why buy a diesel or a petrol car

why buy a diesel or a petrol carShould I buy a Diesel or Petrol car
Petrol vs Diesel – Should I buy a Diesel or Petrol car – We let you choose between a petrol and a diesel car depending on your usage, maintenance costs, etc. Thats one reason why you would service around 2500-3000 kms. It is good to have high fuel consumption for the long life of the engine.

Which one is better, a petrol car or a diesel car, and why? – Quora
Which one is better, a petrol car or a diesel car, and why? I was asked this question in an interview. It is sort of a 'case study' question. Related QuestionsMore Answers Below. Which is better to buy petrol car or diesel car?

Which should I buy – petrol or diesel?
Petrol is cheaper, but diesels generally use less fuel. So which type of car should you choose? Lots of car buyers struggle with this simple decision – which is best, petrol or diesel? The truth is that there's no one right answer. It depends on your priorities and the type of driving you do. Diesel.

Diesel Vs Petrol Cars – Which one should you prefer?
Why is the price of diesel increasing? Should it effect our decision? You may also like: How you build and invset your emergency fund. Conclusion: So, now if you want to decide whether to buy a diesel or a petrol car you got to be your own judge.

Diesel vs Petrol Car – Analysis | Aravinda VK
A simple tool to compare the prices of Petrol car and Diesel car and display the breakeven point. Red indicates more expensive. Which Car to buy? Confused? This simple tool might help!

Petrol or Diesel car which is better in India, Resale value of Petrol vs…
The most important question for many car buyers in India is whether to buy a diesel car or a petrol car. Why? Because the petrol version of the Maruti Dzire has a more powerful engine (87HP petrol vs 75HP diesel), is lighter in weight (Kerb weight 960Kg Vs 1050Kg), has better acceleration (0 to 100…

The big news: Seven Pakistani soldiers killed in J&K's Kathua, says…
Why Europe has been so vulnerable to terror attacks in recent years. First time in five years, profits of public sector units fell in 2015. Diesel and petrol cars have different advantages, and it's best to So it makes more economic sense to buy a diesel car if you are driving long distances every day.

Diesel Vs Petrol Cars, Which One to Buy?
Thanks to Petrol prices going through the roof, Diesel cars are now in great demand. Many car buyers blindly make a decision to buy a Diesel car, however, the question is – Are Diesel cars really that beneficial to everyone?

Buying a Car? Advantage Petrol, Says Crisil – NDTV Profit
With the price differential between petrol and diesel narrowing sharply, the extra money paid to buy a diesel variant no longer makes economic sense, says CRISIL Research in a note.

Diesel or Petrol Car. Know Which One Will Save You Money.
Petrol cars are generally cheaper to buy than diesels cars but diesels are cheaper to run. But with a little "used car buying" research I've discovered that buying petrol is almost certainly going to save you money. Why is a petrol car better for my wallet?

Which Car to Buy – Petrol or Diesel?
Choosing whether to buy a petrol or diesel car is one of the first things to consider before you start looking for a new car. This is perhaps one of the main reasons why people are attracted to diesel cars, they foresee the cost savings down the line.

Vehicle emissions explained – buying a diesel or petrol car?
Home > Green car news > Features > Vehicle emissions explained – buying a diesel or petrol car? To demonstrate the difference in emissions and economy between a petrol and a diesel car, over the last week Green Car Guide has had two cars on test.

Young Adult | 2# why are diesel engines preferred over petrol engines
So why have diesels fallen out of favour, and why are motorists more likely to prefer petrol? Fuel price disparity In the UK, diesel has long been priced … One of the biggest dilemmas faced by a car buyer today is deciding between buying a petrol car or a diesel.

Do I choose petrol or diesel? – What Car?
Petrol or diesel? It's one of the first questions car buyers should resolve before they even get to body type, make or model. Diesel-powered cars tend to be more expensive to buy and service than their petrol counterparts, although the 'diesel premium' reduces in relative terms as cars get bigger.

Petrol Vs Diesel Cars | Mi blog
Diesel vehicles value much more to buy than petrol therefore why a great deal of motorists are deterred from purchasing them, even far more so if they don't plan to vacation a good deal of miles.

Diesel Cars: The Better Alternative You Didn't Know About
This is probably another huge reason why more Singaporeans are gravitating towards diesel cars. Final Note: Buying a diesel car, although a bit more expensive than a petrol car, will more than make up for the price difference in fuel savings/economy after a few years of ownership.

Why it's now less economical to buy a diesel car instead of a petrol one
It will now take 6.5 years to pay off the difference in running costs between the two kinds of vehicles.

Totalcar Magazine – Features – Diesel or petrol? Decide now!
I hope, at the end of the article at least some of you will say: "Phew, now I know why I should own a petrol car". Or a diesel. Even if I wrote that you should buy a diesel car in case it hurts you to look at the bill at the petrol station at each fill-up, one could list dozens of petrol cars with low consumption.

Diesel or Petrol – The Advantages and Disadvantages… | Whatgas.com
Diesel or Petrol Engines? Are you thinking about purchasing a new car, if you are then it is important you make the right decision about which type of fuel suits your motoring needs. Petrol Engine Pro's. Cheaper to buy than the diesel equivalent.

Petrol or diesel? – The HPI Blog
A litre of diesel contains more energy than a litre of petrol which is why petrol engines are inherently more thirsty – although new technologies are making However, while you'll pay extra to buy a diesel car, you'll get a proportion of that premium back when you come to sell, as the car will also be worth…

Should I buy petrol or diesel? – Covered mag, presented…
Even so, the mileage you'll have to rack up for the savings to stack up will be significant – which is why the fleet market is dominated by diesels. For some time, buying a diesel car has been a long-term saving, with drivers paying a premium for the fuel compare to petrol.

Should I buy a diesel or petrol car? – Car Advice | CarsGuide
Should I buy a diesel or petrol car? 22 December 2015 by Jack Pyefinch. Because of all that torque, diesel economy doesn't rise as fast as petrol when you add a load, which is why it's the fuel of choice for heavy trucks.

What Is The Preferred Engine Type In Nigeria – Petrol Or Diesel…
So for now, petrol is the prefered engine of choice in Naija. Re: What Is The Preferred Engine Type In Nigeria – Petrol Or Diesel, And Why? by I also agree that there is a lot ob bias with mechanics for petrol cars over diesel, but one important thing after buying a car in naija is maintenance.

Diesel over petrol – Sunday News
I would choose a diesel if I had plenty money or a small petrol engine if I didn't have that much money. You would ask why? So another reason I would buy a diesel over a petrol engine is power, you get more power at low rev count on a diesel engine and gone are the days where they used to be noisy…

Which Car to Buy – Petrol or Diesel? | CarDekho.com
This is a key differentiating factor when it comes to buying a diesel or a petrol car. 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Used Car. 10 Best Practices for A Periodic Car Service. Got 18 lakhs?

Petrol versus diesel: which one is right for you? – Saga
If you were interested in performance, you bought a petrol car while thrifty drivers opted for diesel. Diesel burns more slowly than petrol in the engine, which limits the number of times you can inject it into the cylinder per second; this is why diesel cars have a lower rev limit than a similarly powerful…

petrol vs diesel cars (general comparision) | The Thinking… – CarWale
Why so? The debate between petrol and diesel engines is as old as the engines themselves. We can easily say, that once the car has been bought, diesel is always better for the owner than petrol.

Which engine type car is better – Diesel engine car or Petrol engine car?
Thinking about buying a new car? Find out which car is best for you, petrol cars or diesel cars. On the other hand most diesel cars pick up slowly, but retains the speed for a longer time without being heated. That is why for highways, diesel cars are better.

PetrolPrices.com | Fuel Types | Petrol vs. Diesel
If petrol cars continue to improve and match the efficiency of their diesel counterparts, then car companies could well find themselves having to think of new reasons why people need to buy diesel.

Benefits Of A Diesel Engine | Subaru Australia
When Buying A New Car. Fuel Efficiency. ANCAP Safety Testing. Knowing Your Towing. Crossovers & All-road Driving. Benefits Of A Diesel Engine. One of the reasons why a diesel engine is more fuel-efficient is because it operates at higher pressures than a petrol engine.

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