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So, if you're one of the many people buying a new car – or even if you've got your eye on a secondhand motor – here's what you should consider when it comes to finance. Compare hundreds of new & secondhand cars and grab yourself a cheap motor!

Buying a New Car: When's the Best Time? – Autotrader
When you're buying a new car, haggling for the best-possible deal is an excellent way to ensure you'll get a good price on a vehicle you're considering. But when is the right time to buy? And how do you use timing to your advantage to get a great car deal?

Is it cheaper to lease or buy a car? – Gocompare.com
Is it cheaper to lease a car or buy one? Could leasing a vehicle be a better option for you than buying one outright? Do your sums with care and don't be swayed by sales talk. When you're in the market for a new car, there are a lot of decisions to make.

Car Buying Guide | Frequently Asked Questions
When is the best time to buy a new car? If you typically keep new cars longer than three years, then buying is going to be cheaper in the long run. The most expensive period of ownership is the first three years because that's when new cars depreciate the most.

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You can drive a hard bargain when a dealer's expecting a shipment of new cars and wants to get rid of his 'old' models. Buying a car privately may be cheaper than buying from a dealer, although you won't get a warranty and must usually know what you're doing.

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There's no golden rule when buying a cheap car, but you can use a lot of different strategies when browsing for a new vehicle. If you decide to buy a new car, opting for the lower level trim will save you thousands of dollars.

Should You Keep Your Old Car?
But let's face it: When all is said and done, most of us don't base decisions on a detailed accounting of the costs. Comfort, style, image, safety, convenience and reliability — these are the forces motivating the vast majority of Americans who decide to buy a new car.

How to Avoid Common Mistakes When Buying a New Car
When you've decided to buy a new car, but are intimidated by the process, how can you feel confident in your choice at the end? Making mistakes when purchasing a new vehicle could prevent you from getting the best value for your money.

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If saving money is more important than a spanking brand new car, see our 20 Tips When Buying a New Used Car guide. 3The best time to buy a new set of wheels. 5Revealed: The cheapest cars to run.

Is it smarter to buy or lease a car? | HowStuffWorks
The payments are cheaper, you can get a new car every few years, and a lease is often easier to get than financing for an auto loan. When you buy a car, the depreciation is your burden as the car owner; it's reflected in the price you can resell your car for later on.

Here Are Three Reasons Why You Need To Buy A Cheap Crappy…
…with cars this cheap, you can use them for a while, sell them for essentially scrap, and buy a new (to you) model for next to nothing, that, if newer, will statistically be If you've ever purchased a new car, there comes a very dark moment of ownership when your immaculate baby gets its first scratch or dent.

Should I Repair or Just Replace My Old Car?
Is it time to just retire my ride and buy a new car, or should I stick it out for the long haul? Dear Driven to the Brink, It can seem like a fine line between when your old, well-loved car is costing you more money than a new one would, but it's not difficult to make the call here.

Cheapest Time of the Year to Buy a Laptop – Budgeting Money
Frugal Secrets. What Month Is it the Cheapest to Fly to Las Vegas? More Articles You'll Love. How to Make a Deal When Buying a New Car. How to Buy a New Car & Not Get Screwed.

How to buy the best new car – Which?
Buying a new car doesn't have to be complicated. Make an honest assessment of your available budget, bearing in mind that although a finance deal may make a car more affordable in the short-term, paying 'cash' upfront is often the cheapest way to buy one in the long run – read our car finance…

Is it economically better to buy a used car or a new car and why?
Should I buy a used or the cheapest new car available? Is it better to buy a new model year car or the outgoing year with a deep discount? Why are interest rates higher when buying a used car than a new car?

Car Advice – Articles, Guides and more | What Car?
Looking to buy a new car? We can help. What's the best all-round tyre? Best SUVs for less than £30,000. Dealing with new car delays – and how to take control. Extended car warranty guide 2016 – What Car? Should you buy an aftermarket warranty when you buy your next car?

When to buy a car – Money Advice Service | When to buy a new car
When to buy a new car. Top tip. To help you work out the car's running costs, try using our Car costs calculator. Choosing the best time of the year to buy a car could potentially save you thousands of pounds. Here's what to bear in mind

New vs. Used Car – 6 Benefits of Buying a Used Car for Cheap
4. Useless Extras on New Cars, Cheaper Features on Used Cars. The oldest trick in the dealer's book is to install additional dealer options. Instead of caving to dealer fees and buying new, you take on a more powerful role when you're in the market to buy a used car.

Car Lease vs. Buying What Is Cheaper?
It may be cheaper to lease in some situations and cheaper to buy in others. Therefore, when you trade your car in to buy a new one, you'll have the $2,000 appreciation value, the $2,000 in savings you negotiated on the first car and the $2,000 extra income that you put aside from your monthly…

The Least Expensive New Cars of 2016 | About.com Autos
Looking for cheap cars? Here are the least-expensive 2016 cars on sale in the US. Lists which inexpensive cars are the deals and which are the duds. New Car Reviews. Buying Advice.

Your next new car: cheaper to buy or lease? – Telegraph
Your next new car: cheaper to buy or lease? Personal leasing, when you rent the vehicle for two or three years then hand it back, is growing in popularity. In the United States, where it is established, it accounts for one in four vehicles in private use.

Comparing Car Costs: Buy New, Buy Used or Lease? | Edmunds.com
Buying New: When buying the same car, the average down payment on a five-year loan is $4,104. The out-of-pocket cost of buying a used car is $3,112 cheaper than leasing and a whopping $7,740 cheaper than buying a new car.

3 Signs It's Time to Buy a New Car | Fox Business
3 Signs It's Time to Buy a New Car. Published September 11, 2014 Lifestyle and Budget Credit.com. How do you know when it's time to start looking for a new set of wheels? 2. Repair Costs Are Mounting. "It's almost always going to be cheaper to keep fixing an old car," says Gordon…

When Should You Trade In Your Car? Don't Listen… – The Simple Dollar
When it breaks for good I'm going to buy another one 🙂 55k is low mileage, the husband just wants a new ride. Click and Clack said it best; until your frame starts rusting out it's almost always cheaper to repair your existing car than to buy a new one.

What to Consider When Buying a New Car
What to Consider When Buying a New Car. by AJ Pettersen · 9 comments. Tweet. If we're patient, this could save my wife and me thousands of dollars. We could still get a brand new vehicle, but at a much cheaper price.

Top 10 Cheapest New Cars You Can Buy » AutoGuide.com News
You can sound polite and say "inexpensive" but if you're strapped for cash, the most important question when shopping for a new car is: what's the cheapest car on the market? If you're so strapped for cash, why in the world would you be buying a new car?

Is it cheaper to buy a car in certain states? (insurance, vehicles)
When we bought my wife her 2007 Tahoe here in Missouri it was $44,000. We visited Georgia 2 months later and they had the same Tahoes for $39,000. Where is it cheaper to purchase a new car?, Automotive, 3 replies.

How to Buy a New Car and Avoid Dealer Scams – Introduction
How To Buy A New Car and Avoid Scams. Last Modified: June 02, 2016 by CarClearanceDeals.com searches clearance pricing from their network of dealers to get you the cheapest price. You think new car dealers have just one way to coax money out of you when car buying?

Top 5 cheapest brand new cars you can buy in Britain | This is Money
There is a new kid set to hit the block when it comes to bargain motoring – the Dacia Sandero. A steady stream of motorists have been registering their interest for the vehicle that will enter showrooms in January 2013 and is officially Britain's cheapest brand-spanking new car, with prices starting…

USA Car Buying Tips
Some folks just want to buy a cheap car to drive around the states for a few months then sell it. Where to buy a car. New cars are usually sold by factory authorized dealers that specialize in one or two brands of car.

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