if i buy a car in oregon do i pay sales tax

if i buy a car in oregon do i pay sales taxDo I Have to Pay a Sales Tax for Buying a Car? (with pictures)
anon979800 Post 74. What if I financed a car in Oregon with no sales tax, and it takes 36 months to pay it off, but one year after the initial purchase I moved to California. anon204020 Post 59. If I buy a car to ship it out of the country, do I have to pay sales taxes?

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Originally Posted by ducviloxi. Is it possible to buy a car in Oregon and avoid the extortionate California sales tax? When you buy that car in another state to avoid paying the sales tax in California, it is called tax evasion and could be tax fraud when you file your Ca state tax return.

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Would there be any drawbacks to buying the car in Oregon to avoid the sales tax? I am almost postive Washington will make you pay sales tax when you register the car with them. posted by mildred-pitt at 11:49 AM on March 17, 2006.

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Could I: buy a car in Oregon, paying no sales tax but just registration fee? You'd have to buy the car in a no tax state, register it there, use it there, garage it there, and keep it there for 365 days to avoid CA use tax.

When buying a used car from the owner, do you have to pay tax?
Make sure you get a bill of sale or something from the owner showing how much you paid for it. Even if you buy a car from a state without sales tax (like Oregon), you will still have to pay it when you register in a state with sales tax (like Idaho).

Paying taxes when buying a used car in a different state.
That typically isn't part of the negotiation (now in Oregon, I know they didn't pay tax, because the state doesn't have it). Is the rate 8%? How come I don't pay sales tax when I buy $2000 bed from someone at a garage sale?

Oregon residents and sales tax (or other states with no sales tax)
In Oregon we don't pay sales tax. If I purchase something in Washington state where they do have sales tax, I just show my id and we are then exempt… You will have to pay CA sales tax, unless you buy a car, drive it directly to OR and register it there.

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Paperwork Required to Buy a Car in Oregon. When buying a car in Oregon, you must ensure that the seller gives you certain documents that you'll need for registration purposes. Among those documents will be the vehicle title and bill of sale.

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United States vehicle sales tax varies by state, and often by counties, cities, municipalities, and localities within each state. Car tax is paid based on the state where the car is first registered, so if you live in California and buy a car in Oregon…

Tax-Friendly Places to Buy a Car
You buy a new car and the sales tax and title and registration fees are automatically added to the balance of your auto loan. For the 2006 Toyota Camry, for example, you would pay just $220 in fees and taxes over a five-year-period in Oregon.

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Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii, Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon do not have a sales tax. lwilkum Post 1. I am in Arizona. If I buy a car from an individual in another state and drive it here, do I have to pay sales tax?

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If only it worked like that huh? Nah, You wont have to pay tax at first when you buy the car, but when you go to register it in your state- they'll hit you with the tax then.

Do I Have To Pay Income Tax If I Sell My Car Privately?
When I told them that I would rather sell it privately, they said "Well, if you do that you will have to pay thousands of dollars in income tax." While we are on the topic of car sales and taxes my CPA friend did say the following: …Of course if you do make money off your car, in the way of buying somethiing…

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If I buy anything from Amazon.com (which has offices and distribution centers in Washington), I pay sales tax. If I buy some random book from an Ebay seller in Oregon, I pay no sales tax. First, they don't have sales tax in Oregon, so Oregon would not collect.

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Oregon ones, since Oregon doesn't have a sales tax and are next door). When I buy from Newegg, I pay no taxes, because I do not live in a state in which they have a base of operations. Why would it be different if I bought a car from some guy in another state?

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Buy car in California from use car dealer will register in Nevada where do you pay sale tax? I almost positive that it's California, my father tried to buy a car in Oregon to save on sales tax but he still had to pay Washington sales tax on it.

Who pays sales tax in washington if i sell my car private?
Topic: Asked by: Jackie In Cars & Transportation > Buying & Selling > Private. It is unclear from your inquiry – Who pays excise tax Washington. – whether you are asking about the State of Washington or, in Oregon, Washington County.

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Q: Do I have to pay sales tax on a car I inherited? A: No. However, if your car is registered in a state that doesn't have sales tax (Oregon, Alaska, Montana, New Hampshire, or Delaware), and you haven't paid tax on the purchase of the vehicle, you must pay Idaho's tax unless you bought the car more…

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I am going to buy a new macbook pro. I am considering buying in online and picking it up in Oregon.Do I have to pay sales tax if I buy in online and pick it up in Oregon?

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y Untaxed purchases: Use tax most commonly applies when you buy goods from retailers who don't collect sales tax. You owe use tax, whether the retailers are out of state or in Idaho. You bring job materials you bought in Oregon without paying tax.

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Tanimoto added that the two sample transactions still may result in a use tax liability because Oregon does not have a sales tax (the counterpart to Tanimoto gave as an example a resident of state X buying a car in that state for $20,000 and paying a 3 percent sales tax ($600) imposed by that state.

Do You Pay Sales Taxes on a New Car Minus the Trade In?
Regardless of whether you trade in a vehicle, you won't pay any sales tax when you buy a new car in Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire or Oregon. In any other state, you'll pay an average of 5.75 percent in state sales tax plus additional county or city sales taxes.

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In some states, if you have a vehicle to trade in at the dealership, you only pay sales tax on the difference between the final price of the new car and the trade-in value of the car you brought in. Let's say you buy a car in Georgia for $30,000.

WA residents buying cars in Oregon. Anything tricks or traps to know?
Sales tax varies throughout the state. You get charged based on where you complete the transaction. If you transfer in Seattle you are paying 9.5% but if you transfer it down around the Oregon border you will only pay 8.4%. My friends just bought a boat a few months ago.

Origin-based and Destination-based Sales Tax Collection 101
I live in Oregon (no sales tax here) and bought something on ebay from California. Hi Janice, Sales tax is generally charged at the ship to address and since Oregon has no sales tax you generally won't pay sales tax if you have an item shipped to Oregon.

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If I'm travelling and buy something, I pay the sales tax where I bought it. The logical way to handle it would be for the retailer to charge the tax at their location. Of course, then a lot or retailers would be moving to states like New Hampshire, Delaware and Oregon, but that's the Free Market…

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Keep a copy of any sales tax payment receipts to verify to your home state DMV that tax has already been paid. Do I Have to Pay State Sales Taxes If I Buy From a Different State Than I Live In? Comments … When…

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I am looking to buy a Used iPhone 6 from a company located in Oregon which attracts 0% sales tax. If I buy hardware online from oregon, do I need to pay the sales tax?

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It would be nice if we all shared the burden except those of us who have a legal job and buy property in our lovely state. adam in oregon 5pts Featured Feb 17, 2012. I do think the sales tax if fair that everyone pays it.

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To avoid paying the Use Tax, you have to wait to register the car in California until AFTER the 90 days in Oregon has elapsed. Nevada sales taxes are still 6.5-7.25%, and if I bought the car there, I would definitely have to pay that — obviously not worth the trouble.

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