should i buy a diesel car for short journeys

should i buy a diesel car for short journeysWhich should I buy – petrol or diesel?
The most obvious downside is that diesel cars are more expensive to buy, normally by around £1,500 for a standard family hatchback. In addition, modern diesel engines have particulate filters that can become blocked with soot if you do lots of short journey.

Which is better for short journeys: a diesel or petrol car?
Q. I am contemplating buying a new diesel car but have been told diesel engines aren't best suited to my typical car use, which mostly consists of short trips of a mile or so. Should I stick with petrol?

Is my diesel car suitable for mainly short journey use? | AA Cars
You are at:Home»Ask Edmund»Is my diesel car suitable for mainly short journey use? Should I buy diesel in light of changing government policy? November 27, 2014. When should the cambelt be changed on a Ford Focus?

Should I buy a diesel or petrol car? | fuelaway
Should I buy a diesel or petrol car? Posted in Uncategorized by fuelaway. In particular, diesel engines use particulate filters, which can get clogged (especially if only used for short journeys), and the cost of replacement can stretch into thousands of pounds.

Should Your Next Car Be A Diesel?
Should Your Next Car Be A Diesel? Find Out The Answer Here! If you only drive short journeys and seldom venture out to other cities or countries, a petrol car makes more sense. That's because diesel cars cost more to buy than their petrol brothers.

Ask The Tiger: Petrol or Diesel for short trips or long journeys?
If you are buying a car for short journeys it may be best to buy a model with a small petrol engine – they are For frequent long trips and motorway driving, a diesel may make more financial sense, as although diesels are more expensive to buy the extra fuel economy should fund the additional outlay…

Petrol vs Diesel – what is best for you?
The debate as to whether you should buy a petrol or a diesel car is one that has stayed on the mind of motorists for years. Normal rule of thumb is that if you are to drive less than 11,000 miles, it may be better to buy petrol, especially if you plan on doing lots' of short journeys and the fact that it is…

Are Diesel Cars Suitable For City Driving? | The Car Expert
Summary. All of the above suggests that buying a diesel car for mainly city driving is not a great idea. Is your driving mainly city or country? Short journeys or long? These questions will determine which way you should be leaning.

Should I choose petrol or diesel? | Practical Motoring
Choosing between petrol or diesel is one of the first things a new car buyer should figure out before exploring spec, or even the type of vehicle they want to buy. On shorter journeys the 'efficiency' benefit of a diesel engine becomes less pronounced, indeed, in many cases it will be on par or maybe…

Problems with diesel particulate filters may push companies towards…
What's the point of us trying to save fuel on short journeys, and then having to take our car on a long run to clean a filter.this is a waste of fuel so its bad for environment I think we should get rid of dpf buying a diesel was supposed to be about economy you may as well buy a petrol. 0.

Diesel v petrol – nearly-new comparison | Motoring… | Honest John
"….so it looks like you only buy a diesel car now because you prefer the way they drive." Tags: DPF diesels short journeys Nissan Qashqai 2007 – 2014. Should I buy a diesel Audi A5 Sportback for short journeys?

Should I buy a Diesel or Petrol car
Petrol vs Diesel – Should I buy a Diesel or Petrol car – We let you choose between a petrol and a diesel car depending on your usage, maintenance costs, etc.

A guide to what you need to know about diesel power & diesel cars.
Diesel cars: Should I stick with one or go back to petrol. Posted by Michael Rochford on 5 October 2015 in Featured, New Cars, Used Car Buying Tips, Used Cars. Those can operates on clean electric power for short journeys in town (usually of up to 50km or so) where air quality issues are at…

Should I keep my diesel car or buy a petrol car instead? – Green Flag
With diesel cars potentially facing a pollution penalty, what used or new car should drivers buy? If I only drove short journeys I would definitely have a petrol, for long journeys I still prefer a diesel car as the torque range and mpg I think are better for motorway driving.

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Diesel engines should never have been put into cars. They're supposed to be for HGVs and tractors etc. Lots of people still buy diesel cars even when they do lots of short journeys and less than 10 thousand miles a year which is ridiculous.

Petrol vs Diesel
…been particularly problematic as Vanessa Guyll from the AA's technical services explains, "The DPF and exhaust gas recirculation mean diesels really aren't viable for short journeys So how can you decide whether or not to go for petrol or diesel? Well you should look at how Buy a Diesel car if

DPF Regeneration Intervals | Forum
Dealers should really advise prospective customers not to buy a diesel if their car is to be used mainly around town – mine did. The lesson is – if you only use your car for regular short journeys – buy a petrol.

Diesel Cars – Important | Cheap MOT Swansea
These were fitted on all diesel cars manufactured in the past five years – and reduce emissions by about 80%. If your car should have one of these fitted and there isn't one present, the vehicle will automatically fail. This is particularly the case when the cars are used for short journeys…

General Opinion on 320d vs 330d ?? | Forum
Neither do diesels and short journeys… I'm more than happy to be corrected on this,but I wouldn't buy a diesel if my I should have heard of many stories by now.

Bloomin Dpf Regeneration – Ford… – Ford Owners Club – Ford Forums
The smoke that came out during the forced regen was pretty bad, but they said its good because its unblocking the dpf. I was told to blast car on motorway every so often to keep dpf clear. I must admit i do 95% of short journeys and should have avoided the diesel.

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Which car fuel? | AA | Diesel with DPF
We used to recommend a diesel engine for frequent short journeys as the engine works more Diesel cars usually cost more to buy, but generally have better resale values. You should not use a higher biofuel blend without checking with the vehicle manufacturer, that it's suitable for your car.

Should I buy a petrol or diesel car?
Home>Tips and Advice>Should I buy a petrol or diesel car. Finally, before deciding on buying a petrol or diesel car, you need to reflect on your driving style and the journeys you make.

Petrol vs diesel cars: Drivers warned on diesel filter trap | This is Money
If you are looking to snap-up a diesel car, you will now struggle to buy one without a DPF unless you go for Any diesel motor produced after 2008 should be fitted with a DPF. But despite helping the 'However, if the car spends a lot of time performing short journeys, the DPFs can become clogged…

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50 state diesel car.

Skoda Octavia SE Connect – 25% off – Was £18650… – HotUKDeals
Beware people doing short pointless journeys in a diesel. He made people aware. You don't need to try to be sarcastic. I prefer diesel engines, i like the torque of them. But buyers should be aware that you pay a premium for a diesel engine, the fuel is about 8p a ltr more expensive and servicing is…

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