does it make sense to buy an extended warranty on a car

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Buying a Car Extended Warranty. by Harry Sit on July 14, 2009 27 Comments. I think this is the worst thing they could do and ruin their reputation. It makes no sense to me in this day in age when everyone is reviewing these things online and sharing information with one another.

Does it make sense to buy extended product warranties?
Does it make more sense to replace it? Is it a good idea to buy insurance — and peace of mind — in case it goes haywire? However, some factors can make extended warranties at best a bad idea and at worst, a downright rip-off.

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What does the warranty cover? The biggest thing I'd worry about with a hybrid is the battery. It might make sense for your friend to buy the warranty for the peace of mind it will offer, but it's also The dealer wouldn't be selling the extended warranty if it wasn't (in the aggregate) profitable.

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Nothing in life is free. This is especially true when it comes to extended warranties and insurance policies for common purchases such as automobiles, appliances, consumer electronics and other household products.

When You Should (and Shouldn't) Buy an Extended Warranty
"From a purely economic standpoint, it usually doesn't make sense to buy an extended warranty," says Rajiv Sinha, a marketing professor at the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. And if they do, it usually happens within the original warranty window.

Extended Car Warranty – Should You Buy It?
Should You Buy An Extended Car Warranty? By Chris Bibey Posted in: Cars & Transportation, Shopping. You did make the wise decision to buy the manufacturer's extended service contract. Those do have some value.

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It makes sense, then, to prepare for this encounter by keeping three things in mind Someone could use this research approach when buying a car, or when buying an extended warranty for a car that already had been purchased.

How to Buy an Extended Warranty for a Car: 12 Steps
How to Buy an Extended Warranty for a Car. Extended warranties can be expensive, making the cost of the car even more than originally envisaged. Be aware that an extended warranty is not a warranty in the factory sense of the word.

How to Buy an Auto Extended Warranty
Do You Need Extended Warranty Coverage? 25 years ago people would have definitely answered yes. They knew that cars, especially from American manufacturers, were not reliable. On the other hand, there are situations where it doesn't make sense to buy extended coverage.

Should You Buy an Extended Warranty on a Car?
While in many cases, the extended warranty is a money ploy for the retailer, there are times when an extended warranty does make sense. But, it might make sense to buy it for a car that is not as reliable.

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Before buying an extended warranty, I think one should consider the following: 1. Extended warranty companies make profit from selling these products, otherwise they wouldn't be doing it. All in all I wonder if it makes much sense to buy an extended warranty.

Should You Buy an Extended Car Warranty
Home › Resources › Financial Education Center › Financial Matters › Major Purchases › Do Extended Warranties for Cars Make Sense. Finally, if you feel compelled to buy an extended warranty, it may be worth a bit of reflection over whether you are buying the right car.

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our recommendations for choosing an extended warranty company and a specific plan. Should I buy a warranty? Do the math on deductible options, for example, as it might make more financial sense to pay a bit more deductible in order to save on the up-front cost.

Should I Get an Extended Warranty When I Buy a Car?
On the other hand, if you're buying a brand new vehicle or a newer used vehicle that still has a couple of years of factory warranty left and you plan to sell it in a year or two, it really doesn't make sense to buy an extended warranty.

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Should You Buy an Extended Warranty for Your Car?, Used Car Buying Advice, Used Car Extended Warranty, Used Car Service Contract, Used Car Warranty, warranty coverage, What does an extended warranty cover? In what financial universe does that make sense?

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Do extended warranties make sense for you? And how do you use one, if you already purchased it? It is also possible to buy an extended warranty outside of the dealership through DCU, directly from a company, or through an organization like AAA.

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Does it make sense to buy it? The extended warranty says, it covers "engine, transmission, transfer case, differnitial assembly, steering, timing belt, electrical, cooling system, turbocharger, airconditioner and more".

Is it Smart to Buy an Extended Auto Warranty: Does it Pay Off?
If you're a driver who likes to have a new car every few years and sells or trades in the old model while it's still under factory warranty, an extended warranty might not make little or no sense for you. You can buy an extended auto warranty on most cars, new or used.

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Does it Make Sense to You? Sticker Shock is Only the Beginning. On Cyclists and Cars – and Common Sense and Coexistence. This article seems 5 years late. I bought a great CPO car in 2004, with 10k miles and 100,000 warranty. But that was then.

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If that is the case, does leasing make sense? If so, how do extended mileage leases work? What will it cost extra? You can wait to buy the warranty a couple of months before the manufacturer's warranty expires, although you might find that it's cheaper to buy earlier.

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Does it make economic sense? …extended warranties play upon a basic human trait to avoid loss, even if it means sacrificing a possible future gain…the gain is all the other things of value that a consumer could buy with the money that was spent on a warranty.

When should you buy an extended warranty?
Every time you buy a car, a house, a computer, a cell phone or pretty much any appliance, you'll be offered a chance to purchase an extended warranty on it. Any Apple product: it makes sense to buy the extended warranty. Their stuff is great, but when something does go afoul they replace/fix it…

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The fact is, buying an extended car warranty is a gamble. So how do you pick which one to buy a warranty from? First, you'll want to see if they cover your car. (The Missouri Department of Insurance makes it easy to search for providers by company name.)

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Before you buy an extended warranty, do your research and consider these points If you plan to sell the car before the basic warranty expires, an extended warranty probably doesn't make sense; however, if you'll likely keep the car for many years, it may.

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Automotive Service Contracts, a.k.a. Extended Warranties. Consumers buying a new or used vehicle at most dealerships will face pressure to purchase an "extended warranty" on that vehicle. But do they make sense for you? And how do you use one, if you already purchased it?

Extended Warranties | What Have I Bought?
Good Guys : I bought an extended warranty on a very expensive CD player I bought as a floor model in 1995. 8.) Peace of mind. If it feels good, do it. If it doesn't make sense or doesn't feel right, forget about it. Remember every new items comes with some sort of warranty.

Certified Pre-Owned Used Cars May Not Make Sense
It's reached a point where it might not make sense to buy certified pre-owned under certain circumstances. So, when does certified pre-owned make sense? With used cars that don't have good reliability records. You will want the additional protection of an extended warranty.

Do You Need an Extended Warranty on a Hybrid Vehicle?
There is no sense in buying an extended warranty if your car is already protected by the manufacturer warranty. Dealerships will make it sound like they are the only ones that can protect your car, but the problem is that if something does break down on your car you will have to take it…

Car Buying Guide: Tips and Tricks to Save Big on Your Ride
Should you buy an extended warranty? Latest Auto Posts. How Much Should You Spend On A Car? How To Refinance A Car Loan. When Does It Make Sense To Lease A Car?

How to Get a Used-Car Warranty (and Not Get Screwed)
Figuring out whether to buy a warranty on a used car, or how to do it, can be a tangled mess. But we're here to help. For some advice on buying used, what warranties are best on the CPO front, and what to watch out for in extended If they weren't, the business model wouldn't make any sense."

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