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where to buy octopus card in hk airportWhere to buy octopus card in Hong Kong – jetagejunky
In general, as a tourist, you can buy your octopus card at any 7-Eleven, Circle K, VanGO or MTR Station in Hong Kong. At Hong Kong International Airport Octopus Cards can be obtained at the MTR/Airport Express Customer Service Centres in the Terminal 1.

Hong Kong Airport Express Travel Pass, Octopus Card
Where to Buy? Where to get your Refund? There is a HK$50 refundable deposit on the ticket. The other conditions on refund for the Airport Express Pass is the same as the Octopus Card.

Hi, where can I buy the Octopus Card in HK airport?
About:Hong Kong Octopus Card. Hi, where can I buy the Octopus Card in HK airport? Can I use credit card? If not then where is the ATM location?

Octopus card – hong kong EXTRAS3
Users need to download the Octopus app and purchase an Octopus card reader for HK$228 to pair the Octopus Cards can be bought "over the counter" at any of the locations detailed below under "Where Visitors leaving Hong Kong by air can hand the card in and obtain a refund at the Airport…

Hong Kong's Octopus Card | Where to buy an Octopus Card?
Where to buy an Octopus Card? You can purchase the Octopus Card at the Airport Express Customer Service Centers when you arrive at the airport.

Where to buy the card The On-Loan Octopus Card can be bought…
The card can be commonly seen in Hong Kong and People can use it for payment anywhere in the city. Where to buy the card The On-Loan Octopus Card can be bought at the following places: Airport Express Customer Service Centre, MTR Customer Service Centre (except Racecourse…

Where to buy Octopus Card You would buy a new Octopus Card…
Price of Octopus Card There is HK$50.00 as deposit which would be refundable when you return the Octopus Card to the customer service center. >>Official MTR Airport Express Tourist Octopus Plan Detail Website (Click to enter). How to use Octopus Card You only need to wave the Octopus Card…

Hong Kong Octopus Card and how to use it
You'll need exact change to buy a ticket and you'll rarely have it. Pioneered in HK, and now mirrored in London and New York, the Hong Kong Octopus card is a You can pick up a card at MTR subway stations and at the Airport Express Counter, which also has cards that include Airport Express fares.

Where can I buy an Octopus Card in Hong Kong?
You can buy Octopus cards with different amounts of stored value (HKD) in HK$50 increments (such as Adult: Deposit $50 + Stored Value $100 = Price HK$150). When you arrive at the Hong Kong airport, purchase your Octopus card at the Airport Express counter.

How to get and use an Octopus card for the MTR, buses…
That HK$100 will cover your ride on the Airport Express to Hong Kong station, although you can also choose to buy a Round Trip Ticket for HK$180 (a massive A$3 saving!) and keep your shiny new Octopus card for use once you get into the city.

Where to Buy Hello Kitty Products… | NextStopHongKong Travel Guide
So, if you are real fans of Hello Kitty, if you want to know where to buy the genuine products in Hong Kong Gallery – 6T529, Level 6, Departure Hall, Terminal 1, Hong Kong International Airport. The average price is HK $168 and it is always a special designed sold octopus card along with an…

Octopus Card – Where To Buy, Types, Refund & Where To Use…
Where To Buy. The On-Loan Octopus card can be purchased at the following places: – Any Airport Express Customer Service Centre. Card Reloading (Adding Value). Do not forget to top up your card, otherwise you will not be able to use it. The Octopus card can store up to HK$1,000.

Hong Kong | Octopus Card | CTS | HK Brochures | A21 Bus
You can pick up an Octopus card at all MTR stations, including at the Airport Express station at Hong Kong Airport. Buy only the ticket you need from here like the one I purchased are Disneyland 1 day Pass, HK Ocean Par, Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car and The Peak Tram ticket.

Octopus card time limits and expiry dates – Checkerboard Hill
If you are going to visit Hong Kong for more than a day or two, then a Octopus card is an essential part of getting around. Not so in Hong Kong, where analysts describe the online retail market as "underdeveloped" and consumers have long been sceptical of buying things online.

Guide To Using The MTR In Hong Kong – With Hong Kong MTR Map
The Octopus Card is a smart magnetic card that stores money value for easy payment processing. Most MTR riders use it because of its convenience of not having to buy a ticket every time. Do you know how much from HK airport to Tai zhi station?

Octopus Card 八达通卡 – Hong Kong , China | Synotrip
With an Octopus Card there is no longer a need to buy individual transport tickets or carry coins. The price is HK$220 or HK$300 which includes the following: – One or two Airport Express journeys respectively to the Hong Kong International Airport.

Where can we buy Bus tickets to Disneyland? | New HK Attractions
From the airport we will try to take the Bus to go to HK Disneyland. Where can we buy Bus tickets to Disneyland or are we paying directly to the driver? Here's a video showing how quick and easy to pay fares using octopus card when taking a bus in Hong Kong.

Getting around Hong Kong – Octopus Card and Travel… – Metropolasia
After completing your immigration and customs procedures, and before leaving the airport, it is advisable for you to buy an Octopus card. A new Octopus card includes a refundable HK$50 deposit.

Hong Kong Octopus Card
Where to purchase: The Octopus Card can be purchased from any public transportation company's customer service centre, such as MTR's or KCR's. Senior: Deposit $50 + Stored Value $20 = Price HK$70. In addition, there are two types of Airport Express Tourist Octopus

Hong Kong travel guide – Wikitravel
China Travel Services HK (CTS) has an office at the arrivals area of Hong Kong Airport and can process visas to China on the spot. It has an open fare system, in which passengers are required to buy a ticket or tap an Octopus card at the station entrance before boarding, and ticket inspection is…

Hong Kong Octopus – GayMenOnHoliday.com
To get started using your Octopus card you need to purchase one at bthe customer service counters at any MTR metro station or at the Hong Kong airport on arrival. We suggest you start by putting 100 HK dollars on the card to get you on your way for a day or so.

How much to load on Octopus card | Forum – FlyerTalk Forums
…to buy at kiosks near Airport Express than to buy at a vending machine? errands in HK during a short layover) The Octopus discount is only applicable the MTR desk and buy/reload your Octopus card. There's a bunch of places where you can pay for stuff with your Octopus…

Where to buy "Discover Hong Kong Tourist SIM Card" @ Airport
BUT it's not really clear where I can buy the card in the airport. HK Island vs. Kowloon? Hong Kong Visa Requirements. Octopus Card. Weather and Climate in HK.

Part 1: Hong Kong – Macau Trip Day 1 – Getting to Hong Kong
If you return the octopus card, the HK$50 will be refunded to you, so don't forget to make refunds at the airport (before the immigration) before going back to your own country . Where to Buy Octopus card / Where to Top-Up (Reload) Octopus Card?

Octopus Card | Hong Kong Tourism Board
What to buy. Where to shop. Airport Express. MTR. The best types for visitors include Sold Tourist Octopus card at HK$39 and On-loan Octopus card with a refundable deposit of HK$50. The Sold Tourist Octopus card has an iconic Hong Kong design, making it an ideal souvenir that can be used again when you come back.

Hong Kong Travel Tip: If you plan to visit Hong… – Free Travel Guide
The Octopus card can be bought directly at Hong Kong Metro Authority (MTR) counter as soon as you exit the arrival baggage hall of Hong Kong Airport. When you buy an Octopus card, the minimal charge is HK$150.

airport | A beginner's guide to Hong Kong
…arriving in Hong Kong via transit from either Macau or China, the Hong Kong International Airport at Chek Lap Kok will definitely be your gateway into HK. The next, is to go to the MTR booth and buy (or top-up) your Octopus card. Without it, your life will grind to a halt. In a city where walking pace is…

MTR > Tourist Tickets
– 1 or 2 single journey(s) on the Airport Express (excluding travel between Airport and AsiaWorld-Expo stations) and. – Any 3 consecutive days* of unlimited – Use of the Pass is restricted to tourists (non residents in Hong Kong) who have been in Hong Kong for less than 14 days at the time of purchase.

Exploring Hong Kong by Train and Travel by MTR Tourist Card
The three day Tourist Octopus Card is available on arrival at Hong Kong airport. Full details on Airport Express and the Tourist Octopus Card at bottom of page. Round trip cable car tickets start HK$125. Where to Stay in Hong Kong?

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