in the last 4-5 years and you are running PC speakers (anything made by Logitech, Altec…

audio – Need sound card for gaming, not PC – Super User
This may be the case here. The easy way to test would be disable (not mute) the onboard sound card and play your game. If the game runs fine, then its the onboard sound card. If this is the case, then you should buy a separate sound card.

Pro Computer Sound Cards Clarified…
You need to look at computer sound cards or audio interfaces with a bit more, shall we say, oomph! Why not just use the sound card which comes with the PC? Sound Card Formats… You can buy sound cards or audio interfaces of different types…

Sound Cards and Speakers
Description: The sound card is responsible for bringing the world of sound and music to life on the PC; that sound is played through the speakers. Much as I described in the discussion of video cards, choosing a sound card today is either fairly involved or rather simple, depending on your needs.

Anuvver PC query [Archive] – Honda VFR Club | Forum
I don't have a dedicated sound card as such. I assumed that function would be dealt with by the MoBo, or the graphics card… (told you I wasn't too PC literate…) :blush::blush: Does this mean that I'll need to buy a sound card?:dunno: If so, I'll have to change my graphics card for a slimmer one…

Do I need a sound card for headphones + mic
Home Forums > Computer Hardware > Sound Cards and Speakers >. Do I need a sound card for headphones + mic. As far as getting a soundcard goes, it's really not necessary unless you are using some very high end devices like $300 headphones or $1000 speakers etc.

How do I know if my PC has a sound card? | Yahoo Answers
How could I know my sound card for my PC ? Answer Questions. Why would pc not be able to detect USB device? What's The best gaming PC company to buy from?

Do you Need a Sound Card? – YouTube
A lot of people assume they need a sound card in their PC build, but the reality is a little more complex. Should You Buy Two GTX 950s, or A Single GTX 970?

Recommend me a sound card that can do this | Forum
I would definitely buy a sound card anyway. Need to kill two birds with one stone. The ASUS Xonar Xense and HT Omega Claro XT are the only two cards I know of with BOTH the standard PC 7.1 analog outputs [for your 5.1 headset] and a…

Worth buying a sound card? – PC/Mac/Linux Society – GameSpot
I'm looking to upgrade my PC, and I will be putting in a Phenom x4 965 and a Noctua heatsink. However, should I buy a Creative X-Fi titanium sound card? Anyway, to answer the TC's question: You need a dedicated sound card over integrated sound as much as you need a dedicated graphics…

How To Upgrade Your PC's Sound Card
You might need to buy some, as not all cards will have extras in the box. With everything in place, things should look something like this Install Sound Card Software. You can now turn your PC on and insert the CD that came with your card at the same time.

The Pros and Cons of Buying a Sound Card | Speed Up My PC FREE
Do you need a discrete sound card? Do sound cards really improve PC gaming framerates? Should you buy a discrete sound card? Probably. But buy it for the higher quality music playback and PC gaming audio – not for the increased framerate performance.

What Sound Card does everyone use? | SingSnap Karaoke | Forum
I'm trying to buy a new sound card for my computer but I want to make sure it works on here since it's the sole reason I want to purchase it! lol I have XP btw I know that matters…so thanks!

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