why not to buy a rebuilt car

why not to buy a rebuilt carWhy You Don't Want To Buy A Rebuilt Salvage Vehicle
Ever been tempted to buy a Rebuilt Salvage vehicle? Formerly wrecked but now legal to drive, the former Salvage vehicle might be substantially less expensive than another similar vehicle without that designation.

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Buying a Used Car: What's a Rebuilt Title? – Autotrader.

Definition of a Rebuilt Car Title | Car Insurance Comparison
If you can find out why the car has a rebuilt title, it will make your decision to purchase the vehicle a more educated one. Also, if you are mechanically inclined and know your way around an automobile, then you won't have apprehensions about buying a rebuilt titled car once you inspect it yourself.

Why would anyone buy a repaired car with a salvage or rebuilt title?
I have learned that dealers can not take them in trade and banks can not loan money to buy them. Yet I have saved a very special vehicle from the chop shop, but why would anyone else want to buy my rebuilt wreck?

Best kit car: got the time, money and space, why not build your own…
It's a kit, that turns into a car that you can actually drive – check out these best kit cars to buy now. Why pay someone else to build you a gleaming, refined and reliable new car, when you can knock up a shoddy, chintzy and possibly lethal lash up on your own dime?

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Save money on your Rebuilt Engines. Why buy a new crate engine if a remanufactured one cost you less and give you more power? Buy your motor/engine here and save at least 50% off the dealer price.

Buying a 2nd hand car?

build thread.

Salvage Titles, Rebuilt Titles, Clean Titles – Know the Difference
2. Buying and Rebuilding a Flood Car. 3. Understanding Vehicle Auction Terminology and L… If you are adept at auto repair, you can buy a damaged car or truck and nurse it back to health. Then you're really saving some cheddar!

What does buying a car with a rebuilt title mean? – Quora
Never ever buy a rebuilt car without finding out why it was a salvage vehicle and learning what steps were taken to recondition it. If you are looking to buy a car with a salvage title I would tell you not to do it. You do not know what the car had done, or if it was done good.

Car News – Latest Car Reviews and Test Drives
Why You Should Never, Ever Buy a Car Sight-Unseen. Avoid scams and headaches. Always inspect that car in person. Otherwise, you have no idea what you're getting into. By Collin Woodard.

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How to Buy a Used Car With a Salvaged Title | eHow
OEM parts are factory-built for the car and usually last longer than used or rebuilt parts, but will be more expensive. Stailey Insurance Corp: When A Salvage Title Car Makes Sense For You. CarsDirect: Why Is Buying a Car with a Salvage Title a Good Idea?

Should You Buy a Car With a Salvage Title? » AutoGuide.com News
If you're buying a car that has already been rebuilt, be aware of any shortcuts taken to pass certification. "I will generally shy away for rebuilt cars," says Lou Trottier, Technician and Owner of All About Imports. How can I find out exactly WHY the car has a rebuilt title?

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But why did I buy it anyway, and how…?

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Salvage, Rebuilt & Export Only | Autoworld of America
How to Buy a Rebuilt or Rebuildable Car. Buying a salvage car is all about doing some serious research. For people who find a good salvaged car, a better deal cannot be made.

Beware Buying A Rebuilt, Write Off Used Car in Vancouver
Tips on how to spot a rebuilt vehicle, how to determine if it's a "good deal" or one to stay far away from. For pre-buy car inspections call (604) 327-7112. So how can you prevent this from happening to you? If the price is below other comparable vehicles ask the seller why. Then look deeply into the real…

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A Rebuilt Engine Can Rebuild Your Car | Boy Games Article Blog
A Rebuilt Engine Can Rebuild Your Car. Leave a reply. Smoke rising from any engine can cause a frantic panic. Is it time to buy a new car? Should you throw this car away? Redline Rush for free on Three Reasons Why Kid Are Mad After Dora Games.

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Is Buying A Used Car With A Rebuilt Title Bad?–UPDATE
It has 74000 miles on it and the asking price is $4000. However, it has a rebuilt title. Is that bad? Will it affect insurance? If the car didn't have a rebuilt title I'd be all over it but I don't know enough about that subject to make a decision. That is why I came to you.

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GM adding 650 jobs at plant that builds GMC Acadia, Cadillac XT5. All of these lies car sellers tell buyers are legal. How to Buy a New Car for Less Than $20,000. Enthusiasts. This vintage tractor is your chance to own a Porsche for less than $20K.

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Salvage Title, Rebuilt Title value on the dollar – Car Forums…
I'd say a car with salvage or rebuilt title is worth practically NOTHING to me. You really don't know what was wrong with the car (or cars that were put mechanic, if the mechanic says the car is fine, you like the car and the much lower price, why not buy it? don't let others dictate what you should buy.

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