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what the best mileage to buy a used carWhere is the best state to buy a used car? – General Discussion…
The land is flat, the climate dry, and everyone there is retired, so the cars get easy use and low mileage. Seriously, the best state to buy a used car in is your home state, because you know what to expect for aging problems, you can test drive it, and you can have it checked by your trusted mechanic.

Why Buy Used Cars, Best Place to Buy… – Enterprise Car Sales
Rather than watching the value decrease significantly in just the first year, why not buy a rental car or used vehicle with low mileage. At best it will retain a mere 62 percent of its value after three years. That's one of the best reasons to buy used cars.

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Has the higher mileage car spent most of its life on the M40, for example? The key to buying any used car is to view it in person, talk to the owner, check The best value of all in cars may be the proverbial "little old lady" car that was only pulled out on weekends so has low mileage but was used often…

Used Car Buying Tips – Guide for purchasing a used car in USA
You may be able to get a better model with lower monthly payments if you buy a used car. Make sure to buy a car you can afford and leave some reserve money for emergencies. You should consider the current mileage when purchasing a used car.

How to buy a used car – step by step guide
What mileage is too high for a used car? What to look for when buying a used car? For example, you can buy a used Audi or BMW in good condition for only $15,000, but it will cost you a lot in maintenance, repairs and insurance.

How Much Mileage Is Too Much for a Used Car?
Buying a used car is a great option for saving money and avoiding steep depreciation. But with used cars, there's more to research—you have to look at an individual car's history as well as what you want out of your next vehicle. One important factor buyers need to consider is mileage.

Buy the used BMW not the Honda, here's why
Buy the used BMW, not the new Honda. You might be thinking this is a click bait title because we've been touting Honda as one of the most reliable brands and for having high mileage cars you should buy. Perhaps they care more about getting the best possible price on a used car.

For Buying or Selling, It Pays To Know Used Car Milestones
Using a Car's Key Mileage Figures To Buy or Sell. A buyer shopping for a good used car should look up the major service visits for the specific make and model and make sure the work has been done on the car under consideration.

Find the Best Cars for Sale | Used Car Search
Off Lease Only offers the best used Cars for thousands less than the competition. Many of the THOUSANDS of vehicles we have for sale at our Miami location have low-mileage and only one previous owner. Buying a used car off lease pays off in a big way for you, the buyer, because you…

What to Look For When Buying a Used Car | The mileage
A car with a good mileage is the greatest deal people look for when buying a car. When you go in to buy a used one, you need to keep in mind that used cars give lower mileage if they are being sold after more than 5 years of constant use.

Used Car Buying Tips Old vs. Newer | High Mileage 2011 Nissan Versa
Old Used Car or Newer Used Car, Which is Better… 2. How To Buy a Used Electric Car. Old Used Car or Newer Used Car, Which is Better? Case study of two used cars with similar mileage but different ages.

United States: Buying a Car, How to buy a new or used car in the US…
Used cars are excellent value, particularly low mileage cars less than a year old, where the savings on the new price can be as much as 25 per cent. The Sunbelt states are the best place to buy, as there's usually no snow in winter. However, prices are generally higher on the west coast than the…

Good Used Cars to Buy | eHow
Buying a used car presents a difficult choice. There are many factors to consider which include the reputation of the brand, why you need a used car, gas mileage as well as the current condition of the used car.

How to Buy a Used Car Without Getting Burned – PM's 101-Point…
Sooner or later most of us will buy a used car. Whether it's a cheap set of wheels for a teenage driver, a classic muscle car, a well-worn 4×4 just for winter or simply a low-mileage alternative to a new car, the possibilities are endless.

What is acceptable mileage for a used car – sro-za-den.ru
How To Buy a Used Car – tips and advice from Top Gear's Steve Berry. What should you check for when buying a second hand car. Just some info on buying a car with high mileage, is it a good or bad idea? Best Cheap Used Car with Great Gas Mileage?

Guide to Buying a Used Car | DMV.org
Many websites will offer used car listings, which will allow you to search for vehicles based on factors like: Car mileage. Make. Buy Your Used Car. You've successfully planned a budget, researched your needs, located your vehicle, and bargained for a good price.

When Buying A Used Car With High Mileage Makes Sense
Well, buying a used car with high mileage might be the answer. Surprisingly, you can find great deals that don't cost more than other options. No matter what the make, a used car has more maintenance issues than a new one.

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Always check the CARFAX before you buy a used car.

What is good mileage for a used car? | Yahoo Answers
What is good mileage for a used car? I'm going to buy a car, within the $1k – 2k range. My first car I paid 500 for and it had about 65k. I know that's unusual. Still, lots of the cars I see are in the 110+ range.

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Used Economy Cars For Sale | American Car Exporters.

The AA: Car Buyer's Guide
be wary of anything that seems like a real bargain, or has a very low mileage for its age to help you avoid making a mistake when you buy a used car, get an AA Car Data Check. if you do decide to go it alone, use our DIY inspection, or better still one of our Car Reports.

What's The Best Car For A High Mileage Driver?
First of all no matter what you buy, due to the mileage you put on your car the resale value is going to suffer. Second, because Accords hold their value so well, used ones (one to two years old) aren't that much cheaper than new ones.

The Complete Guide To Buying A Used Car: How… | Investopedia
Though negotiating the price of a used car isn't difficult if you're buying through a private seller, it can be a daunting task if Simply enter your car's make, model, mileage and production year into the Blue Book's online search tool and you'll be able to see all you need to see to make a good valuation.

What should be the best life span of a used for buying? | CardealPage
A car which is 3-4 years old or done between 30,000 to 40,000 miles is considered the best to buy. If you are planning to buy a used car then chose a car that has reached its full depreciation where the price will be much cheaper and mileage would be moderate.

Step-By-Step Guide to Buying a Used Car
How do you find the best deal and get a quality car that will best serve your individual needs? Here are the eight steps that should guide your search for a used car Why are you buying a car? What are you going to be using the car for? Is low mileage and high fuel efficiency important to you?

Used Car Buying Tips | How to get more milage from the car you buy.
These "used car buying tips" should help. Most people haven't got a clue when it comes to buying a used car. However, "low mileage" does not necessarily mean it's going to be a "good car".

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autos. You are using an older browser version. Please use a supported version for the best MSN experience. All of these lies car sellers tell buyers are legal. How to Buy a New Car for Less Than $20,000. Enthusiasts.

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How important is it these days to consider mileage when buying a used car? Do car engines get more reliable as time goes on? The engine and gearbox of a well maintained modern car should be good for quarter of a million miles. Of course, a higher mileage car may need semi-consumable parts…

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How to Buy a Used Car. It won't be a bargain if you have to spend a ton of money on repairs, so learn how to spot a lemon. Step 4 Ask seller about condition Ask the seller about the general condition of the car, including mileage, extra features, and whether service records are available.

Tips for Buying a Used Car
Even though car dealers have a variety to proffer, in my view, the best person to buy a used car is the owner of the car. A car that is less expensive, offers amazing mileage, and most importantly, a head-turner, is, I think, the best deal. It's not what I claim, but what the world-wide user car ratings and…

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