how much does a mechanic charge to check out a used car

how much does a mechanic charge to check out a used carHow to have a mechanic check out a used car? – usedcars…
What is the most common protocol for having an independent mechanic check out a used car before buying? I should re-phrase that: "decent" does not go with "used car dealer". posted by anadem at 8:04 PM on November 9, 2009.

Used cars inspected by private mechanics. (vehicle, fuel, AWD, best)
However, if a person is considering a used car at a dealership, how in the world do you go about removing a car from the dealership to have your mechanic check it out? Do you have to give the dealership a huge deposit or something?

Berkeley Parents Network: Car Mechanics
Auto & Mechanic Reviews by Car Make. Body Shops. More Advice about Cars. My check engine light went on and the mechanic wants to charge an hour of labor for the diagnostic. I am responding to the person looking for a good mechanic to check out a used car for them.

How to Check out a Used Car Before Buying It
If you are thinking about purchasing a used car, you know how confusing it can be. The current owner of the car should have no objections to you having the car checked out further by a mechanic; if the owner does have some objections to this, it could be because there may be something to hide…

Service Engine Light: Your Mechanics Dirty Little Secret
Check engine light come on? Here is how to use an OBD-II scanner to diagnose & save money that a mechanic would charge to "check it out". I think I know a lot about cars, but I still get a mechanic check before buying a used car especially if sold "as is" and most used cars are sold "as is".

Getting a Used Car Checked by a Mechanic (Tips.Net)
Getting a Used Car Checked by a Mechanic. by Lee Wyatt (last updated February 21, 2009). Simply call around to the garages in your area to see what, or if they offer this service and how much they charge for it.

How to Read a Mechanic's Work Order | 9. Labor Charge
But you're not a mechanic, nor do you play one on TV. The shop is entitled to charge you for the disposal of old tires and for carting off used oil and coolant. How Much Can You Trust a "Certified Pre-Owned" Car?

Tips for Buying a Used Car | The Family Handyman
Tips for Buying a Used Car. Follow these four simple steps to find a dependable used car. Find out if there are any recurring problems with that year, make and model and how much the owners have shelled out in repairs. If you have any doubts about the shifting, ask your mechanic to check it out.

Best tools to find a mechanic | Ready to find a great used car?
So where and how do you find a good mechanic? Or maybe one of your friends is a mechanic and is willing to help fix your car or check out a used car you want to buy for the price of a cheeseburger or a six pack of cold soda pops.

How Much Does A Mechanic Mark Up Parts?
Mechanics make their money by charging for labor, as well as marking up the parts used in your car. This is how much mechanics typically make from marking up parts. VIDEO: How to Check Your Oil.

How Much Money Does Auto Mechanics Make –
Many times you will get charged double labor, especially for multiple tasks. Ask about labor time Many mechanics will use cheap parts and mark them up. Watch out for certified pre-owned cars. Motivation for the new mechanics. How to become a proficient mechanic.

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Used Car Buying Tips – Guide for purchasing a used car in USA
However, when buying a used car, you have to be much more careful than when you buy a new Mechanics may charge you $50 to $100 (it really varies). He/she will check the car thoroughly and You can easily tell if there are any oil spots where the car was parked. Does the car have enough…

Five Ways to Save Serious Money on Car Repairs
Instead, here are some places to check out and cross-reference to find a trustworthy mechanic See what the second garage says the problem is, and how much they're willing to charge you for it.

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How does it work? Can a mechanic really fix my car at my location? How do I know the parts are of good quality? Do you ever use Remanufactured or used parts? Is there a cancellation fee? You may cancel your appointment for no charge at any time more than 24 hours prior to the scheduled start…

How To Negotiate When Buying a Used Car
How To » Automotive » Buying & Selling » Used » How To Negotiate When Buying a Used Car. Check out the average pricing and see what kind of value this car holds. Is it the car you really want? Does one used dealership price it for $2,000 more than the used dealership that's 2 hours away?

How Much Does Car Horn Repair Cost? |
Transportation Costs > Vehicle Repair and Maintenance > How Much Does Car Horn Repair Cost? If you have the time, try to find out the problem on your own before taking your car to a mechanic or car dealership. That way you can save yourself around $75-$100 per hour that mechanics charge for…

Cost of Replacing a Water Pump – Cars and Prices… –
Check Out All Costs for Cars. How Much Does Wheel Alignment Cost? 2 half shafts replaced Paid: 140.00 Bought the axles myself on ebay for 40 each, then had a mobile mechanic come to my house to do the work.

Used Car Buying – Auto Repair Help
Therefore, it is critical to find out how reliable a particular vehicle is. A good start for determining this is to check either Edmund's Used Car Prices or VMR Used Car Prices (both available at most bookstores or online). Many mechanics charge somewhere around $120.00 for such an inspection…

Why do mechanics cost so much? | Automotive – KCRA Home
Where do labor charges go? How much of the hourly rate goes into the mechanics pocket can vary drastically. "When I worked as a tech, I got paid and hourly rate, and that was based upon how much work I put out, not how many hours I worked," said Larsen.

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Inspecting a Used Car | Used Car Buying Guide – Consumer Reports
Learn how inspecting a used car before buying it can help you to spot potential problems and determine how reliable a used vehicle is. A mechanic can check out the charging system and do a "load test" on the battery.

How to Dispute Your Mechanic Bill
Check out "How many dogs does it take to change a light bulb." If he really wanted to charge for his mechanic's time, he should have charged you a diagnostic fee, which isn't unreasonable. The NTB by my apartment charges $20 just to look at something, and you're stuck with that charge no matter what.

How much do you want to spend? Before you embark upon the selection process, you need to establish your buying parameters. Finally, always check with your mechanic to make sure if he will accept work under a specific warranty program. Financing a used car.

Quiz: Do I need a mechanic? | HowStuffWorks
What do you do next? Check all the spots that are most likely to leak — underneath the engine, near the gas tank, around brake line connections and at And does a mechanic need to get involved? Do you have a test light and a voltmeter in your toolbox? And do you know how to use them?

The Real Costs of a Car Inspection | Angies List
A car inspection is beneficial if you've recently bought a used car, or moved out of state. But professional mechanic services to inspect a car don't always come cheap. So how much does it really cost for a car inspection?

19 Tips for Finding a Great Mechanic | Money Talks News
How Much Do U.S. Olympic Athletes Earn for Winning a Medal? 114,102. 9 Ways to Get Cheap or Free Vet Care for Your Pet 83,867. Check it out and then read on for even more tips to help you find a mechanic…

10 Steps to Buying a Used Car |
Do you smell gas, burning oil, or anything amiss? Check out the tires. How old are they? Most dealerships will let you borrow a car to take to be inspected by an outside mechanic. True Cost to Own® Search. Find out how much your car will cost over time.

How To Buy a Used Car
How to Buy a Used Car. Internet RFCs. Usenet FAQs. Itís best to have any used car inspected by an independent mechanic before you buy it. If the owner doesnít have copies, contact the dealership or repair shop where most of the work was done. the service contract covers all parts and systems. Check out all claims carefully.

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