if i buy a car in nj do i pay sales tax

if i buy a car in nj do i pay sales taxDo I Have to Pay a Sales Tax for Buying a Car? (with pictures)
I am resident in Delaware, which has no sales tax. However I am planning to buy a car in New Jersey. Does anyone know if I will still have to pay the New Jersey tax? anon105029 Post 39. I am buying a car in Maryland and it will be registered in NJ by the dealer. Where will I pay tax?

When buying a used car from the owner, do you have to pay tax?
If I buy a car in Vermont, but I'm a Massachusetts resident, do I have to pay both Vermont and Massachusetts sales tax? What taxes/fees will a NJ resident buying a car in NY, need to pay? Can I buy a used car from a tax free state and use it in California?

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What taxes/fees will a NJ resident buying a car in NY, need to pay? How can I avoid paying sales tax on a car in the US? If I buy a car from California and live in Washington state do i have to pay taxes twice? Does Massachusetts tax companies?

Paying Sales Tax on a Used Car Bought out of State
In most cases, you pay sales tax on the car in the state in which you bought it, but not always. If you live in New Jersey and buy a car in New York, for instance, you won't pay New York sales tax. Some states require you to present proof of sales tax payment in another state.

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However, if the dealership doesn't handle it for you, or you buy a car from a private party, you must pay the sales tax to your home state's appropriate state agency before you can title and register the vehicle.

Paying taxes when buying a used car in a different state.
How come I don't pay sales tax when I buy $2000 bed from someone at a garage sale? In fact, in some states, such as NJ, sales tax is required to be collected and paid for items purchased at flea markets, garage sales, and flea markets.

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If I buy a car in Delaware, NY will collect the 7.5% sales tax when I send in the registration to get the plates. As long as you are a NJ resident (driver license NJ) when you purchased the vehicle, you will pay sales tax when you title the vehicle in NJ.

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I've never bought a car before, so it's all new to me. If I buy this car, the original owner Problem 3: Where do I pay sales tax? Anybody done this before? Just make clear to them that you don't intend to register it in NJ (and hence won't be paying the tax), and they'll give you the out of state version.

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If only it worked like that huh? Nah, You wont have to pay tax at first when you buy the car, but when you go to register it in your state- they'll hit you with the tax then.

Do I Really Have To Pay All Of These Extra Fees When I Buy A Car?
For example, I live in New Jersey with a 7-percent sales tax, but I'm not far from Delaware, which does not charge sales tax on vehicle purchase—rather, the state charges a 3.75 percent "document fee." Some people are under the impression that if they want to buy a $25,000 car, instead of paying…

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When I registered my car in NJ I had to pay NJ tax and fees. If, for example, you are moving to Delaware, by all means buy the car after you get there, and pay no sales tax at all, as long as you plate it in Delaware.

State of New Jersey – Motor Vehicle Commission | Sales tax exemptions
If Letter of Deferment is not received, sales tax must be paid. six passengers and subject to annual inspection) IMPORTANT NOTE: Refer to the NJ Division of Taxation website for guidance on Sales and Use Tax for the purchase If you bought a used mobile home, you do not have to pay sales tax.

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Do you have to pay tax on a car if you buy it in NJ? B. The sales tax you pay when you fill your car up with gas is regressive.? You're paying a regressive tax if you pay the same percentage of your income in state income tax as a person who makes 4 times as much as you.?

Pay 7% tax to Adorama `cause I live in NJ, NO THANK YOU
If I can drive into PA to buy a new car and save a huge chunk of money on sales tax compared to buying the same vehicle in NJ, I`d be a moron not to ( just as sarge69 (a regular here). Folks buying a car in New Hampshire are required to pay the Maine Tax or the dealer notifies the state of Maine.

Online Selling and New Jersey: When to Collect Sales Tax
Do I only collect sales tax when NJ is involved in the sale? If it is taxable, then YES you would have to collect sales tax when you sell it (even if you paid sales tax when you bought it).

What Is the sales tax on vitamins in NJ
What is the NJ Auto sales tax rate? If my Father could no longer drive and I gave him $500.00 for his car worth $15000.00 do I have to pay tax on the car based on $15000.00 or $500.00. If you live in NY and buy a car in NJ which state's sales tax must you pay?

How do I buy a car in NJ and drive it back to PA?…legally.
Hi we may buy a car in a private sale in NJ. We, too, are from PA and buying a car in NJ this Friday. I had the same question. We are getting ours from a dealer & he indicated that they will issue temorary tags and we have 20 days to register the car in PA and pay the sales tax here.

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If it has state tax on private party cars you will get taxed no matter where you purchase from. So if I buy that car and register in fl, FL want them money then If you buy a car in NJ or NY either through private or dealer, you will pay the same sales tax.

Is there boat tax in private party sales on boats in new jersey?
Can 501c3 avoid sales and occupancy tax in new jersey? How much is a boat slip in south jersey? 53% – If i buy a car in mn from a private party do i pay sales tax in mn?

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Living overseas,we paid federal tax but no state tax. Will we pay state income tax with a 2nd home in NJ? Who must pay tax in online purchases? Can I buy a new car in another state and register it in the same state of purchase? If i make an out of state purchase do i pay sales ax? do you pay taxes…

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If the vehicle is delivered to Seattle (no sales tax in WA on MS), and then I drive it down to CA, is there a legal way to avoid paying sales tax? Pretty basic call, buy in WA and maybe get taxed in Taxifornia. Keep the Washington plates as long as possible. Gizmotoy | October 21, 2013.

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If you did pay some sales tax in the state where you purchased the car, you'll probably be able to pay less tax to your state DMV. Many states offer car owners a tax credit for any tax they've already paid on a car. For example, say you buy a car in Wisconsin and pay 5.43 in sales tax.

Sales tax break when selling boat and buying another within 6 months…
Does this work if I do it on my own, do I have to use a broker or I am way off base and there's no such thing. I remember buying a new car in NJ and not having to pay the sales tax for the portion of the new car that my trade in was paying for.

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As an illustration of the above tax deduction consider the following example: Suppose you buy a car of say for $55000, and suppose the Sales Tax + State taxes on this new car add up to $1000. Since the auto stimulus mentioned above provides deduction only for taxes paid up to the price of $49500 of…

I live in NJ, can I take delivery of Model 3 at the factory to get priority?
In my state, if we buy in a neighboring state we don't pay tax there, but do have to pay local sales tax when you register it in your state. NJ passed legislation awhile ago – electric vehicles are exempt from sales tax.

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The DMV office collects the sales tax from the new owner if the new owner is required to pay any sales tax. Here is my deal: I took a loan to buy my car in the first place. They have the title to my vehicle which I am trying to sell. (The reason for this is because I live in NJ, and the loan was taken…

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And unless something works differently in NJ, it is the dealer who is responsible for reporting sales and paying the taxes on those sales. I ran into this a number of years back. This is how it works in California anyway. Sales tax is tax on something you bought in the state.

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If you don't pay your New Jersey property taxes, you might eventually lose ownership of your home. In order to get title to your home, the purchaser that bought the lien at the tax lien sale (or You can find a link to the statutes on the New Jersey Legislature's website atwww.njleg.state.nj.us.

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in NJ i pay no sales tax on Amazon orders, but i do for google play orders. not sure what google has here in NJ. I get charged sales tax from the Google Play Store if I buy physical item like Nexus 4, 7, etc.

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Claim for Credit of Sales Tax Paid to Another State. Notice of Lien, if necessary. Get these documents together as well I bought the car in NJ and and I'm from NY. I ask the dealer if they can extend my temporary plate and they said NO.

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