what car should i buy petrol or diesel

what car should i buy petrol or dieselWhich should I buy – petrol or diesel?
Petrol is cheaper, but diesels generally use less fuel. So which type of car should you choose? Lots of car buyers struggle with this simple decision – which is best, petrol or diesel? The truth is that there's no one right answer. It depends on your priorities and the type of driving you do. Diesel.

Do I choose petrol or diesel? – What Car?
Petrol or diesel? It's one of the first questions car buyers should resolve before they even get to body type, make or model. Diesel-powered cars tend to be more expensive to buy and service than their petrol counterparts, although the 'diesel premium' reduces in relative terms as cars get bigger.

Should I buy a Diesel or Petrol car
And since we know how much you hate math we have done some calculations to help you decide the more economical purchase. Read on for the definite answer to " Should I Buy A Diesel Or Petrol Car " -.

Should I Buy Petrol or Diesel car in India?
Many times a potential car buyer in India comes with the significant but confusing question – Should I buy Petrol or Diesel car? On purchasing a new car, it's necessary to make the right choice that which type of fuel suits your motoring requirements at the best?

Which car should I buy, Petrol or Diesel? | CarSangrah
This post explains the differences between petrol and diesel versions of a car. You will calculate the cost of ownership of both versions of the car. CarSangrah.com is one of the leading automobile website for buying and selling used car in India. Buy used cars from us and get peace of mind free.

Should I buy petrol or diesel? – Covered mag, presented…
Should I buy a petrol or a diesel? Even Audi's thirsty petrol-powered S6 has an economy mode. "The two engine types have moved towards each other," says John McIlroy, director of testing at car-buying bible What Car?.

PDF Should I go for a Petrol or Diesel Car?
Should I go for a Petrol or Diesel Car? -VIDYA KUMAR. Executive Summary – There are many brands, models and variants of cars available in the market today. Fuel is an important consideration before zeroing on the car to buy.

Which car should I buy, petrol or diesel? – Quora
You should calculate the how much will it cost for a duration you are planning to own. A very crisp detail of calculating cost of ownership is given in blog Which car should I buy, Petrol or Diesel? – CarSangrah.

Should I Buy A Petrol Or Diesel Car? The Simple Answer.
Petrol or Diesel Car. Give Me a Straight Answer! Diesel or Petrol? 5 Factors You Need to Include. One of the more common questions I get asked when.

Petrol or Diesel – which should you buy? – Car Keys
When buying most cars, you'll need to decide between a petrol or diesel engine, so what's the difference? Which should you choose? Both petrol and diesel engines carry some distinct strengths, but the victor depends on your driving habits.

Should I Buy Petrol or Diesel? — Auto Expert by John Cadogan…
Let's find out if a diesel car – or SUV – is right for you, especially if you've never owned a diesel before. This is, basically, diesel, for dummies.

Should I buy a petrol or diesel car?
Should I buy a petrol or diesel car? Not long ago, the choice between whether to buy a petrol or diesel car was a clear cut one. Diesel cars were much more fuel efficient than petrol cars, but that saving came at a cost in performance and power.

Should I choose petrol or diesel? | Practical Motoring
Choosing between petrol or diesel is one of the first things a new car buyer should figure out before exploring spec, or even the type of vehicle they want to buy. Petrol or Diesel?

Should you buy a petrol or diesel car? | Driving Tests Resources
Diesel has typically been the choice for big utes and SUVs, but what about small cars? What should you choose? International Students: Driving in New Zealand. Home › Advice › Should you buy a petrol or diesel car?

Petrol or diesel – which one should you buy? | AA New Zealand
With huge fluctuations in fuel prices, one of the big questions, when buying a car, is whether to opt for petrol or diesel. Fuel economy should be considered in conjunction with other factors such as registration costs, Road User Charges (RUC), purchase price, servicing and depreciation.

Should I buy a diesel or petrol car? – Car Advice | CarsGuide
So, should you buy one? Many moons ago, diesel was mainly found in farm machinery and long-haul trucks, and the price per litre was In driving terms, diesel engines lack excitement because they don't like rev high like petrol engines, but they make up for it in a big way at the bottom end.

Petrol vs Diesel Car – Which One Should I Buy in 2016 | SAGMart
Last updated on – 14th March, 2016. Often the first time car buyers, who don't have any idea about the cost and maintenance required with a four-wheeler, are stuck in the issue of Petrol vs Diesel Car. Such people are very particular about the returns in the form of a better fuel economy and the prevailing…

Should I buy a petrol or diesel car? – YouTube
At Thame Service Station we recently surveyed our customers and lots of questions related to petrol or diesel came up. Peter gives some helpful ideas…

Petrol or Diesel | Moneybarn | moneybarn | What should I opt for?
Are diesel cars more expensive than petrol? The initial cost of a car can change drastically when buying either petrol or diesel. When deciding if you should get a petrol or diesel car it is important to factor in the price of road tax.

Diesel or Petrol? – Car rental in Sofia – Carbgrent Ltd.
Whether you want to buy a new car or take a rental car the question petrol or diesel is an integral part of the selection process. I recently thought what engine I would choose, if I want to buy a new car. Several factors should be taken into account for the final selection.

Petrol vs Diesel – what is best for you?
The debate as to whether you should buy a petrol or a diesel car is one that has stayed on the mind of motorists for years. Some of you have a preference and some don't, but there are some important factors to take into consideration, to help you make a better buying decision.

i20 Petrol or Diesel? – Team-BHP | Forum
i20 Petrol or Diesel? Hi, I am impressed by the overall quality of the i20, especially the cabin insulation and comfort, and am pretty sure I want to buy it.I am not quite sure if I should get the petrol or the diesel.

I drive average 1000 KM P.M. Which car should i take petrol or diesel
Petrol car. Buy diesel only if you hit 5,000 km a month. They cost more plus their maintainence cost is big as well. Nice calculations buddy, i think topic creator should go with this idea i m also satisfied with this answer.

I've just started work – What car should I buy? – SundayWorld
Petrol or diesel? What he should do, however, is negotiate strenuously with the dealer. He could ask for as much as an eight percent discount with some additional accessories thrown in for good measure.

Vehicle emissions explained – buying a diesel or petrol car?
Recent news has thrown the whole issue of vehicle emissions into the spotlight. With the vehicle emissions explained, what car should you choose? Home > Green car news > Features > Vehicle emissions explained – buying a diesel or petrol car?

Petrol or diesel: Which car should you buy? – Rediff.com Business
Petrol or diesel: Which car should you buy? Next. There are numerous factors which affect one's decision of buying a car. It's a tedious choice to make between the refinement of petrol engines and frugality of diesel.

Which car to buy petrol or diesel
Labor practices are such that will every simply because you live within your garage sale your dream, these which car to buy petrol or diesel are some of the things that should be disclosed in your Nursing Assistant resume.

Diesel Vs Petrol Cars, Which One to Buy?
Should it be a Diesel vehicle or should it be a petrol vehicle. To simplify the process of making decision of buying Petrol Vs Diesel car, a software engineer from India, Aravinda VK has developed a simple calculator.

Which car should you buy, a petrol or diesel?
Can the experts offer their advice when a person should buy a petrol driven car and when he or she should opt to buy a diesel car? Are you confused between which car to buy, Diesel or Petrol as petrol cars are cheaper at initial cost compared to diesel?

Totalcar Magazine – Features – Golf IV: petrol or diesel?
Golf IV: petrol or diesel? Which one to choose? 13/04/2014 11:25 | Comments I want a Golf IV, but I can't decide if I should go for the 1.6 petrol or the 1.9 TDI. Please help! Totalcarmagazine's own Buyer's guide.

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