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kelley blue book value for used carKelley Blue Book
Research accurate retail or trade-in Blue Book values for used cars and dealer invoice and MSRP for new cars.

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Kelley Blue Book® Values and pricing are based in part on transactions in your area. Know the History. Get the Used Car Report. Was the car reported in an accident or damaged in a flood?

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Kelley Blue Book® Values and pricing are based in part on transactions in your area. New Car My Current Car Used Car. Year, make and model are required.

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Since 1926, new and used car buyers and sellers have relied upon Kelley Blue Book for authoritative and unbiased information to make well-informed car, truck and SUV buying decisions. Kelley Blue Book reports used car values for a variety of buying and selling transactions…

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Once you have logged on to the Kelley Blue Book's website, all you have to do is key in the car's model, its manufacturer, and the year of the car to get the estimated Kelley Blue Book Used cars value.

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Private Party Value Private Party Value is what a buyer can expect to pay when buying a used car from a private party. Suggested Retail Value The Kelley Blue Book Suggested Retail Value is representative of dealers' asking prices and is the starting point for negotiation between a consumer…

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Kelley Blue Book is an Irvine, California-based vehicle valuation and automotive research company that is recognized by both consumers and the automotive industry. The company is part of Cox Automotive, a unit of Atlanta, GA-based Cox Enterprises.

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Terms like "Black Book", "Blue book" and "book value" are pretty common, even generic, expressions at any car dealership you shop. Kelley sells several price guides for used cars, but sells their "Kelley Blue Book Auto Market Report — Official Guide" to dealers only.

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Find your car's resale and trade-in value. Plus, get cash offers from local dealers online, schedule dealer appraisals, or sell your car for FREE on Review a Dealer. Estimate Used Car Values.

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How KBB Determines Used Car Values. Kelley Blue Book receives real-world used car prices on a daily basis from wholesale auctions, independent and franchised dealers, rental fleets, auto manufacturers, lessors and private party transactions.

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Investing a small amount of time to truly understand the different Kelley Blue Book Values, which used car values car dealers use and how they use them is essential to "saving more and getting more."

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Similarly, if you're thinking of selling your own used car, knowing its value can help you set a fair price. Kelley Blue Book is a well-known and trusted source of car values. You can quickly determine a car's value on the company's website for free.

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Book Value Auto Pricing Guides. Kelley Blue Book Value Information Learning to find your book values of your vehicle! Should you use nada or kelly blue book's guidelines.

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Two Methods:Using Kelley Blue Book For Used Cars Using Kelley Blue Book For New Cars Community Q&A. Drivers can use the popular Kelley Blue Book estimator or similar online tools to provide an estimate of value for a new or used vehicle.

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Kelley Blue Book doesn't provide a similar value for used cars, because there is no practical way to track used car sales. Many of these sales are between private individuals, so Kelley has no way of knowing actual selling prices.

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New Cars & the Kelley Blue Book. Used Cars & the KBB. Additional Resources. Simply put, the KBB can provide both car buyers and sellers with information ranging from the "blue book value" of a used car to reviews of the latest models to hit the lots.

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The Kelley Blue Book, NADA Guide and Edmunds are not intended to value a junk car or a car with serious mechanical or body damage. They are good at valuing used cars which are running and have no problems or relatively minor mechanical or cosmetic issues.

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Kelley Blue Book value module.

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The Consumer Edition of the Kelley Blue Book Used Car Guide now includes expanded information. Readers can now get up-to-date private party values, trade-in values, plus retail values on over 10,000 models of used cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans.

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The Kelley Blue Book value for a 2000 Toyota Camry is generally worth about $2000 – $3000. As the car is a much older model, it comes as no surprise that the KBB value is low.… Is Kelley Blue Book a resource to find fairly accurate used car values?

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Get the Kelley Blue Book Value for your used car or trade-in vehicle. Use KBB car values to price new or used vehicles. Determine what you should be paying for the dealer invoice price and fair purchase price.

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"We're selling below Blue Book!" "Get true Blue Book value for your trade-in!" Kelley Blue Book (often misspelled as Kelly Blue Book) collects its information by attending auctions throughout the country where it bases used car evaluations: Excellent, Good, Fair and Poor.

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The Kelley Blue Book has all the information that you need whether you're planning to purchase a brand-new or used car. The Kelley Blue Book is the recognized leader in determining used car values.

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According to CarsDirect, the Kelley Blue Book is the established authority for used car values in the United States. Many Other Options. Although the Canadian Blue Book exists, you can't use it to find the value of a used car.

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Kelley Blue Book bases its used car pricing reports on a compilation of information, some of which is based on asking price, not selling price; but most of the information is not available or can't be tracked by the company. KBB Trade-In (wholesale) Value

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The Yahoo Blue Book site only publishes values for cars and pick up trucks, where as the Kelley Blue Book value published on the KBB site also includes other vehicles including ATVs, Motorcycles and Snowmobiles. How Old Is Your Used Car Pricing for trucks and cars from 2007 to 1987 are available…

Kelly Blue Book Used Cars.

Kelley Blue Book iPhone app shows used car trade-in value
Kelley Blue Book has added a free iPhone app to its quiver as the universal source for pricing used cars and trade-in value for auto financing.

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Kelley Blue Book Used Car Bluebook Values and New Car Pricing —very handy and easy to use. Kelley Blue Book : used car and motorcycle values and new car pricing.

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Find Used Car Values. © 2016 by Kelley Blue Book Co., Inc. All Rights Reserved. The specific information required to determine the value for this particular vehicle was supplied by the person generating this report.

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