does carmax buy at a fair price

does carmax buy at a fair priceSelling a car to Carmax? | Forum
It is a quick process and they give a fair price. Also I was half kidding above about me buying it, but if you actually do decide to sell it to Carmax, I WILL give you more than they're offering (and I dont even…

How to negotiate Carmax's "no-haggle price"? | Yahoo Answers
How to negotiate Carmax's "no-haggle price"? Hi, I really want to buy this car from Carmax. This isn't fair, is there anything I do?? Any Carmax employees or ex-employees out there that can give tips/advice?

CarMax….buy your car ripoff | Forum
I KNOW for a fact that CarMax DID buy based totally on Kelly few years ago. That was very honest and fair. Posted by: Bottom Line (). Date: October 12, 2012 04:08PM. Carmax isn't in business to acquire your car, whether for cash of as a trade-in, at a 'fair' price.

Is CarMax the Best Place to Buy a Used Car? | Does It Really Work?
The Claim The claims made by CarMax about their car buying experience are that their cars have passed a 125 point inspection before they even make it onto the lot, that they'll buy your car even if you don't buy one of theirs, that the prices are set at fair and reasonable points so there's no haggling…

Is Buying a Car at Car Max. Good Deal or Shady Business?
But buying a car at CarMax is not like any other used car dealer. Although we had a problem car in the beginning, CarMax strived to do the right thing for all parties. I highly recommend buying a car at CarMax if you are in need of a reliable vehicle at a fair price.

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If CarMax does not want to buy older cars, they should be honest and suggest that a For Sale sign on the car will get you twice their offer in a few hours. So even though we got a good car at a fair price, this was a serious and worrisome step down in the quality of my experiences with CarMax. • • •

Carmax: A good value? | Lou_BC – We should buy one for Todd.
Can Carmax offer a 'good value' compared to all that competition? The fairest way to look at this is Does Carmax have some advantages? Absolutely. You typically don't have to wait as long to buy your car. I noticed years ago that Carmax is priced head and shoulders above any other used car outlet.

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does carmax give a fair price if you sell your car there – yahoo malaysia answers does carmax give a fair price if you sell your car there or do they rip more on yahoo finance canada here are monday s top research calls as ensco carmax qualcomm and, what website do i buy carmax employee apparel…

How Car Dealers Help CarMax Buy Cars | Velocity |
It is CarMax's ability to buy truckloads of vehicles at the auction for very high prices that holds the clue to the problem. First, take note of the fact that your service department charges the used car department retail rates for reconditioning, and CarMax does not.

Advantage to buying from Carmax vs a dealer? (2011, best, truck)
Carmax does usually seem to be on the higher end of the pricing structure, I am not sure how they are when it comes to trade in credit. Maybe they give a fair amount for the trade.

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Cheap Price Buy fire red 3s – Cheap Price Buy fire red 3s.

Buy a New or Used Car From CarMax
At CarMax, our no-haggle pricing makes buying a car easier than ever. Yes. We offer fast, fair financing through several finance companies, including CarMax Auto Finance, a division of CarMax. Q: Does CarMax fix open safety recalls? A

Top 511 Complaints and Reviews about Carmax | Page 3
Carmax likes to have this lovely sweet reputation of giving you a fair price up front without gimmicks and buy your car and give you a fair price for it. Satisfaction Rating. DO NOT BUY A CAR from Carmax, especially the GLENWOOD Blvd. location.

Why To Never Buy A Car From Carmax | Carmax Sucks
Why To Never Buy A Car From Carmax. I purchased a 2004 Infinity G35 from Carmax on 10/27/2010. As that is the same value I found at Kelly Blue Book, I figured somewhere around $16,000 would be a fair price for my car. Carmax could make $2,000 for doing a little bit of nothing…

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I will make sure all my friends stay clear from car max. All they had to do is be fair but they are greedy and dishonest. Big joke CarMax NEW by: Anonymous. KBB value private party price $4000 CarMax offer $750. Carmax prices way above Kelly Blue Book.

Five Pretty Reliable Cars You Should Probably Not Buy From CarMax
Of course you do! CarMax has this 2014 328d with Navigation and sunroof for a about $35,000. Believe it or not, CarMax isn't just for folks that want a quality used car at a reasonable price. The point of this post was not to suggest you never buy from CarMax.

Tell me about selling a car to Carmax – Ars Technica OpenForum
They look at your car, give you a price and explain how they came at that valuation. I've gotten a fair deal on both cars I've sold there… I've bought a car from Carmax, and I've sold two others to them. I think the thing to keep in mind is that they do lots of data mining and tracking.

Carmax – What's Your Experience? – Page 2 — Car Forums…
Last year I bought a brand new 2006 Toyota Camry from CarMax in Wisconsin(Yes carmax in wisconsin do seel new cars) at a very good unbelievable price. At least I will have a Car Max back up offer if the dealer won't give me a fair price on my trade.

Is it true that CarMax doesn't haggle? – Quora
I believe that CarMax policy does not allow them to respond directly to any customer negotiation attempt or request to lower asking price. Several people I know bought cars from CarMax in Houston and they all said it was no-haggle pricing.

How does Carmax work? – AnandTech Forums
How does Carmax work? Discussion in 'The Garage' started by ballmode, Dec 16, 2012. The sales people at Best Buy here are far more annoying than at Carmax. i ended up basically getting "good kbb trade in" vs "fair" which is what the dealer would have given me (i'd say realistically my car was…
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10 facts to know about CarMax
CarMax says it buys any used car regardless of age, condition, make or mileage even if you don't buy a used car from CarMax. Appraisals take about 30 minutes and if you decide to sell, the company will pay you on the spot. Don't expect to get a great price, though.

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Will a No-Haggle Car Dealership Really Get Me a Better Deal?
I bought my last car from Carmax, and it was a great experience; like going to the store for a loaf of bread. Do your homework and find the base price of the vehicle you want to buy. Then hit up sites like Your goal should be a fair, low price near the bottom of your budget—don't expect miracles.

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