where can i buy coolant for my car

where can i buy coolant for my carWhere can I buy FL22 coolant? – Page 2 – 2004 to 2016 Mazda…
Sorry to dig up this thread.. went to a mazda dealer and they are selling the fl 22 coolant for $30 a gallon, seems a bit expensive to me.. They said I should buy 2 because the car needs a little more than 1 gallon.

Where can you buy coolant for a Volvo? – Quora
Where can I buy G12 vw coolant? Should I buy a 2000 Volvo V40? Where can I buy a replacement headlight clip for my Volvo S60? Where are the best places in Iowa for buying a Volvo?

Where is My Car Coolant Going? – BlueDevil Products
73 responses to "Where is My Car Coolant Going?" Lee says I havent had one bit of trouble out of it since the day i bought it , But , I am now having to add coolant once a week .. Its not leaking . and I dont have a clue where its going ..

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Where can I get these awsome FLARES??

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Where are coolant drain plugs on 560SL?

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Where to buy G12 coolant? | Forum
Where can I buy G12 coolant? I looked at Walmart, Autozone and Advanced auto and nobody had it. Is the dealership the only place to get it? Walmart had Prestone Dura-???, some new formula, that said it was compatable with any type of antifreeze.

Frequently Asked Questions | Prestone | Where To Buy
Learn Where to Buy Prestone Antifreeze/Coolant, and other Prestone Car Care and Performance Chemical Products. Can I use extenders in place of SCAs and vice versa with Prestone® Heavy Duty Extended Life Antifreeze/Coolant?

coolant change – no heat | Forum – Maxima Forums
Looking at my records I do not see where my hoses has been changed. Can someone give my step by step DIY to change the coolant. Where can I buy OEM hoses and what name brand coolant.

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Buy ASUS – Motherboards – DirectCanada.

Can I use water as engine coolant? | Yahoo Answers
The coolant light went on, and I was going to go buy coolant for it, but my dad said I could use water. Dodge Grand Caravan part question? Mso 2003 is installed but has never had a product key? Where do I set my pin?

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Reference Manuals Snowmobiles Where Can I Buy Fuel Injectors For 93…

What Oil for my car? – Advice / ELF | Where to buy motorcycle oil?
Coolant and anti-freeze FAQs. If you are looking for where to buy oil or where can I buy motor oil, here is the place! You can have a look to our maps where you can find the nearest outlet.

Prestone Coolant Antifreeze | Prestone Car Maintenance
Where to Buy. Share: What the experts say… "I can recommend Prestone coolant to any customer knowing it will meet their vehicle's specifications and will mix with whatever coolant is already in the cooling system."

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My Car Overheats, someone Help. – Car Talk – Nigeria
Please where can I buy Zerex coolant in Nigeria. I actually went to my storage and looked up the approved coolant for my cars and it was italicized "Antifreeze Coolant." I also found images online that I have attached to this post.

engine – My car's coolant temperature reaches almost 100 C / 212…
You can buy a coolant mixture tester for a few dollars at a local auto parts store, you suck some of the fluid up into it and it will show what the If nothing is obvious, I would make sure the coolant level is where it should be then drive slowly to your garage – you did say this only happens at higher speeds.

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My car is leaking coolant from a Y shaped hose above some gears…
NOW, it's leaking coolant! I noticed it two days ago when my airconditioner started blowing hot air, and I looked down at the temperature Does anyone know what this hose is called, and where I can buy another one, and if I can replace it myself?

coolant leak – uncertain where it's coming from | Forum
I have bought coolant hoses that contained bends from NAPA and other suppliers. For small hoses, they generally have a set of standard hoses that service a number of applications.

Bonk | Forum
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Low Coolant….WTF?? | Forum
just buy any generic coolant and pour it into the resioviour (when engine is cold) until the full line. thats it. I won't recommend what coolant to use because I've only really used OEM coolant in my car.

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