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where do you buy kid icarus ar cardsNintendo 3DS | Kid Icarus: Uprising | Official Site | AR Idol Cards
Learn more about AR Cards Buy AR Cards separately. *AR Cards may differ from cards shown AR Idol Cards are designed for use with Kid Icarus: Uprising for Nintendo 3DS. These cards are not compatible with AR Games™.

Kid Icarus AR Cards – 3DS Forum – Page 1
Does anyone even remember Kid Icarus AR Cards? I'm still looking for an album… mumble grumble. Anyway, I recently got my hands on what I think are some super-rare, if not previously unknown to exist cards and I was wondering if I want to no where to buy them. Try the trading thread here, or Ebay.

cubeelog » Kid Icarus Uprising AR Card Checklist
I am also a collector (borderline hoarder) of… stuff – so when I got into Kid Icarus Uprising I just had to start collecting the cards. Updated list for series 2 cards after the jump! You get 6 (of of a possible 20) cards when you buy the game.

Kid Icarus Uprising 3DS AR Cards Gameplay / Overview – Augmented…
J Barwick: If they do this with pokemon cards I am so gonna buy them cards again. Tom Best: Where do you get them from? Nintendo 3DS AR Games Review (Augmented Reality). Kid Icarus Uprising AR Cards – Maybe Pokemon AR Cards.

kid icarus ar card
…to get more kid icarus uprising ar cards, they have to attend a nintendo event where they Collecting Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Cards so everybody can enjoy I started this here thread in an attempt to kickstart some Kid Icarus AR Card trading interest. As you know, we can't buy An AR card for use in…

PDF Kid Icarus Game Manual
Kid Icarus comes with the case, game, manual, inserts (Club Nintendo sheet and "If you like Kid Icarus" sheet), and AR cards. alas, poor Uprising is still Kid Icarus 2, but Myths is just Kid Icarus 0, where Pit gets his very start..hey, if Shiny. Find Kid Icarus in buy and sell / Buy and sell items locally…

Kid Icarus AR Cards Will Soon Be Available In The U.S.
For those of you who simply can't get enough altered reality, Nintendo will be releasing Series 2 of the Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Cards featuring new characters, enemies, weapons and items, as well as various in-game locations, at several upcoming U.S. events.

Where do you store your AR cards? [Archive] – Nintendo 3DS Forums
View Full Version : Where do you store your AR cards? I've been having trouble trying to find a safe place to store my Kid Icarus AR cards, and as of right now….they're in a banged up Yu-Gi-Oh tin on my desk. A card box that you can open and close with a button…bought it from Muji…

Kid Icarus AR Cards | eBay
Find great deals on eBay for Kid Icarus AR Cards in Video Game and Consoles Gaming Merchandise. Shop with confidence. panini KID ICARUS UPRISING AR CARDS LOT OF 180 CARDS inc 13 silver wing cards. £35.99. Buy it now.

Kid Icarus: Uprising AR cards will consume your life, starting…
Nintendo's given some details regarding the hefty complement of augmented-reality cards it's about to release alongside Kid Icarus: Uprising next week. The company says it's got "hundreds" of different AR cards for fans to look out for; when a card's placed before the 3DS' camera, a monster instantiates!

Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Card Scan Collection [137 Scans Currently!]
Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Cards – "Series 1": 001 – Pit – Type: Palutena's Army – Method of Obtaining: One of 20 Cards packaged with game 002 – Palutena – Type: Palutena's the 5 exclusive cards with EB Games (Gamestop Canada) preorder. i got them a a kid icarus event at a best buy in ct.

Kid Icarus Uprising coming with Hundreds of AR Cards | Nintendo Fire
Just like these cards I picked up at PAX Prime 2011, the upcoming Kid Icarus: Uprising will come with 6 random augmented reality cards. Now they don't do anything in the main game as far as we know, but if you place two next to each other you can watch the characters fight in the AR Card Battle Mode.

Kid Icarus Float – AR Card | Divinipedia | Fandom powered by Wikia
Kid Icarus Float is an AR Card that was distributed from July 31st to August 31st, 2012, at the Panasonic Center in Tokyo, Japan. By scanning the card to a copy of Kid Icarus: Uprising, the player will receive an Idol of the Kid Icarus Float, as well as 100 Hearts.

Kid Icarus Ar Card
…Kid Icarus AR Cards; All The ways to get the cards so far If you're one of the first 250 people to buy Kid Icarus Uprising on launch day at theKid Icarus for Kid Icarus:23 Mar 2012 I figured since the cards actually help you get harts in the game, as well as unlock Idols it would be nice if there where a…

Kid Icarus AR Card for Nintendo DS 20p @ Argos… – HotUKDeals
Place these AR cards next to each other and use the 3DS Camera to view the 3D model representing that card, the Kid Icarus characters will then pop up and battle. STILL AVAILABLE @ 49P – nebno6.

How many different Kid Icarus AR cards are there? – Arqade
According to a fan database there are 406 known cards, with numbers going up to 412. There are several gaps in the list which may or may not be filled later.

kid icarus uprising ar card
25 Mar 2012 All Scanned Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Cards I'm currently knee deep into Kid Icarus scan- ratchet and clank 2 ps2 ita Buy Kid Icarus Uprising (AR Cards) at a low price that if americans want to get more kid icarus uprising ar cards, they have to attend a nintendo event where they.

Kid Icarus: Uprising | tearfulwolfstudios
Kid Icarus is sure to give you a run for your money, it's well worth the buy for the amount of awesomeness that's piled into this game. On a note about the Kid Icarus AR Cards, they only work with the Kid Icarus game ONLY! –

A Look At A Kid Icarus Gathering – Gaming Reinvented
I was able to attend the gatherings that Nintendo hosts for promoting Kid Icarus Uprising. are very far from where I live, but this time I managed to get to the Best Buy gathering in Mira Mesa, roughly She showed me the weapons she had, the AR cards she has collected (she had 50+ cards!) and the…

Best Buy offers deal for Kid Icarus – get AR cards – Pure Nintendo
For this week Best Buy is selling Kid Icarus: Uprising for $30. If you have not purchased your copy yet you may want to head out to your local Best Buy. Also, the Best Buy magazine, @gamer, will be offering 3 Kid Icarus AR cards in their next issue.

Want AR Cards? Buy Kid Icarus Choco Snacks | DualShockers
While Kid Icarus Uprising will come with six AR cards, each box does not have the same six. Well, if you live in Japan, just buy Choco Snacks! They bear rather striking resemblance to the Cocoa Puffs many of us know and love, but each ¥100 pack will contain one of 20 AR cards.

Kid Icarus: Uprising (Nintendo 3DS): Nintendo 3ds: Amazon.co.uk: PC…
Buy Kid Icarus: Uprising (Nintendo 3DS) at a low price; get free Release Day Delivery on eligible orders. Pit returns in an all new adventure only for the Nintendo 3DS. Collect special AR cards(6 AR Cards) to interact with characters from the game using the 3D cameras and AR software on the system.

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Kid Icarus – Uprising: Hades' Treasure Hunt List.

Review: Kid Icarus: Uprising
So, for me and probably the majority of the people picking this game up to borrow or buy, Kid Icarus: Uprising might as well be an entirely new game franchise from Nintendo. Cons: – Poor controls – Online mode seems unbalanced – AR cards mode is broken and pointless.

Did You Know Kid Icarus: Uprising is Part Collectible Card Game?
The initial set of AR cards that came packaged with the Nintendo 3DS were a fleeting novelty—I'm not even sure where mine are now, perhaps in a dumpster somewhere. The cards are making a comeback in a big way with the March 23 release of Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Kid Icarus Uprising review | T3
There's also an AR mode that has you fighting Idols that pop up on your kitchen worktop if, like us, you put the AR cards on your kitchen worktop. Kid Icarus is home to a really complicated-sounding control system that actually plays like a dream. Well, that dream where you're having a really good…

AR Cards – Kid Icarus Uprising Wiki Guide – IGN
The AR Cards sections collect scans of Kid Icarus Uprising AR Cards. Scan cards in via the "AR" selection in the main menu. You'll receive 100 Hearts for any idol you don't already have (Idols may be viewed in the Vault section off the main menu).

WTB: Kid Icarus AR Cards from Club… – Collectors Edition Forums
View Full Version : WTB: Kid Icarus AR Cards from Club Nintendo UK. with price info and if or when he can get the cards..i bought 2 items from him..both were new, but the boxes had dings/dents on them..but overall he was friendly..and i guess most people tend to open up things..so it wouldnt bother…

Amazon.com: Kid Icarus: Uprising: Varios: Video Games
Collect special AR cards(6 AR Cards) to interact with characters from the game using the 3D cameras and AR software on the system. Buy the selected items together. This item:Kid Icarus: Uprising by Nintendo Nintendo 3DS $42.99.

Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Idol Cards- Our Personal Collection
Earlier today, Nintendo outlined its plan to distribute AR Idol Cards for Kid Icarus: Uprising. Not bad, but we would have preferred to just buy them. That said, we already have a small collection of AR Cards and are more than happy to share them with you.

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