how many miles should i used car have

how many miles should i used car haveHow Many Miles Should You Run a Car on Synthetic Oil? | eHow
For this reason, many automotive experts recommend synthetic motor oils for vehicles with more than 100,000 miles. … How to Change Between… How Often Should I Change Synthetic Blend Oil? How Many Miles Should a Used Car Have?

How Many Miles Should A Used Car Have?
Most factory warranties expire at around 36,000 miles. This is not a coincidence as the rate of mechanical failure may begin to increase around this mark. Verify the mileage on any used car. Get a vehicle history report from a CARCHEX partner today. Over 100,000. In the old days, a car with…

How many miles a used motorcycle should have
How many miles per gallon should a Honda shadow motorcycle VT1100? My 1985 vt1100 with 22,000 miles got 51.45 miles to the gallon on a recent 300 mile ride. These were mostly highway miles on flat Texas roads. When I use the bike to run…

How many miles is considered a lot for a used cars? – Quora
How many more miles can it go before it gives up? Used Cars: Should I buy a 2003 BMW 325i sedan with 190000 miles on it? How many miles is too much for a first car for a teen? How many total miles have been driven in Tesla cars? How many miles should a 22 year old car have?

How many miles are too much for a used car? – Used Car Advisor
Should I buy a car with high mileage? How many miles is too many? We frequently hear these questions from people looking for used cars for sale. Generally, 15,000 miles a year is considered an "average" number of miles per year.

Buying A Used Vehicle..How Many Miles Is Too Many | Forum
You should also factor in how much you need to have a reliable vehicle, for example if you use a bike 50% of the time, having a vehicle out of service for a I feel like I should be able to find a good ride with less miles than that with a little homework. If it has more than 150K, then I want the price to reflect it.

Chevrolet TrailBlazer Questions – How many miles should… – CarGurus
How many miles should a trailblazer or any SUV get? I want to buy one and it already has 212,000 miles on it. – needs brakes soon, needs tires and a li… Used Cars For Sale.

How many miles should be on the odometer of a brand new car?
PS- here in NYC you're lucky to get 2 miles on a test drive…. To some, it's just a job – and while a good salesperson should know the products that he/she sells pretty well, some are just trying to push as many cars I really depends on how the dealer is run. they want use to put atleast 5 miles on the car.

How many miles is too many for a used car? | Mumsnet Discussion
Mechanically a well maintained modern "Japanese" or "German" car should have a life of 200,000 miles or more. You can buy an annual book with all the recommended used prices of each model in it, according to how much mileage each car has done in that time.

How many miles/year is average on a used car?
I'm looking for insight on the number of miles to the year an average used car has so as to better discern which ones are bigger It depends on many variables; how well its owner(s) maintained it in the past would be one. I was wondering if I should skip the used altogether and go for one of those.

Thinking of buying a used A4…how many miles are too many? | Forum
I assumed people here would have a lot of experience with audis and be able to shed some light on the number of miles I can get away with on a used car without immediately having to repair things. Perhaps I should have asked the question in…

How many miles are TOO many miles when buying a used car?
I know that proper maintenance can extend the life of a car, but how many miles are too many regardless of the Used cars are difficult to guage when it comes to how well it was cared for. Can't give you a number beyond which you should not buy the car. You'll have to make up your own mind.

Uniroyal | Tire Basics | How many miles will I get on my tires?
Tire Performance Questions. How many miles will I get on my tires? Tires which have been in use for 5 years or more should continue to be inspected by a specialist at least annually.

Should I buy an old car with fewer miles, or new car with more miles?
All other things being equal, when comparing used cars for sale should I look for lower mileage or a newer vehicle? A spokesman for car specialist Glass's Guide, says: It largely depends on how many miles you are going to do per year and how long you are planning on keeping it.

Should I buy a car with 170,000 miles on it? – used… | Ask MetaFilter
The seller indicated that price was negotiable. For what price would this be a good deal or should I just look at other options? Well unfortunately we measure car use by miles instead of hours. It would be nice to know how many hours a car has run.

How many more miles can we expect with a new transmission? | Forum
A new or rebuilt tranny should easily last 50K+ miles but how many miles are on the engine? I know the car isn't worth much but since the body is still in good shape it might be better to replace those then get another used car where we don't know the history.

How often should you change your oil in your Honda?
Most shops use the 3,000-5,000 rule as a guideline because many consumers put a lot of miles on their vehicle, but it's really up to consumers to know how many miles they are putting on I used to change my Synthetic Oil every after 5000 kilometres driving. When should I change my car's engine oil.

For Buying or Selling, It Pays To Know Used Car Milestones
If you're buying a used car, you should also know about these milestones and understand that By the time a car has 60,000 miles it will almost certainly need tires and brakes, although more To find a dealership that knows how to treat shoppers right, please visit's Dealer Ratings and…

How many miles are 'too many' for used… | RV Daily Report
Home » RV Owner News » How many miles are 'too many' for used motorhomes? I believe that Newmars should be included in your list. I have a 2004 Mountain Aire that looks and runs great, only due to good maintenance.

How to shop for a used car – for the FAQ's. Feel free to comment…
The system pull available matching inventory listed within 200 miles, calculates average and median price, calculates back how much the dealer Doc Fee is standard even on most used cars. Also, I think you should note that most dealers want the customer to make the first offer so plan on doing that.

What do I need to finance a car? | Should I finance at the dealership?
If you go to any major bank for an auto loan you may realize there are strict limits on how old a vehicle can be and how many miles it has to have for the bank to offer financeing. Other things you should know: – How to haggle with a dealer in 8 steps – Cheapest states to buy a car – New vs used cars.

How to Make Your Car Last 200,000 Miles – Consumer Reports
Many of today's cars last for 200,000 miles or more with few if any major repairs, if properly cared for. Consumer Reports shares its research and advice on how your car can go the distance. Used Cars.

How to drive your car 200,000 miles or more
Okay, time to boast: How many miles have you driven a car? Why You Should (Almost) Never Lease A Car. Car Dealer Secrets: Get 21% More Money When You Sell or Trade Your Used Car.
How often should a boyfriend call you? |

New Car – How many miles are too many??
I am sure I could use the miles to my advantage – there is another dealer,but bit further away, who also has some left-over 2013 models That said, if you do your homework and are pretty good at haggling, you should be able to get more than $2500 off any A6 that has a typical quantity of options on it.

How Much Should I Sell My Car For?
Figuring out how much I should sell my car for takes a little research and a bit of honesty. How Many Miles Does It Have On It? Collector cars generally bring a lot more than your average used car.

Rookie » How to Buy a Used Car | More to See
How to Buy a Used Car. Tips to prevent you from getting ripped off. OD: This is the odometer reading, or how many miles the car has been driven on this engine. During this call, you should ask the following questions to get a feel for what the car has to offer.

Should You Buy a Car with 200,000 Miles? » News
Any time you're considering buying a high-mileage used car, precautions should be taken. "I have a couple of 2008-2009 Civics and Accords that come here that have more than 200,000 miles and these cars have been fairly reliable."

How many miles on your used car? We'll tell you – YouTube
Should I buy a car with high mileage?? How Many Miles Is Too Much for a Used Car – Продолжительность: 3:06 Jay Norman 2 452 просмотра.

Should I replace or repair my car? | HowStuffWorks
When you're trying to eke 20,000 more miles out of a car that's been hemorrhaging oil all over your Should I replace or repair broken home appliances? How to Budget for Home Remodeling. Know what you're looking at by getting a vehicle history report on any used car you have in mind.

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