how much should i offer for a used car

how much should i offer for a used carHow to Make an Offer on a Car | eHow
How Much of a Deposit Should I Put Down on a Used Car? Offer to leave $100 as a deposit. How Low Can You Negotiate for a Used Car When Paying Cash?

How to shop for a used car – for the FAQ's. Feel free to comment…
How to shop for a used car. With a few exceptions – it really doesn't matter what car you buy. Doc Fee is standard even on most used cars. Also, I think you should note that most dealers want the customer to make the first offer so plan on doing that.

How Much Should I Spend on a Car? |
If you're preparing to purchase a new or used vehicle, you might be wondering, how much should I spend on a car? Meeting with more than one dealer and comparing offers can also improve your chances of being able to find a vehicle within your price range.

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Determine How Much It's Worth A used vehicle is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. The floor offer is your initial offer and should be between 5-10% lower than the vehicle's average selling price.

How to Negotiate For a Used Car
The wholesale price is what dealers use to determine how much they should pay for a car. Make an offer. Most dealers build about 20% gross margin into the used car's asking price. That means they ask for 20% more than what they paid for it.

Pricing Basics for Used-Car Buying
How the term is used: A used-car seller might say, "Well, 15 is my asking price, but make me an offer." Dealer Retail Price: A used-car dealer would like to sell his car at retail price.

How to make an offer and buy a used car | Most Popular Articles
Mojo Motors explains the ins-and-outs of making an offer on a used car, negotiating the price, and how to avoid common pitfalls when finalizing the deal. Most reliable car brands. High mileage cars you should buy. 10 best used cars under $10,000. Best and worst times to buy a car.

How do I get a Used Car Warranty? (with pictures)
Used car warranty contracts should be read thoroughly. Most dealerships offer some kind of warranty. Related wiseGEEK Articles. How do I Choose the Best Muscle Car Dealer? What does a Vehicle Warranty Cover?

True Car Dealer Cost and Calculating Your Offer will show you how to figure out how much the dealer paid for the car. To help do this, we will make use of some great free sites. Your Offer Should Be 3% – 5% Over Actual Cost.

How to Find Out How Much a Car Is Worth (with Pictures)
See how much they are asking for similar versions of your car. Keep in mind to always sell for lower than the dealers sell, as they can offer a buyer things that you can't, such as warranties. Click "What should I pay for a Used Car" under the "Car Values" tab. 3.

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Electric Cars March 1, 2016 How much does electric-car range cost per mile? Indeed, compared to similarly-sized gasoline cars, used Leafs are generally offered at a lower percentage of their Should I Buy A Used Chevy Volt Electric Car? Nissan Leaf Electric Car: Ultimate Guide, What You Need To…

This Is How You Find The Best Value When Buying A Pre-Owned…
How Much Should I Expect To Save? I've spoken with several used car shoppers who became very frustrated when they made an offer significantly lower than the vehicles advertised price and the dealer refused to budge or gave very little in the way of a discount.

#FirstTimeBuyers: How Much Should I Spend on My Car?
So, how does that monthly payment turn into a new-car budget, and how much should it be? Start with some of our tips. McBride recommends having at least 10 percent down if you're financing a new car and 20 percent for a used car.

How to Get a Used-Car Warranty (and Not Get Screwed)
It's Eric Anderson's job to know how much it costs you to own a car. And number-crunchers like These programs offer extended service contracts as part of the package when you buy a used car Read it—the details should be on the manufacturers' websites. The information within covers a lot of…

How to negotiate when buying a car – Money Advice Service
How to negotiate when buying a car. Anyone can and should haggle. How to haggle for a used car. Top tip. To help you work out how much the car will cost to run, try using our Car costs calculator.

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How to buy a used car? With so much choice on the used car market you might wonder where to begin. You should also decide whether you want a petrol or diesel powered car. Diesels are more expensive to buy outright but typically offer lower running costs, so they are a good option for drivers…

The Art of the Deal: How to Haggle for a Used Car – ABC News
Americans buy more used cars than they do new ones and that number has only gone up during Phil says when that happens, you should leave, too. "They leave because they want to show that Here's how Reed worded his offer at the second dealership: "Based on what we've seen on other car…

10 Steps To Buying A Used Car – Kelley Blue Book
Step 1: Find Out How Much You Can Afford Step 2: What's the Right Car for You? Chances are an extended warranty or service contract will be offered to you by the dealership. You should end up with a list of required and desired characteristics, which you can use to eliminate models that won't…

Here's How To Negotiate For A Used Car Like A Boss
2. How much the used car will be sold to the buyer total. When you start negotiating, give a low but fair target price and offer the salesperson to pay right there if they can hit it. Your target price should be based off the true value of a car, which you can find on a site like Truecar or Kelley Blue Book, and…

Guide to Buying a Used Car |
Before you can start used car shopping, you should figure out your budget. Shop for a Used Car. You know what you want and how much you can spend, so now it's time to figure out where to Many websites will offer used car listings, which will allow you to search for vehicles based on factors like

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New vs. Used Car – 6 Benefits of Buying a Used Car for Cheap
Related Content. Should I Buy a New Car? Buying a New Car vs. a Used Car – How to Choose & Get the Best Deal (Money Crashers). I will always buy a used car but no older than 4 years 5 years at the most. Older than that will force me to get acquainted with the mechanic.

10 Things to Do When Shopping for a Used Car | GOBankingRates
1. Set a budget. Before you start shopping around, you have to know how much car you can afford. The average price of a used car in 2015 was around $18,500, according to Edmunds. Goodnow said used car buyers should make the first offer.

Used Car Leasing |
Used car leasing: How does used car leasing work? Generally speaking, leasing a used car means In theory it should be less expensive to lease a used car, because car leasing is based on the Certainly used car leasing can offer lower payments than financing a used car with a loan or It is more difficult to evaluate a used car lease than a new car lease, because there are many additional…

How Much Should You Spend On A Car?
So how much should you spend on a car? How can you keep this required purchase from breaking your monthly budget and get a car that makes you happy? Is It Better To Buy Or Lease a New Car? 10 Used Cars Under $20K So Fun To Drive, You'll Forget How Little You Paid.

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Knowing what you want, how much the car is worth and how much you can afford are all important factors. "Can I negotiate price?" "Should I buy used or new?" "Almost all car companies offer financing." "I would try and pay cash but if you can't afford the entire car you may need to finance."

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Should I Buy A Certified Used Truck? | Autos
While the CPO's cover far more than the traditional "as is" warranty offered on most used cars, they don't always See if there's a deductible involved for service and how much it would be for a service call. Should You Lease Your Next Vehicle? Should you buy an extended warranty for your car?

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