how does lemon law apply to used car

how does lemon law apply to used carDoes the Louisiana Lemon Law Apply to Used Cars? | eHow
How to Apply Used Car Lemon Laws. Does 'Sold As Is' Apply to the Lemon Law? A car sold as is has no guarantees or warranty against defects or repairs.

Does the Lemon Law apply to my vehicle? | OSPIRG
5. How do I file a Lemon Law claim? Oregon does not have a Lemon Law that applies to used cars, however you may still qualify for protection under other laws such as the Federal Trade Commission's "Used Car Rule" and Oregon's Uniform Commercial Code through circumstances such…

Lemon Law FAQs — California Lemon Law Attorneys
How much do I have to pay you guys? What if I Lose My Case? What is a Lemon? What if the Lemon Law does not apply to my case? Does the lemon law apply to used cars?

How Does The Lemon Law Work | The Lemon Law Attorneys
Does the Lemon Law apply to just cars? I have a motorcycle and boat too, are they covered? The Lemon Law for cars applies to all cars, new and used, where there has been a breach of warranty. How long does the entire process take?

Does the Indiana Lemon Law apply to used cars?
PLUS, the federal lemon law will cover the vehicle bought used from a private party if the vehicle has been taken to the manufacturer's dealerships during the manufacturer's warranty period. How do I contact Krohn & Moss, Ltd.® Consumer Law Center?

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Write a review. How to hire a lawyer. The dealer stated in front of three people in all, that the car had no problems and ran great. Does the lemon law apply to this case and what can he do.

Does the Lemon Law Apply to Used Cars? – Herrington Law
Learn more about if lemon law applies to used cars. Furthermore, the "used car salesman" phrase meant that, once you got swindled with a car that did not meet your expectations, then there was nothing that you could do about it.

Does the Lemon Law apply to used car purchases? – YouTube
Keith Whann The Car Counselor on 'Does the Lemon Law apply to used car purchases?' How to Resolve a Problem.

Does the California Lemon Law Apply to Used Cars?
The california lemon law applies to used vehicles – so long as they are still under the manufacturer's warranty. Accordingly, many non-lawyers believe that the California lemon law does not apply to used cars. But that is untrue.

Lemon Law. Does It apply To Motorcycles? at Cyril Huze Post…
Men Ride Choppers. Same Thing. » Lemon Law. Does It apply To Motorcycles? It is amazing how much of a difference a few miles in distance can make when comparing "lemon laws". Used Cars and Motorcycles A vehicle purchased or leased from a New York State dealer (one who sold or…

How Long Do I have to File a Used Car Lemon Law Lawsuit?
Third, the New York used car lemon law does not apply off-road vehicles or motorhomes. If you have additional questions about how the New York lemon law applies to your automobile, click on the links below to find out more about your legal rights.

Does the Lemon Law Apply to Used Vehicles?
Used Car Window Sticker On top of that, many state new car lemon laws apply to used car sales as long as you bought the vehicle during your state's lemon law Read Beth's Blog. Used Car Lemon Law. Watch here to see how you can tell if your used car has been wrecked: CONTACT US.

How to Make a Lemon Law Claim | ExpertLaw
When Do Lemon Laws Apply? How Do I Make A Lemon Law Claim? Other Remedies for Lemon Vehicles. However, the owner of such a car may have remedies available under other laws. Used Car Lemon Laws.

Virginia Lemon Law | How to Know If Your Car is a Lemon
Under certain conditions, the Virginia Lemon Law may apply to used vehicles. How to Know If Your Car is a Lemon. Consumers have to follow certain procedures in order to have their vehicle qualify for protection under the Virginia Lemon Law. What to Do If You Think Your Car Qualifies as a Lemon.

This guidebook is divided into 2 sections: the New Car Lemon Law and the Used Car Lemon Law. Qualifications for the two laws are different so please read the information How long should the final repair take? The Lemon Law does not apply to: What should I do if I think my car is a "Lemon"?

What are lemon laws? How do I know if my car is a lemon?
How do I know if my car is a lemon? Is it covered? First, automobile lemon laws are consumer protection laws enacted by individual states (not the Federal government) A few states have "implied warranty" laws that apply to used cars and share some characteristics with new-car lemon laws.

Consumer Action – English – Articles | The Lemon Law presumption
This fact sheet about California's protections for new and used car buyers explains how the state Lemon Law works, which vehicles are covered, the arbitration programs used by most car Even if the Lemon Law does not apply in your case, many other state and federal laws may protect you.

Lemon Law Faq | Do Lemon Laws Apply to Certified Used Vehicles?
Do lemon law apply to used cars? I bought a used car about 3 months ago. I compensated cash for it. About a week and a half after I bought it i have to bring it to the Does anyone enjoy any experience next to the MA Lemon Law? Have you filed a claim? How long did it take? What be the outcome?

Lemon Law FAQ's – Car Lemon | Why do I need a lawyer?
How does my lawyer get paid; what does this cost? Lemon Laws contain a "fee-shifting provision", which means that if you win or settle your case, the attorney's fees are paid for by, or "shift", to the Are used cars covered by Lemon Laws? Does the Lemon Law apply only to vehicles?

Does the indiana lemon law apply to used cars
This info on the website leaves an impression that if one buys aused car older than 18 months with more than 18,000 miles one does not have a claim for the Indiana lemonlaw protection.Paul K. Ogden was a Whatamazes about the Indiana lemon law is how everybody fails to read the actual statutes.

Does the Wisconsin Lemon Law apply to me?
Wisconsin Lemon Law for Cars. Have you had nothing but problems with your new vehicle? Does it spend more time in the shop than on the road? How To Attach a Rearview Mirror. How to Use Public Transportation. How to Clean a Marine Tank.

Used-Car Lemon Laws —
Used-Car Lemon Laws. How They Help Used-Car Buyers. Calling Out the Big Guns You don't necessarily have to engage a lawyer to fight for your rights. Sometimes, a quick trip to small claims court will do the trick.

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How and where do I submit a Seller's Report of Sale? All Washington titles have a Seller's Report attached. Or, you can obtain one from any licensing office where you transfer titles, renew license plate tabs, etc. Does the Lemon Law apply to used vehicles?

Pinellas County, Florida, Consumer Protection – Frequently Asked…
Does the Florida Lemon Law apply to used vehicles? How do I file a complaint with your Department? How do I stop telemarketing calls? What does the Office of Consumer Protection do?

Lemon FAQ – Get Your Money Back
Does the Lemon Law apply to used cars? Generally, yes. The Lemon Law applies if the used vehicle is still covered by the warranty. Does the Lemon Law apply to vehicles that are older than 18 months?

Massachusetts' Lemon Law
How do we make sure we are buying you a good car at auction? The law applies to used cars, vans, trucks and demonstration vehicles not covered by the New Car Lemon Law, and which

Used Car Lemon Law Informational Guide
Take a look at this informational guide to learn about the used car lemon law and how to use lemon laws to protect you. When Does A Vehicle Qualify As A Lemon? The lemon law is generally applied to used or new motor vehicles that are primarily purchased for personal (as compared to…

Does the "lemon law" apply to used cars? – Brennan Law
Again, this is an area where manufacturers have filled the world wide web with false information that the lemon law does not apply to used cars. For instance, when you lease a car, the lease normally specifies how many miles you can drive under the lease.

Used Car Lemon Law
Used car lemon laws, lemon laws originally intended for new cars, will likely cover a used car if the car was covered under a certain type of warranty. In addition, some states provide specific used car lemon law protection.

How Do Lemon Laws Work? | Bill Penney Mitsubishi
How Do Lemon Laws Work? A "Lemon" is a car that a buyer discovers is defective after they purchased it. Lemon Laws most commonly apply to used cars, but in some states they may apply to leased cars as well.

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