what if i buy a car in a different state

what if i buy a car in a different stateHow to buy a car from a dealer in a different state – Quora
I want to buy a car from a dealer in a neighboring state? How can I do that procedurally? So check the sticker before buying if you are living in California. I think most cars are now California smog legal, they don't make different cars any more, but they can refuse to let you register the car at all if you…

Tax wise, what happens if I buy a car in a different state?
Question Details Asked:Oct 22, 2010 – 07:42 AMStatus:Closed. alster2005. Tax wise, what happens if I buy a car in a different state? I want to buy a new car. What happens if I buy the car in Alabama and drive it back to Florida.

Buying a car in a different state (insurance, vehicle, MPG)… | Forum
Advertisements. Hi, Just wanted some advise. If I buy a car in Alaska but dont live there and use the car for a month or so up there and drive it to another state like say Colorado what will I do then about registration?

Buying a Car Out of State | DMV.org
When you buy a car from a state that requires smog checks, that car might already have a valid emissions inspection sticker; if so, check with your state to see if the current state's emissions sticker is valid/accepted in your state, too.

If I have two cars in different states, in which state should I buy…
QMy legal residence is in one state but I keep and drive a second car in a different state. In which state should I buy my second vehicle's car insurance policy? A. You should register and insure your second car in the state where it is primarily driven.

Can I Be a Co-signer on a Car Loan If I Live in a Different State?
Money Managing. Car Loans. Can I Be a Co-signer on a Car Loan If I Live in a Different State? How to Get a Co-Signer for Car Financing. … When a person just starting out in adult life gets a co-signer for… Who Has to Buy Car Insurance on a Co-signer Loan?

Car rental vs. buying a car for 1 month, when visiting the USA?
Do I get different rates at different locations? Has anyone advice on how to get this cheaper? I searched for "relocation" on their site, but didn't find anything. Would there be any paperwork involved if I buy a car in one state and sell it in another?

What Does it Mean to Buy a Car As-Is?
If you buy a car 'as is,' that means there is no warranty- either express or implied- associated with the purchase of that car. Under the law, there are both express and implied warranties available for many different types of purchases. What if I buy a car 'as is'?

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Buying a car out of state, where do taxes get paid? | Forum
The MD excise tax is 6%, I called the DMV and asked if I buy a car out of state how do taxes work. Owing excise tax should be totally different issue from sales tax. That said, I've always been able to convince an out-of-state dealer to not charge me sales tax and just hand me over the Manufacturer…

Cited for Expired/No Vehicle Inspection in a Different State? | Forum
2. You have moved to a different state but have not transferred registration to that state. I bought my car in Vermont and was given an inspection and temporary registration in Vermont.

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Do I Have to Pay a Sales Tax for Buying a Car? (with pictures)
What if I financed a car in Oregon with no sales tax, and it takes 36 months to pay it off, but one year after the initial purchase I moved to California. Each state's sales tax rates is different so, for example, avoid buying in TN if you can cross the border and buy in KY.

Out-of-State Car Insurance: Everything You Need to Know
I bought a car for my brother who lives in another state. If the vehicle is currently registered to you, there are a few different ways this may work out. 1. Since you're the title holder, the new state may allow the vehicle to remain registered solely to you, even though you don't reside in that state.

Can you get a better deal buying from a different state? – Ask.cars.com
I currently live in Massachusetts and am moving to Denver this summer. I wonder whether there is a price difference between states for the same car. Does it matter whether I buy the car in Massachusetts or Denver?

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Can you insure a car from a different address
Can a car be insured by two different companies at the same time? Yes, you can buy as many insurance policies as you like. Can you insure a car in a different state that is registered in a different state?

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