how many miles on car is too much for used

how many miles on car is too much for usedHow many miles are too much for a used car? – Used Car Advisor
How many miles is too many? We frequently hear these questions from people looking for used cars for sale. In the last decade or so cars have become much more reliable than years ago when a car was looked at as junk when it reached 100,000 miles.

how many miles is too much for a used car? | Yahoo Answers
There is no such thing as too much mileage for a car depending on how it was maintained. Foreign make tend to hold up with higher mileage better, but if you have the prospective car thoroughly looked at by a mechanic, you should be good.

How many miles is too much on a used car
Your car uses too much coolant? Usually, this means that there's a leak in the cooling system somewhere. It could be a split hose, a leaking radiator or a perished gasket. How much is too many miles in a car?

How many miles are 'too many' for used… | RV Daily Report
When shopping for a pre-owned motorhome, the subject always arrives about the current miles on the prospective purchase. So how many miles are "too many"? When we buy a used car we always go immediately to the odometer because it tells much more of the story about that car.

How Much Mileage Is Too Much for a Used Car?
Depending on their age and how much the previous owner drove, used cars could have any number of miles racked up. But how much mileage is too much for a used car? Cars are meant to be driven, and if this car was sitting in a garage more than it was out on the road, its parts could be…

How Many Miles Is Too Much for a Used Car – YouTube
Learn more. You're viewing YouTube in Turkish. You can change this preference below. How many miles on your used car? We'll tell you – Süre: 5:15. ABC15 Arizona 10.352 görüntüleme.

Buying A Used Vehicle..How Many Miles Is Too Many | Forum
You should also factor in how much you need to have a reliable vehicle, for example if you use a bike 50% of the time, having a vehicle out of service for a General rule of thumb, don't buy a car that has been driven more than 15,000 miles per year before you buy it.

How many miles are too many on a used vehicle? | Ask MetaFilter
Like anything, it depends how it was used. A car with 20k of "around town miles" is worse than a car with 200k of highway miles that was driven from Chicago to San Francisco I don't know the what happened to the car after that, but to the guy I gave it to, 230k wasn't too many miles for a free car!

How many miles is too many for a used car? | Mumsnet Discussion
Mechanically a well maintained modern "Japanese" or "German" car should have a life of 200,000 miles or more. You can buy an annual book with all the recommended used prices of each model in it, according to how much mileage each car has done in that time.

How many miles is too much for a first car for a teen? – Quora
How many miles is too many miles on a used Cooper S? Does it really matter how many miles each year a car is driven, or is the overall number of miles driven more important?

How many miles is too many when buying a used truck?
This truck will not get used everyday. How many miles all depends on how well it was maintained. "I am looking into getting a Chevy 2500 and wondered how many miles would be too many for a gas engine. I have been looking on craigslist and almost every truck I have looked at has 150,000 or more.

How many miles is too many to buy a used WRX? | Forum
Is this too many miles to buy a car I expect to last me for about 5, 6, or even 7 That really depends on how well the previous owners have maintained the car. I plan to keep my car for a few more years — I usually keep them past the point at…

New Car – How many miles are too many??
I am sure I could use the miles to my advantage – there is another dealer,but bit further away, who also has some In my opinion, that's not a new car deal, that's a used car. It appears that car wasn't driven a "few" test runs but more probably taken by the manager or workers as the "going around town" car.

Thinking of buying a used A4…how many miles are too many? | Forum
It will be my everyday get around car and I don't drive every day. To give you an idea of how little I drive, I have a 2002 Honda Civic, purchased in "04 with 351 I change my tranmission fluid every 50,000 miles. I use Amsoil here too, but most people on here will probably recommend the Audi OEM fluid or Esso.

How Many Miles Should a Used Car Have?
Commuters should have more mileage on a car, while people who don't drive much at all should have less. There are no concrete guidelines to follow; everyone uses a vehicle differently. How Many Miles are too Many for a Used Car?

How many miles daily commute is too much? (average, job, company)
A former colleague use to drive 100miles each way, just wondering how much commute is too much for a job that pays ~$50K/yr. I do a lot more in my life than work the day job, so mileage aside, anything over 30 minutes, whether by train/car/walk/bike, etc. is too much of a time waster.

How to buy a used car – step by step guide
How to choose the 'right' car? What mileage is too high for a used car? For this price range, it might be a good idea to look for a small or mid-size car, as a pickup truck or SUV with average driving of 15,000 miles per year will cost you more than $4,000 a year in gas alone.

How many miles/year is average on a used car?
It depends on many variables; how well its owner(s) maintained it in the past would be one. Don't bother with any car more than 5 or 6 years old and with more than 75-80K miles on it, if you can help it. The possibility that it will cost you repair $$$ is too great and it won't have much more than a…

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Used Prius mileage. How much is too much? | PriusChat
How much is too much? Discussion in 'Gen 2 Prius Main Forum' started by ThisIsMyName, Jul 23, 2013. As to the traction battery – its longevity beyond 150K miles depends on many factors – climate, topography, use, etc.

The Complete Guide To Buying A Used… | Investopedia
Reliability Here's a riddle for you: How many miles are too many miles for a used car? You can find historical indexes of how reliable a car is in these categories on sites like Yahoo!, Edmunds and more.

How many miles are too many for a "New" car – AnandTech Forums
So…is 100 miles too much? FYI, price of car is about $1,800 less than Edmunds TMV I thought there was a limit on how many miles a car could have and still be sold as new. Test driving is one thing, I'd still call that a new car. But a demo car that was used for several months is NOT a new car.

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How To Buy a Good Used Car (and NOT a Lemon!)
Most used cars are sold "as-is," which means if anything goes wrong with it after you buy it, so sad too bad. You are stuck with it and it is your problem now. More Used Car Related Articles: Used Car Dealer Tricks (How NOT to get cheated on the next used car you buy!)

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