just bought a used car what do i need to do

just bought a used car what do i need to doDMV Car Buying Checklist | Online DMV
Buying Used Car. I just bought a car. What do I do next regarding the DMV? When you buy a car, you need to work with the dealership or the seller and the DMV to ensure your vehicle registration is completed and the vehicle title is signed over to you or to the bank.

Ten Things You Need To Do After You Buy A Used Car
You really should have done this before you bought your car but if for whatever reason you didn't I won't judge, just make sure you see a mechanic and get an Brakes are one of the most vital safety components of a car so you need to check and replace if necessary before you start using your car.

I'm buying a used Prius- What do I need to know? | Ask MetaFilter
At any rate, because of mileage and ethics, I'm pretty set on a used Prius, aiming for 2012+ with a Package Two trim. Given that, what do I need to In short, all else being equal, I would suggest you buy the cheaper Prius with the extra 3000 miles on it, because it just doesn't make all that much of a…

What to Do After Buying a Used Car
Do I Need Insurance If I Have Just Bought the Car? How to Title & Register a Car Bought Out of State. When you buy a car in your home state from a… What Does As-Is Mean When Buying a Used Car?

What If Your Recently-Bought Used Car Explodes?
You just bought a used car and the engine blew up on the drive home from the dealership. As a car shopper, here is what you need to do. When looking at a car being sold 'as-is," you have to do one of two things.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions FAQ. Buying or Selling a Vehicle (Changing Vehicle Ownership). What do I need to know before buying a car? What do I need to do if I purchase a car from a private party? How many days do I have to transfer ownership?

Howto buy a used car in California
Howto buy a used car in California. Tomorrow, if everything goes well, I will buy a used car from an individual in California. Otherwise, you will need to go back to the bank after haggling, and without a deposit the seller may have sold the car to someone else.

Buying a used car | Auto Trader UK
My Auto Trader. Help me choose a car. What cars suit you? Find models that match your needs. Just bought a car? Don't forget your legal obligations. Advice 1 year ago. How do I pay a private seller when buying a used car?

Buying a car out of state. What do I need? (insurance, buy) | Forum
I am planning to buy a car out of state far away. What do I need to do to drive it home legally and He asked about the lack of plates. I told him I just bought it. he said, that's fine, have a good trip home. Reputation: 360. Ok thanks. Will be buying a used car and it will probably have no plates on.

maintenance – What to check when buying a used car? – Motor…
I recently bought a used car for my wife. I glanced at the tires and thought they looked good. I just want to add that if you have found a good deal, but there is a smoke smell, that you can use an ozone generator to get rid of the smell.

Georgia Car Buying & Selling FAQ | DMV.org
You'll need to provide the following documents and visit your local tax commissioner's office. When you buy a vehicle in Georgia, the dealer will affix a temporary tag to your purchase, whether it's new or used. It's important to remember that the total cost of a car purchase is not just the asking price.

How to Buy a Used a Car | Kick a tire. Just for the hell of it.
Benefits of Buying a Used Car. Avoiding depreciation. It's common knowledge that once a new car drives off the lot, its value depreciates immediately. All you need to run a CarFax report is the car's vehicle identification number (VIN) which can be found on the dashboard, just below the windshield…

Buying Used and Secondhand Cars in Spain
Where Can I Buy Used Cars? Just like anywhere else you would start with the main car dealerships who deal with a particular manufacturer such as An established business dealing in selling used cars is usually a fairly safe bet but you certainly need to rigourously check the car over for any defects.

Just Ask Jeff: Buying a used faceting… – International Gem Society
Buying a used faceting machine is a lot like buying a used car, you can get a good one but you need to know what you are doing or have an expert inspect it. I do not think they make too many of them or they are just not common in the Southwest where I live.

Conversation: 6. How to Pay for the Used Car
1. Repeat A: I am buying a used car and don't know much about financing it. B: I can help you. A: Will I need some documentation when I apply for the loan? B: Just make sure that you bring them your last pay stub and a copy of the pink slip.

6 Things Every Sucker Should Know Before Buying a Used Car
Buying a used car is like going to a dentist who wants to knock out your old teeth and sell you new ones. The first step is just and only to find the car you want, go over it carefully, take stock of any work that needs doing, and barter out the final price.

what credit score is needed for an auto loan? | Credit Karma
It's possible you just need to work on your credit and pay, pay, pay! My score is proof of that 573-640 in 5 months! You're borrowing money to give away money on something you can't keep. How I bought a new-used car from a dealer

CarBuyingTips.com email page
Yes, we have 2 articles online that teach you everything you need to know about buying and selling used cars, so try these 2 links: How To Buy A Used Car OR How To Sell Your Used Car. Q: Jeff, I just got screwed on my interest rate by the dealer, what do I do now? Don't email us!

How to Register a Vehicle in New York | DMV.com
i bought a used car from a. I just moved from out of state and I need to register my vehicle what process do I need to do in order to get this done, do inspect vehicle first then go to DMV or do I go to DMV then do inspection please someone help me thank you.

Buying a USED CAR in Poland, my personal experiences and TRAPS…
Dear friends, buying a used car in Poland is full of traps and deceptions. It's not a straightforward process as in Australia or elsewhere. There are several used car web sites, and since i am not going to advertise for them, you just have to look around. Here are some of my observations that you need…

Buying a Car
I have just brought a used car from AUDI paid the deposit AND signed all relevant paperwork. How ever AUDI have do e a pre-sale inspection on the car and it needs a new gear box (£9000 to replace) they are now saying they can't sell me the car.

Annual Edition: How to Buy a Used Car – First Contact
Instead, I'm going to tell you how to buy a used car without getting your proverbial clock cleaned. Can you tell me where the car was serviced, what you've done lately and if there's anything else I'll need to do in the next year or so?"

Buying Used Cars in Toronto: Additional Fees and the Monthly Payment
Probably not, because the price you see on the tag and the price you negotiate is just the base price. You should expect some additional fees. This hub explains the usual additional fees and taxes when buying a used car in Ontario.

What is bill of sale ? when you buy car from private seller.
Some guy mentioned "bill of sale", that I need to have it and bring it to DMV. what is it like ? and where to get it from ? . any other tips are welcome, as I have never bought used car from private sellers. (btw I'm in illinois) Thanks.

Top 5 Worst Car Buying Mistakes | Credit.com
I just bought a new car. Did not want to buy another used lemon and end up having to sink money into it. Buy new…less worry. It's not like that just goes away because you buy a used car. In the end, it's a wash. Just be smart, and focus more on what you need and what % of your monthly budget can be…

7 Things You Must Do Before Buying a Used Car | US News
Here are seven things you need to do before buying a used car. And remember, a used car budget shouldn't just include funds for the car, but also money for an inspection and to cover any small repairs that may be necessary.

Just bought an used car today, registration elapsed… :: Ask Me Fast
I buy cheap and intend to fix up, will need a new battery and pass smog check? what can i do now, can`t legally drive on the road. can i go to dmv ask Please tell us which questions below are the same as this one: Just bought an used car today, registration elapsed, failed the smog check last time?

How to Buy a Used Car from a Private Party (with Pictures)
Only meet the seller if you can also see the car. If they just want to meet in person, they're wasting your time. If they do not know the history, you'll absolutely need to do a thorough check through the DMV. Buy a New Car. How to. Check out a Used Car Before Buying It.

When is it OK to tow another car, and what do I need to know before…
Used Car Lifestyle Search. Find the right secondhand car for you. Just say what's important to you and we'll match you with cars. Do I need a sign of any kind? Yes you do. When you buy a purpose-built tow rope they usually come with an 'On Tow' sign, which you hang on the back of the car being towed…

Buying/selling a vehicle
I'm buying a used car but don't have the insurance and registration papers. I just bought a brand new truck. What paperwork do I need to register it?

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