is it better to fix my car or buy a new one

is it better to fix my car or buy a new oneShould I Fix Up or Trade Up My Old Car? |
This isn't the first time it's happened, and you're getting tired of pouring money into an aging machine. A new car would be nice, but is that the smartest decision? Would you be better off fixing your current ride, or is it really time to buy a new one?

The Guide to Deciding Whether to Repair or Replace Your Car
Should I Fix My Car or Buy a New One? You're sitting at a stoplight, drumming your fingers on the wheel, when your car shudders and goes still. $4,632 in the first year is a lot more than your Honda repair. Your car insurance may go up as well.

Should I Repair or Just Replace My Old Car?
Is it time to just retire my ride and buy a new car, or should I stick it out for the long haul? Dear Driven to the Brink, It can seem like a fine line between when your old, well-loved car is costing you more money than a new one would, but it's not difficult to make the call here.

My broke down car – automotive repair used | Ask MetaFilter
I need help deciding whether to fix my older car or buy a new one. The problem, as I see it, is that you can't very well sell the car in the condition it's in; no one would pay you enough for that to be worth your while.

Keep Driving an Old Car or Buy New – What's Better Financially?
Should you keep your old car or buy a new one? Learn how to weigh repair costs vs. monthly payments to make the best financial decision. The major reasons we only get new cars is because we are the only ones who will maintain it, any major problems can be fixed for free during the…

How to Fix Up an Old Car | eHow
How to Fix Up an Old Car. You can save $40,000 by repairing an old car rather than buying a new one…. When Is it Better to Buy a New Car Than Repair an Old One?

Is It Better To Buy Or Lease A New Car?
Is It Better To Buy Or Lease a New Car? By David Weliver • April 20, 2016. We decided to junk his out, put all the money we had saved (for buying a car) into fixing up mine for him to drive, and then we leased a new car for me to drive for no money down.

Buy A Newer Car Or Keep Your Old One? | How good is this article?
They had found a few extra things that needed to be fixed, as usual. This time the bill was going to come to $2000! We have the car paid off and it is a nice, dependable car with a good engine. We normally buy used, but they were having a great sale. Buy a New car and get 0% financing.

Keyless Entry Remote Not Working? Try This Quick Fix Before Buying…
…because the battery needs replacing, but when they're broken for real, a new one can cost a small fortune. So before you go out and buy one, try this quick fix that worked for Redditor diggalator The best thing about this fix is that it takes less than half an hour and can save you a bunch of money.

I Think My Car Is A Money Pit And I Don't Know How Far To Take It
…of Raphael and his Baja Bug, a series on how I buy a half-broken 1973 Volkswagen offroader that I proceed to break, fix, break, fix, and break again.) Assuredly he had a first one, but that was many GLs ago. His newest one seems better than all those before. He's replacing the axles, reveling in…

Repair the Car or Spend the Cash?
Either you buy a new card and keep it for 15-20 years (150K+ miles at least). Or you always make very good deals on buying used cars and drive them until it's no longer financially worth it (repairs > another used car). I need to find a good body shop to fix the problems with my car.

The Tipping Point: When to Repair or Sell… | Synonym
This might be time to get rid of your old vehicle and get a new one. But when is a good time to do this? The Tipping Point. Deciding when to sell your old car and buy a new one mostly depends on personal preference. Do I Have to Take an Insurance Company's Offer to Fix My Car?

When Should You Buy a New Car
Should You Buy a New Car or Fix Your Old One? To decide whether to get a new car or continue with your old one, you need to make an objective analysis of your old one and the financial repercussions of buying a new one.

Article about costs and repair options to fix a worn-out engine.
I would need to buy a lot of gaskets and some special tools. Initially, I figured I could fix the Jimmy for $500 and a bit of my time. Battery: $60 It was due for a new battery. Starter: $140 I broke off a terminal while trying to clean up the corrosion. Oh well…

Should I Buy a New or Used Car?
CARS.COM — Many car purchases start with one decision: New or used? It's hard to remember a better time to buy, too. Under a manufacturer's warranty, if something goes wrong with the car, it's the responsibility of the dealer and manufacturer to fix it.

Fix it or Ditch it: Is it Time to Replace Your Ride? | HowStuffWorks
Think you can pass our fix it or ditch it quiz? Test your knowledge to see if you have a good understanding of when it's time to let that old car go. But often, we find ourselves stuck in a web of indecision: Is it worth the time, money and hassle to buy a new car?

Think About Maintenance Costs When Buying a New Car
Consider Maintenance Costs. 2. Is My Car Worth Fixing? Or do you plan to keep your car for more than five years making a new car a good investment? It's very important to consider maintenance cost when buying a new car or truck.

A man tries to get his car fixed at a repair shop.
Of all my luck, my car breaks down in an out-of-the-way town [That's right.], and it'll cost an arm and a leg to get my car fixed. outrageous (adjective): very expensive – The cost of repairing the old car would have been outrageous, so that I decided to buy a new one instead.

How do I fix my car thermostat | Malaysiaminilover
Step 3 – Clean the fixing area. Check if the top hose has worn out, if yes you can also buy a new one to replace since you have already removed the top hose. Do not skip this step as cleaning is important for new thermostat to work better.

How to Fix a Totaled Car for a fraction of the "Estimate".
Some parts you need to buy new The harmonic balancer is a key part. It drives all the belts among other things. Well I finally got around to fixing it and this Instructable will show you how to fix a crashed car for a reasonable cost.

Repair Things – Fix Stuff – Repairs | Home Goods
It shouldn't surprise you that fixing things rather than buying new can save you a lot of money. You can also buy better quality things, since you'll have more confidence to know that you can repair them and get more value from them.
Amazing Easy Fix Car Scratches with WD-40.

Your Car Insurance Might Not Be Good Enough | Financial Samurai
I shudder to think what the cost of fixing my car would be if I got into a head on or side collision. I wonder if you might come out ahead selling Rhino with the dent and buying a new one. Fits hold their value very well, maybe the dent only hurts resale $1000-$2000.

Leasing or Buying a Car: What's Best for You?
While my fiancée drives a newer car, my car is old and will need to be replaced within the next few years. Leasing is an option, as is buying a used car. The problem with used cars is if they break down, you're on the hook for fixing them. If you buy a used car and the transmission blows within a…

3 Signs It's Time to Buy a New Car | Fox Business
"Has it been good to you all along or does it seem you're constantly getting something fixed?" asks Hard. "If you frequently worry that your car won't start in the morning, causing you to be late for work or other important activities, it's time to consider buying a new one," Shattuck says.

road vehicles – Is a repaired car tire as good as a new one? – Skeptics…
The guys from the tire company removed the screw, and then somehow "fixed" the tire. They claim it is as good and reliable as a new tire. The tire was actually very new, I bought it just 2 weeks ago. It's s Continental Premium Contact 2 if that would matter…

how to mend it .com – How can I fix peugeot 307 "automatic gearbox…"
No …the cars are built to look good and drive well for 2-6 years and then drop in value in and skyrocket in service and parts costs to get you to buy another one. You need a new auto gearbox. Just went to Peogout this morning and they said the same to me after a £50 computer check… costs a lot to fix….

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Best Buy's new one.

Online Auto Repair Mitchell 1 DIY Product Demo – Mitchell 1 DIY
TEST DRIVE BEFORE YOU buy. Testimonials. Vehicle: 2000 Ford Taurus. I would just like to say thank you for sending me helpful information and diagram on how to repair the HO2 sensor in my vehicle giving me great confidence in my ability to fix my own vehicle.

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