is it safe to buy a car without a v5

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Selling a car without the V5 logbook? – Advice – Digital Spy Forums
Only a stupid person would buy a car where the seller cannot produce the V5. Having said that there are some really stupid people out there…. Generally you will find it harder to sell without a V5, and may end up getting a lower price as a result.

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Buying a used car checklist – second hand car buying tips and advice
– brakes: find a safe place to apply them hard. Does the car stop straight and quickly? No vibration, grinding, or moving to one side? – ask to see the service records and registration document (called the V5). NEVER buy a car without a V5. No documents?

Vehicle Registration Document (V5C) Do you actually need it?
Refusing to buy a car without a log book (V5C). Some companies will not buy a scrap car from you unless you have the log book. This is often because, in the past, some local authorities put pressure on the dealers to have documentation for sales and purchases.

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Buy a car. If you're buying a used car, be particularly wary of anything being sold without a V5C registration document and service history (garage bills etc.) consistent with the vehicle's age.

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