do you have to register a car when you buy it

do you have to register a car when you buy itHow to Drive, Insure, Buy, and Register a Car in the United States
If you buy a used car, you must still register it, even if it was registered under a previous owner. After you have registered your car, you are all set to drive in the U.S! Plan B: Renting a Car. For those of you who do not need a car everyday, a good option is to rent a car when you need one.

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You will have to register the car in your name before you can drive it. Many dealers take care of this for you when you buy a new car. Some dealers even have a stock of authorized license plates that they can fix for you right away.

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Learn what rights you have in your state when buying a used car. Contact your state or local consumer protection office. Find out in advance what paperwork you will need to register a vehicle.

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When you are ready to go look at a car, if possible, take along a friend who is knowledgeable about purchasing and evaluating a car or have an auto mechanic take a look at the car before the Contact the California DMV to find out what the requirements are to register your car. Buying a New Car.

Massachusetts RMV Paperwork When Buying a Car |
Once you agree to purchase a vehicle, you'll need to transfer the title and register the car with the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV). Keep reading for more information about the paperwork you need when buying a car in Massachusetts.

Do I Have to Pay a Sales Tax for Buying a Car? (with pictures)
If you buy from an individual, it's on honor that you will put the right amount down for the purchase price when you register. anon73386 Post 31. When you buy a car from a dealer, you do not have to pay taxes there. It is a lie if they tell you that you have to.

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There are many different types of insurance available when you buy a car. Some basic car insurance is compulsory when you register your car. Extra car insurance can help cover the costs of any damage to your car (and the other person's car) if you're in an accident.

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I bought a car a few weeks ago but never registered it and i want to sell it back to this person but my name is still as the buyer in the title. I was buying a car in long island ny when the guy gave me title,it was signed wrong and scribbled by his girlfriend and then he signed it but title was still in her…

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Learn about the paperwork you'll have to sign when you buy a car. After you both sign it, you're officially the owner, and you'll need this when you go to register your car.

So You Bought A Car With No Title? Here's What To Do Next
When you purchase a car, the DMV requires you to register the car in your name. If you do not do this, it is considered title jumping which is against the The guy he bought it from won't reply or call back or anything for info on the title or anything. If I do buy the car would I have to get a bonded title?

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When you buy from a dealer you are protected by the 1980 Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Act. Check with the Hire Purchase Register (Tel: 01 2600905) that the car is not under a Hire Purchase agreement. If there is outstanding finance on a car, it could be repossessed by the lending…

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If you have bought a car or are planning to buy one, first of all congratulations. Secondly before you can make the car offically yours you'll need to register it in your name. They'll provide you with the relevant forms and details when you buy the car.

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When you buy a new car you will be asked to sign a contract. If you buy a registered motor vehicle from anyone other than a registered motor vehicle dealer you should search the Personal Properties Securities Register.

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If you bought a car from a dealer, they will usually set you up with temporary registration. When you move, you'll need to update your car's registration. If you move to a new state, you'll have to re-register your car in your new state.

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When you buy a car you have some time (2 weeks if Im not mistaking) to register it. Registration in Ukraine is sticked to the owner's place of living. So if you do not have such one, in other words you are not registered in Ukraine…

Car buying selling in Dubai
Buying and selling cars in Dubai and the UAE – where to buy, how to check a used car, how to register a car and transfer ownership. It is not advisable to accept a personal cheque as payment when selling your car.

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Register the car when you do arrive there. Buy the car in CA and register it there. Drive it to Texas and then re-register in Texas. I know that you are trying to avoid this, but it is the easiest, if not least expensive, option.

Moving cross-country, will need car–but when and where?
1) Fly to CA and buy a car when I get there. I don't know about the tax/registration stuff but if you buy the car outside Cali you need to make sure it'll pass CA smog emissions tests to register it here.

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What is required to register to bid? Is the bidder registration fee refundable if I purchase at auction? Why do you require my credit card to register? What happens then? If I buy a car, when will I get the title?

How to Title & Register a Car Bought Out of State | eHow
When you buy a car in your home state from a car dealer, the dealer takes care of the registration and title for you. When you get the car back in your home state you need to register it so that you can legally drive it.

Buying Your First Car in Toronto: A Step-by-Step Guide
There are a few things that you really should know about buying your first car when you live in Toronto. Before you can put your vehicle on the road, you will need to go to your nearest motor vehicle authority (most likely, an MTO office) and have it registered.

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when you buy it. Example 1: A car that is two years old but has travelled only 4000 kilometers is new for VAT purposes. You will, however, have to re-register the car in your home country and could be obliged to pay any associated registration or road taxes.

Registering Your Car
Registering Your Car. Within one week of purchasing your car, you need to visit the Préfecture or Sous-Préfecture of your area to register the car in your name. These are not supplied when you buy a car.

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Auctions. Buy it now. When you find the car you like – start placing bids on it on the auction. Every bid you make brings you closer to winning the car, so hurry and place your bids and win your car!

Car rental vs. buying a car for 1 month, when visiting the USA?
If you do decide to buy a car, especially an old car, buy it in southern California and make sure it's from California. When purchasing a car, you'll also have to register it somewhere and carry insurance (I assume), plus pay sales tax.

Buying a car from a dealer
Buying a car from a dealer What are my rights when buying a car from a registered dealer? What does it mean when a registered motor vehicle dealer says the car is for sale "as is, where is"?

How to register a foreign Non-EU car in Poland?
(I was told that you CAN buy insurance there if your car is registerred outside the EU!!!) 2) You can only register a foreign car in Poland if you first pay 5) Additionally you will have to pay the "Recycling" fee so that when your car expires it will not cost the Polish tax payer any money to get rid of it.

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1. Overview. You'll usually have to register a car or any other vehicle as soon as you've: bought it. built it. rebuilt or altered it. imported it. You do this by filling in forms and sending them to DVLA. The forms you have to send depend on your circumstances.

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When you buy a car from a dealer, he will arrange the transfer of ownership, usually for a small fee. Be extremely wary of buying a car with foreign registration plates, as it can be very expensive to register it in Spain if you need to.

Registering a car in France
When I went to get it corrected the only way I could do it was to register the car again. The cost of the amendment was only a couple of Euros but then of course I had to go and buy new number plates which was significantly more expensive.

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