how many miles does a car need to have to be considered used

how many miles does a car need to have to be considered usedHow many miles does a new car have to have before it's considered…
How many miles does a used certified mazda with 45,000 miles on it last? What should I check before buying a used car with 400 miles? Miles is not considered to title a car "used".

How many miles is considered a lot for a used cars? – Quora
How many miles does a new car have to have before it's considered used? How do used car lots price their cars on the lot? How many miles can a car travel in one hour?

Google Self-Driving Cars Now Considered Drivers By NHTSA
The interpretation also addresses and/or touches on many of the subtler points related to autonomous driving: Does the car need How many million miles do you think autonomous cars would have to drive without causing a single accident before you would consider them better than human drivers?

What You Need For A Car Insurance Quote & Why |
How many miles do you drive each day? Do you own a home? Homeowners are considered more responsible by car insurance companies and often get lower rates as a result. What You Need For A Car Insurance Quote. How Much Auto Insurance To Buy.

How Often does my Car Need an Oil Change? (with pictures)
How often your car needs an oil change depends on several factors, including the type of car you drive, how old your car This is no longer the standard in most cases, however, and many people consider changing a car's oil They used to say you need to have an oil change every 3,000 miles you travel.

Does an answer need to have code to be considered complete?
Answers don't always need code; it's just useful to have, some (most, maybe) of the time. Until we can use them at Starbucks or trade them in for frequent flier miles, they seem, uh, "pointless".) What could I have done to get the expertise needed for this PHP question? 3. How to handle an answer…
How many electrons does oxygen have in its first energy level?

How many miles are too many on a used vehicle? | Ask MetaFilter
We've been looking at '97-'99 Ford Explorers and most seem to have around 65-90k miles on them at our price point (~$7-8,000). How much to do you want to pay for having a car for that long? Ditto Kirth Gerson's comment. I'll go so far as to say don't even consider an American used car.

Used Car Advisor – Used Car Guide – Expert Tips and Advice for Smart…
Let's take a look at how it might work. Scenario. I need a new car, and have a car to trade, but my credit is not good. How many miles are too much for a used car? March 10, 2016 admin. So a car that is 5 years old would have about 75,000 miles to be considered "average."

Tips About Buying a New or Used Car | Find out More
Besides efficiency and mileage, also consider how much of a car do you really need. If you will never venture into the backwoods and ride on hilly, dirt roads; if you only use the car to drive to and Most people don't need a super, ultra-fancy luxury car to go back and forth the 10 or 20 miles to their jobs.

Tires on New Cars: Replace After 20,000 Miles? | The CarGurus Blog
When selling a car, consider doing what the guy who traded in the car my wife bought did: He felt bad getting rid of a car with used tires, so he put on Has anyone else noticed a short life for tires on new cars? How many miles do you typically get out of a set of tires? -tgriffith. Be Sociable, Share!

How to Make Your Car Last 200,000 Miles – Consumer Reports
Consider using what is often called the severe-use or extreme-use maintenance schedule in your owner's manual. Most drivers who need to follow such a They monitor the miles driven since the last service and record data such as how much stop-and-go driving is done, the engine temperature…

Buying A Used Vehicle..How Many Miles Is Too Many | Forum
You should also factor in how much you need to have a reliable vehicle, for example if you use a bike 50% of the time, having a vehicle out of service for a General rule of thumb, don't buy a car that has been driven more than 15,000 miles per year before you buy it.

The Complete Guide To Buying A Used… | Investopedia
Do you need a larger vehicle that can facilitate family vacations and soccer practice pickups? Though heated seats used to be considered a top-shelf feature, they can now be found on vehicles in all price categories. Reliability Here's a riddle for you: How many miles are too many miles for a used car?

How to Open a Car Dealership: 9 Steps (with Pictures)
Once you determine the demand, you need to consider how your company might attract some of that customer demand.[1]. Assume, for example, that the typical car buyer is willing to visit a dealership within 10 miles of their home. What percentage of the cars sold are new, and how many are used?

Car Sharing from Zipcar: How Does Car Sharing Work?
How long does it take to become a member? Before you can drive, you'll need a Zipcard. If you drive more miles than those indicated, the following expenses are itemized in the bill. You just need to fill the tank using the fuel card inside the car when it gets to 1/4 full.

How to Buy a Car Quiz | HowStuffWorks
So, how much do you know about buying a car? A used car's mileage affects its selling price. For instance, the more miles the car has logged, the lower the cost of the car. What is considered "reasonable mileage" for a used car?

How to buy a used car – step by step guide part 2 – how much…
Step by step used car buying guide – how much you can afford to spend on a car, how to When considering between cars of different brands, again the one with 50,000 miles but with proven No matter how many new parts you put into an old car, it will still be an old car that will need more and…

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Leasing a Car – 5 Dumb Car Leasing Mistakes to Avoid |
If it doesn't, the customer should consider looking for a car with a lease plan that does. If they know they'll probably drive more miles than the agreement allows, they could "If you keep the car longer, you'd have to consider getting an extended warranty at an additional cost, plus you may need to pay…

Mileage Deduction 101: Everything You Need To Know
You need to keep track of how many miles you drive for business and the total miles you drive, but you do not need First, and most important, you must use the standard mileage rate the first year you use a car for business. Are the miles from the meeting to home considered business or commute?

How often do you really need to change motor oil?
Changing the oil in your car every 3,000 miles was necessary in the 1970s, when most cars used 10W-40 oil, which tended to wear out within about 3,000 miles. What Is Considered Severe Use? Your vehicle's owners manual will tell you how often you need to change your oil.

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Pros & Cons of Leasing a Car vs. Buying a Car – Good or Bad Idea?
You often don't need a down payment (or if you do, it's fairly low), your monthly payments are lower, and your sales tax is going to be a lot lower since you only have to pay tax on the value of the car you actually used. Think about how many miles you put on a car each year.

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The Preventive Maintenance You Need to Do On Your Car (and When)
Most car lovers already know how important this is, but it's still important even for people don't consider themselves Don't just blindly follow the 3,000 mile myth though—for most vehicles it can be as high as 10,000 miles Whatever you do though, don't ignore work that needs to be done.

What do I need to finance a car? | Ready to find a great used car?
What do I need to finance a car? You've read dozens of our used car reviews, gotten a bunch of price drop alerts for your If you go to any major bank for an auto loan you may realize there are strict limits on how old a vehicle can be and how many miles it has to have for the bank to offer financeing.
How Much Cash Do You Need?

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