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Search for New and Used Cars, Trucks, SUVs or other vehicles from thousands of car dealers and private sellers across Canada.

Buying a Used Car From a Private Seller: Negotiations – Autotrader
People who keep and file a history of maintenance records are likely to have maintained the vehicle properly when they owned it; this is a good sign that a used vehicle has been well cared for. Remember, private parties are often competing against many other sellers.

How to Buy a Used Car from a Private Party (with Pictures)
Only contact sellers if you're interested in actually buying the car. Showing and testing a used car takes time, and the seller doesn't want to hold on other offers if you're Private sellers may keep records of any repairs or maintenance done on the vehicle, and this will tell you the general health of the car.

Pros and Cons of Buying a Used Car from a Private Party Seller
Used vehicles sold by private party sellers come with no warranty or guarantee of any kind, and are not certified in any way. When purchasing a used vehicle from a private party seller, the buyer must perform due diligence in the form of obtaining vehicle history reports…

Compare Buying a Car from a Dealer or Private Party |
Generally, there are no trade-in options; sellers want cash, not your current vehicle. Typically, a lot more footwork goes into finding the right used car from a private seller. Unless you get lucky, you could find yourself visiting way more private sellers than you would used car…

Beware Curbstoners: Dealers Who Sell Used Cars as Private Sellers
Curbstoning is the repeated buying and selling of vehicles for profit by a person posing as a private seller who does not have a dealer license. The NADA also points out, "[M]any states limit the number of vehicles private parties can sell in a year before they have to register as used car dealers.

Learn about Private Party Auto Loan – Nationwide
Pre-approval is quick and easy, but once you're pre-approved, you'll wonder how you go from pre-approval to using your loan to secure the vehicle. Below, we've listed many of the steps commonly involved in the purchase and financing process for buying from a private seller

Vehicles | Seller Networks
Founded in 1999, the Vehicle Seller Network is the premier place to buy and sell used vehicles. The network was started with one aim in mind – to create an edge for private sellers in a very crowded marketplace.

Tips for buying a used car from a private owner | Avoid Curbstoners
Buying a used car from a private party? Be smart and safe! 4. Ask straight out if the seller is the owner. Although many genuine private sellers are reluctant to meet at their homes for legitimate safety reasons, the vehicle owner's address will be on the registration and title.

Remember: Under Ontario law, private sellers of most motor vehicles…
Sellers must: Buy this package if you are selling a used vehicle privately in Ontario. Show it to all prospective buyers. Private companies sell insurance. What types of insurance do I need? You must have third party liability insurance of at least $200,000.

Vehicle Seller Network | Private Party Auto Sales
Founded in 1999 by early leaders in the online revolution, the Vehicle Seller Network is the premier place to buy and sell used vehicles. The network was started with one aim in mind – to create a marketing edge for private sellers in a very crowded marketplace.

Laws About Private Party Used Car Sales | eHow
Consumers purchasing used vehicles are generally not protected by state law and instead are governed by "as is" principles when purchasing from private sellers. Even so, there are ways for consumers to protect themselves from fraud.

Second Hand Cars for Sale at Local Dealerships or Private Sellers
If you're looking for a second hand car – also known as a used vehicle – Do you go to a private seller or a local dealership? You may still need financing for that privately owned vehicle. If you do not have the funds readily available, financing may come into play when dealing with a private seller, just…

Pros and Cons of Buying a Vehicle from a Private Seller – LewRockwell
One thing I really like about private sellers is the ability to ask questions about prior maintenance, type of oil used, previous accidents, etc. Even if the seller wants to converse by text or email, insist on a phone conversation before agreeing to look at the vehicle.

How to Buy a Used Car That Hasn't Been Paid Off | GOBankingRates
Certified pre-owned vehicles are typically offered at dealerships, so if you want this type of guarantee then buying a used car from a private seller is probably not the best option for you.

Buying From a Private Seller
For a used vehicle bought from a private seller – the proof of ownership is the Certificate of Title (MV-999), or a transferable registration for 1972 or older models, signed over to you. The seller must complete, and you must acknowledge by signing…

Private Party Vehicle Sales
The DMV recommends private party sales be completed at a residence. Buyers may wish to check the seller's ID. Subleasing and "take over payments" arrangements are illegal. History Checks. Use the Vehicle Identification Number to query the following services.

Trade or Private Sale – That is the Question for Used Vehicle Sellers
Selling a vehicle to private owners typically can produce higher profit margin for the used vehicle seller. In fact, on the average a used vehicle seller will net an additional $1,500.00 of profit in the private sector vs. simply trading in their vehicles to the local dealership.

How to Buy a Vehicle From a Private Seller… – Budgeting Money
More Articles You'll Love How to Buy a Vehicle From a Private Seller With a Lien on the Title Things to Remember When Selling a Used Car

10 Steps to Buying a Used Car |
You'll use the car's vehicle identification number (VIN) to get this information, and in some cases, all you need is the license plate number. You can ask private-party sellers why they're parting with a car, or whether it has any mechanical problems.

MotorsHiFi – Search Private Car Sellers | Used Cars and Vehicles
MotorsHIFI provides buyers to directly search for Private Sellers near their vicinity and interact with them. They can interact directly or via personal message board to find out all the information required regarding the vehicle they want to purchase. Terms of Use. Privacy Policy.

New & Used Holden Special Vehicles cars for sale… –
Dealer Used Cars. Demo & Near New Cars. Private Seller Cars. Please confirm price and features with the seller of the vehicle. * Where the vehicle listing contains the notation "Special Offer", the Special Offer is being provided by a third party and is not being offered by or on behalf of…

Purchasing from a Private Seller | Vehicle History Tools
Buying a new or used vehicle is a major purchase, and it can be a complicated process, but by following some guidelines and doing the An unscrupulous seller may try to get rid of a stolen vehicle, tamper with an odometer by rolling back the mileage, alter a title, or sell a car with extensive water or…

Military Vehicle Private Sellers
eBay auctions have become one of the leading marketplaces for private sales of Military Vehicles. He can use email or a website to make them available to you. If the vehicle type is prone to rust in specific areas, or has other very specific potential issues, ask the seller to photograph those to…

Trading Standards Institute Advice | Used motor vehicles…
Buying a used vehicle is a major purchase so it is essential that you carry out checks on the seller, the vehicle and the documentation before you go ahead. Buying from a private seller. If you buy privately, it is essential to check that the person selling the vehicle actually owns it.

Finalizing a Private Used Car Sale | CARPROOF Resource Centre
Nova Scotia, in order to finalize a private used vehicle sale, the seller must sign the reverse of the Certificate of Registration (Transfer of Ownership). When a used vehicle is purchased privately, the vehicle must display a valid Motor Vehicle Inspection issued within 30 days prior to the date of the…

How to calculate a used vehicle's sales tax in California – Quora
But private sellers do not need to collect taxes. To your question, sales tax is usually based on where the purchaser will register the vehicle. If you are selling your vehicle, you don't pay the sales taxes, the buyer does. If you are buying a used vehicle in California, it can be difficult to determine your…

Where to Buy a Used Car – Dealership or Private Seller
These used cars come with extended warranties, roadside assistance, and additional features at the most reasonable prices. Easily Accessible – Compared to private sellers, dealers are easily accessible and reachable in case of any issues with the vehicle, after purchase.

Car Dealers vs. Private Sellers | Auto Credit Express Blog
If you're looking for a reliable used vehicle, it may be tempting to look for a bargain priced car from the private seller listings. Thinking Twice About Buying Privately. Can you really put a price tag on peace of mind? While no used car purchase can ever be 100% guaranteed, it is possible to make an…

Buying a used car – Citizens Advice | 3. Get a private history check
Use the DVLA's free online vehicle information checker to make sure what the seller tells you matches the DVLA's records. If you don't have insurance, a trader or private seller's insurance might cover you – you'll need to ask them.

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